We like adventure on a big scale. Long rivers, high mountains, fast rapids, steep trails, and trees so tall they gave them an award.

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Where can I park when visiting for the day?

There is a wide range of safe and secure, short stay and long stay car parks within the city centre and our surrounding towns and villages.  We also advise making use of the two Park & Ride facilities connected to Perth city centre. 


If you are exploring the great Perthshire countryside please bear in mind that your rights to roam under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code do not extend to motorised activities. With that said, we know that many visitors use their cars to reach the remote areas that make our region such a popular destination for walkers, cyclists and hikers, and so we offer this advice.

Please use your car in a considerate manner. It is important not to cause damage or create an obstruction. This handy checklist will allow you to park your vehicle in remote locations, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your best.

  • You are not blocking an entrance to a field or building
  • You are not making it difficult for other people to use a road or track
  • You have given thought and regard to the safety of others
  • You have not damaged the verge or hedgerows
  • You’d have chosen to use a car park if one was nearby

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