Raise the Roof

Tales of adventure, bravery and innovation have been collected during the last year, from Jacobites and Covenanters to modern sporting heroes. Each woman and her story will be connected to an object that will be on display in the new Perth City Hall Museum when it opens in early 2024.

The project is supported by Perth and Kinross Council and EventScotland as part of the Year of Stories 2022 and is the first major project since Perth gained UNESCO City of Craft and Folk Art status. 

Community groups will choose a woman to celebrate and, over the next six months, each group will research her and work with an artist or maker to tell that woman’s story as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022. The project aims to inspire new stories, in communities across Perth and Kinross, to be shared.

The artists, who are from across Perth and Kinross, work in a variety of different ways, from painting to glass art, mosaic, and ceramics, as well as traditional storytelling. The maker will work with the group to teach them a new skill and the group will learn more about the craft, as well as the history of our area.  

Each of the stories will be then be displayed on the hoardings at the Perth City Hall site. Perth City Hall Museum is due to open in 2024 and will tell the stories of Ancient Roots to Modern Scots.  

Raise the Roof will culminate in wire sculptures being created by artist Vanessa Lawrence, to represent each of the women and their stories. These life-size creations will have a plaque that explains the story in both English and in Gaelic and will create a trail across Perth and Kinross for visitors and local residents during the summer of 2022. 

Please check back for updates.