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Meet the Perthshire local who took on the Ninja Warrior Course

Meet the Perthshire local who took on the Ninja Warrior Course

Most of us have wondered what it would be like to take on the Ninja Warrior course at one point or another. But if you, like me, suffer from chronic laziness then the chances are this has remained an intangible dream.

This week, I had the opportunity to speak to someone who had actually taken this household dream and made it a reality. Tony, a former physiotherapist at St Johnstone, sailed through the interview to make it to the televised stages of the Ninja Warrior course.

Have you ever wondered what it would actually take to take on the legendary course? We had a quick-fire Q & A with Tony to see how he did it!

Getting to Know Tony

Q)  Where are you from?

A) I am actually from the Manchester area but moved to Perth to work with St Johnstone a few years ago.

Q)  What do you want to be when you grow up?

A) My dream has always been to be a professional football player.

Q)  What song gets you in the zone?

A) Eye of the Tiger. Duh!

Q)  What’s your favourite thing to do in Perthshire?

A) I love Blend Coffee shop, it’s a great stop which I visit frequently to do work. Apart from Blend, I also really enjoy being part of Claymore CrossFit and walking up Kinnoull Hill.

Becoming a Ninja Warrior

Q)  What made you join NW?

A) Like most people, it crossed my mind once or twice but it was actually after a night out with a few friends (and maybe one drink to many) that I applied for the show.

Q)  So what happened next?

A) After I applied to the show I was invited to the interview process in Glasgow. I went with a few other guys who were also auditioning for the show. We had to do some basic fitness testing and a short interview. I definitely wasn’t the fittest or strongest person there but was selected for the show nevertheless.

Q)  Okay so you passed the interview… How did you prepare for the show?

A) Once I knew I was going to the live show I started to get into some serious training.
I kept going to frequent sessions at Claymore CrossFit to keep improving my general fitness, strength and stamina.
I also watched my fair share of previous Ninja Warrior series and realised the successful contestants were the guys and girls who were light, agile and training regularly in mountaineering and rock climbing. I started going to the Perth College climbing wall a couple of times a week to get more comfortable at lifting my body weight. The brilliant facilities and friendly staff there defiantly helped get me into shape for the show.

Taking on the Course

Q) How did you think you would do?

A) Honestly, I had no idea. I just wanted to get past the first obstacle and I would be happy!

Q) Tell us about the obstacles. What was the hardest one you faced?

A) There is a lot of tricky obstacles on the course! The ‘floating steps’ and ‘tic toc’ were the two obstacles that I found pretty challenging. My favourite obstacle was the ‘spinning bridge’ because it’s all about speed.

Q) Do you have any tips for anyone else who wants to give Ninja Warrior a shot?

A) Upper body strength is the key to doing well in Ninja Warrior. The contestants who do well are always agile and are often rock climbers. I think because bodybuilders, rugby players and gym junkies tend to weigh more and have big legs, which is actually a disadvantage for this competition.

Q) Will we see you on Ninja Warrior again?

A) Who knows! I guess we all just need to wait and see! 😉


Make sure you tune in to ITV this Saturday at 6:30pm to see how Tony fares against the Ninja Warrior course!

The Show That Goes Like This!

The Show That Goes Like This!

In the mundane repetition of everyday life it’s not often you can say you began your day in Perth and ended it in medieval
Finland!……….Oh sorry England!!

Forget the housework, throw away your phone, get yourself down to North Inch Community Campus and join King Arthur and his Knights of the round table, in their quest to find the Holy Grail! From cheering Laker girls, French people and killer rabbits, Ad-Lib Theatre Arts presents Eric Idle and John DuPrez’s Tony award-winning musical Spamalot.

In a time where plague rages across the British Isle, we meet King Arthur (Glen Alexander) and his devoted coconut clapping, man-servant Patsy (Steven Hewitson) in their search to recruit knights to his army. We meet the strangely flatulent Sir Bedevere (Grant Tocher), the dashingly handsome Sir Galahad (Scott Nicol), the homicidally brave Sir Lancelot (Victor Malkov) and Sir Robin (Mark Murphy), the not so brave as Sir Lancelot. They come together to form the knights of the round table and begin a quest ordained by God, in search of the Holy Grail. As ever when you leave a group of men to their own devices things never go to plan. With the help of the whimsically beautiful Lady of the Lake (Rosemary Stanford), King Arthur and his knights set out on their quest, running into a variety of hilarious locals along the way.

Directed by AD-LIB founder Victoria Rice, Lead Lecturer of Musical Theatre at Perth College, it’s clear to see that her love for musical theatre shines through into the cast, with large group numbers, intricate tap dancing and expansive setting. She has successfully brought all aspects together with her production team to put on a fantastic, highly enjoyable show.

The cast conveys hilarity and energy throughout the show and it’s clear watching that they love every minute of their characters witty antics. Glen Alexander’s portrayal of King Arthur is the strong, resounding presence for the audience throughout the show, his playful banter with his knights is hilarious from start to finish. Steven Hewitson brings the moral conscience with Patsy, playing the role with ease and confidence. The Knights played by Grant Tocher, Scott Nicoll, Victor Malkov and Mark Murphy portray their characters with power and an abundance of passion for their roles. The individual talent of the knights excellently conveyed the knights personalities to the audience.

The overall experience of the show was only heightened by the productions vibrant and enthusiastic ensemble, who regularly appeared throughout the show playing a variety of characters as well as group numbers. The energy and skill they conveyed was the heartbeat of the show bringing together this production, allowing the audience to have as much fun as they all appeared to be having.

With a show jam-packed full of so many wonderful and funny parts its would be unfair for me to spoil the rest for you so i won’t give away anymore, but rest assured when i say that AD-LIB Theatre Arts Production of Spamalot has something for everyone and I mean everybody. With lots of surprises from start to finish. If you haven’t already bought your tickets then why not! Don’t despair though because they are performing until Saturday the 21st, (see website below for more details). Trust me when I say you will fall off your seat laughing!

Get your tickets here!

Tickets can also be purchased at theatre door
North Inch Community Campus
(Prices vary from £11.50 – £14.50)

by Erin Tindal

Young Performers Wanted for Two Inch Carnival Parade

Young Performers Wanted for Two Inch Carnival Parade

Young performers and bands from Perth and Kinross are being invited to be part of a colourful and exciting event this summer, as part of Perth's contribution to the Year of Young People 2018.

The Year of Young People 2018 (YOYP2018) aims to inspire Scotland through its young people, celebrating their achievements, valuing their contribution to communities and creating new opportunities for them to shine locally, nationally and globally. The six key aims of YOYP2018 are:

• Participation
• Education
• Health and Wellbeing
• Equality and Discrimination
• Enterprise and Regeneration
• Culture

On Saturday 23 June, Perth’s Diverse CiTay Festival will kick off at 12.30pm with a Two Inch Carnival Parade travelling from the South Inch to the North Inch, where there will be an afternoon of entertainment and activities. The Mill Street Youth Market will round off the Festival between 5pm and 10pm. Around 10,000 people are expected to attend over the course of the day.

Young performers and bands are now being sought to be part of the parade and/or the entertainment on the North Inch. Opportunities are open to young people aged from 8 to 26 years old. Anyone who would like to be considered for these elements of the Festival should please email the Council’s Events Team on or call  01738 477952 or 475294.

£10 Experiences | Cheap Things to do in Perthshire

£10 Experiences | Cheap Things to do in Perthshire

Is money tight this week? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of great experiences to enjoy in Perth and around Perthshire without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for some fun things to do without spending a fortune, here is 10 amazing experiences you can have for under £10!

1 | Catch the latest movie at the Perth Playhouse

Find out more at

2 | Show of your skills at footgolf

Find out more at

3 | Challange your friends to a go-karting Grand Prix

Find out more at

4 | Enjoy a boat trip 

Find out more at

5 | Bowl a couple of strikes 

Find out more at

6 | Challange yourself at the Perth College UHI climbing wall

Find out more at

7 | Play a game of pool

Find out more at

8 | Watch a St Johnstone F.C home game

Find out more at

9 | Ride the flumes at Perth Swimmng Pool

Find out more at

10 | Rock out to a gig at the Green Room

Find out more at

Top 10 Family Events & Festivals

Top 10 Family Events & Festivals

Looking for some family-friendly events this year? If so, you are in the right place. We know how hard it is to find events and festivals that aren’t just suitable for the whole family but are enjoyable for visitors of all ages.

We have been on the hunt to find you some of the best family-friendly events and festivals from around Perthshire. So weather you and your family are interested in experiencing some live music, getting active, learning about Scottish history or just looking for a great day out – Perthshire has it all!

Take a look at our top 10 family-friendly events and festivals below!

1 | Show off your moves at the Solas Festival

Solas Festival is Scotland’s midsummer festival, which has been running since 2009. The all-age, weekend-long celebration of music and the arts is designed to entertain, inspire and challenge.

Find out more at:

2 | Enjoy a day out at the DiverseCiTAY Festival


We’ve got a diverse and talented bunch of young people in Perth, and they’re keen to share their skills and creative passions with you. On the streets and in the parks there will be performances to delight and amaze, and plenty of chances to join in.
Whether it’s music, drama, art, or sport, there will be something for you to see and do.

Find the event here.

3 | Grab your bikes and get over to the Cream o’ the Croft

Held at Comrie Croft, the award-winning campsite and trail centre in the heart of Strathearn in Perthshire, Cream o’ the Croft is a Summer festival for anyone who loves either (or all) of the following things….. Mountain biking – delicious food – amazing trails – quality time with friends and family – camping (or glamping) – live music – having a few drinks – stunning views – sliding down a big hill – dancing into the night – watching your kids run free in the great outdoors – having ridiculous amounts of fun.

Find the event here.

4 | BBC’s Biggest Weekend

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to conquer Scotland’s Munros, a list of Scottish mountains over 3,000 ft (914.4 m), which are named after Sir Hugh T Munro, who surveyed and catalogued them in 1891.  Perthshire is home 28 amazing Munros and climbing these peaks is a great way for experienced walkers to explore some of Scotland’s finest scenery and further-flung locations.

Find out more at

5 | Enjoy a show or two at the Perth Festival of Arts

The Perth Festival of the Arts is a gem in Scotland’s cultural calendar and stages opera, classical, rock, dance, jazz, drama, visual arts in Perth Concert Hall & Perth Theatre. The programme is bursting with family-friendly concerts and workshops!

Find out more at:

6 | Take on the Spartan Race

The race will offer a start in the very centre of the city, for the first time ever in the UK. Spartan Race runners will have the chance to run along crowd-lined streets, before heading out onto the hilly trails. WIth a range of races suited to your ability and age – this is the perfect family fun event!

Find the event here.

7 | Take a trip back in time with the Perth Medieval Fayre

Celebrate Perth’s ancient roots with an exciting day of free events and activities in the city centre.

Watch and try your hand at a range of skills including hand and wheel spinning, loom weaving and live metal casting from Threads in Time. There will also be medieval music, weapons and armour, traditional crime and punishment demonstrations and much much more!
Find the event here.

8 | Join in the spooky and kooky fun at the Perth’s Halloween Party 

Perth’s Halloween celebrations get bigger and better every year!  We invite you to enjoy a Halloween Party in Perth where we promise you a spooktacular extravaganza of ghoulish delights!

Find the event here.

10 | Celebrate Scotland’s National day at the St Andrews Day Festival 

Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with live music and a marketplace selling food and drink from Scotland’s natural larder.

Find the event here.

9 | Welcome in the Festive Season with the Perth Christmas Light Switch-on 

Get ready for Perth’s biggest ever Christmas party! It’s big, bright and brimming with stars, Perth’s Christmas Light’s Switch On is this year’s must-see festive celebration with a fantastic line-up of sensational acts making their way to Fair City to kick start the season’s glorious Winter Festival.

Find the event here.

Queen Victoria exhibition opens at Blair Castle

Queen Victoria exhibition opens at Blair Castle

Following the nation’s interest and intrigue in the life of Queen Victoria, Blair Castle is opening its doors on Friday 30th March to a new exhibition ‘Victoria at Blair Castle’, which aims to reveal the monarch’s connection with the highland estate and her close friendship with the Duchess of Atholl.

This special exhibition will celebrate the re-opening of the castle in time for Easter and over the next ten weeks guests will be treated to a memorable experience, that will look back at the royal’s close connection with Atholl Estates and Blair Castle. This new feature to the castle guarantees the perfect day out for fans of ITV’s award-winning series Victoria’ and includes some of the stunning costumes from the period drama.

The castle’s archivist has curated an educational and engaging showcase of images and artefacts relating to the time Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the region, alongside key facts and anecdotes which illustrate the role they played in the history of Atholl Estates.

Discover why the Atholl Highlanders are known as the only private army in Europe; what lasting tribute Princess Victoria planted in the estate; view the private letters exchanged between Duchess Anne and Queen Victoria; and learn about the special gift the Duke and Duchess of Atholl gave to Queen Victoria.

The setting for episode 7 in the second series of the ITV programme, Blair Castle has a long history with the royal family. Visitors to the exhibition will see the beautiful bedroom suite purchased by the Duke of Atholl specifically for Queen Victoria’s visit. With no expense spared on the furniture and décor, Queen Victoria later wrote in her journal: “We went to look at the old and really handsome rooms in which we lived.”

First visiting Scotland in 1842, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert quickly fell in love with the country and subsequently chose to return in 1844, when they stayed at Blair Castle for three weeks.

Julia Sim, Head of Sales and Marketing at Blair Castle, said: “Blair Castle is a truly fitting venue to host this Queen Victoria Exhibition. Not only did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert develop a close relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Atholl, but they were also advocates of Blair Castle and enjoyed their initial visit to the region so much that they chose to return for, what in those days was, a long stay.

“The combination of old and personal artefacts belonging to Queen Victoria, alongside the replica costumes from the ITV period drama all help bring the stories from the past back to life. They also paint a picture of the relationships and happy times enjoyed by the royal couple at Blair Castle. Whether you’re a history buff or simply want to find out more about the royal family’s Scottish connections, the exhibition has something for everyone.”

The Queen Victoria Exhibition will run from Friday 30 March until Sunday 10 June. Access to the exhibition is included in the entrance fee of £12 per adult, with annual season passes for access to Blair Castle and the grounds available at a cost of just £20 per adult.

For more information on Blair Castle and Atholl Estate please visit

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Perthshire

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Perthshire

If you are looking to get the adrenaline pumping by taking part in an unforgettable adventure, you are in the right place. Perthshire is bursting with some amazing locations and outdoor activities which are guaranteed to give you an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Whether you are in the mood for some serious walking, fun the water or taking to the skies you are guaranteed to find a perfect adventure in Perthshire. To get you started, here is our top 10 outdoor activities in Perthshire you must experience this year:

1 | Take on the Cateran Trail

Fancy a week-long walking getaway or a nice long walk over the weekend? Then the Cateran Trail is one for you!

With 64 miles / 103 km of trails, stunning scenery and delightful villages perfect for stopping to recharge and refuel, the Cateran Trail has something for everyone looking for a bit of an adventure. Fill your boots with woodlands, glens, moors and more.

Find out more at:

2 | Take a Trip with Outdoor Explore


Outdoor Explore is based in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, offering outdoor activities across Central and Eastern Scotland. It’s offering bespoke adventures for individuals, small groups and families. These are suitable to novice and experience explorers who would love to see truly hidden gems of this area. You can try kayaking (tandem or solo), canoeing, hill walking, archery and mountain biking with us. We are also in partnership with other unique activity providers in the area, so if looking for something more, get in touch as we may offered a discounted ‘bundle’ of sessions.

Find out more at:

3 | Take the leap with Highland Fling

Experience the unique free falling feeling of a bungee or try the fantastic new bridge swing over the River Garry with Highland Fling Bungee this winter! The UK’s first permanent bungee and bridge swing is perfect for adrenalin seekers and with photography and videos available, you can really cherish your thrilling experience! 

Find out more at

4 | Bag ALL of Perthshire’s Mighty Munro’s

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to conquer Scotland’s Munros, a list of Scottish mountains over 3,000 ft (914.4 m), which are named after Sir Hugh T Munro, who surveyed and catalogued them in 1891.  Perthshire is home 28 amazing Munros and climbing these peaks is a great way for experienced walkers to explore some of Scotland’s finest scenery and further-flung locations.

Find out more at

5 | Take the plunge with Perth BSAC

Perth BSAC is a friendly, active diving club affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club. It was founded in 1983 and based, as the name suggests, in Perth at our club premises and the Glenalmond College pool where we train over the winter on Wednesday evenings.

Find out more at:

6 | Scale Perthshire’s Biggest rock walls

Perthshire is home to some truly stunning mountains and hills, which makes it the perfect place to hone your rock climbing skills. No matter what your skill set or experience level, you are guaranteed to find a piece of Perthshire that is right for you.

Find your nearest rockface at:

7 | Take to the skies with ACS Flight Training

ACS Flight Training in Perth is Scotland’s Leading Modular Flying School, offering everything from a flying experience to your Commercial Pilots Licence.

Find out more at:

8 | Freefall 10,000 FT with Skydrive Strathallan

Skydive Strathallan, founded in 1960, is the oldest skydiving centre in Scotland, and with three aircraft, is also the largest. We provide beginners courses with Tandem Skydiving as well as first time solo parachute jumps. Based in central Scotland, the club is also a full facility for experienced skydivers. Please use the options above to explore what the club has to offer.   We sell gift vouchers for solo and tandem parachute jumps and we can advise on charity parachute jumps.

Find out more at

9 | Get off the Beaten Path with Land Rover Experience

Land Rover Experience Scotland is a 5-Star Activity centre offering an exciting and fun, off-road driving experience with access to over 150 miles of wild Highland estate land. Located on the edge of Butterstone Loch in Highland Perthshire, the centre benefits from some of the most stunning scenery imaginable and is ideally situated in central Scotland, within easy reach of major cities and airports and 10 minutes from the A9 truck road. The centre is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and it is not uncommon to spot an osprey fishing for trout in the loch.

Find out more at

10 | Shred on the Slops of Perthshire

Glenshee Ski Centre offers the UK’s most extensive skiing and snowboarding facilities – we hope you will enjoy our mountains of adventure. Glenshee’s impressive 22 lifts and 36 runs offer an amazing diversity of natural terrain for all standards of skiers and snowboarders. There are lots of options to choose from – you can join a class, go private, hire an instructor for your group, get into race training or simply take advantage of one of our great value package deals.

Find out more at

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Top 10 Glamping Sites in Perthshire

Top 10 Glamping Sites in Perthshire

Glamping is perfect those who want to get out and get in touch with nature whilst retaining some home comforts we have all grown accustomed too.
Perthshire is bursting with brilliant campsites which specifically cater to glamping accommodation.

1 | Alexander House Glamping, Auchterarder

Alexander House is the perfect glamping retreat from the hustle and bustle of work and your daily life. Unplug the laptop and switch off your phone and relax with a loved one in one of our two cosy Yurts – Bramble and Heather, or have fun with your wedding guests in our pop-up glamping Bell Tents.

Find out more at:

2 | Bamff Eco-Tourism, Alyth


Bamff is a small estate on the edge of the Scottish Highlands in East Perthshire. It is managed for organic sheep farming, timber, native woodland, forest regeneration, affordable housing and renewable energy. Over the last three decades there has been an emphasis on ecological management which has been assisted by two families of beavers and a herd of wild boar.

Find out more at:

3 | Comrie Croft Eco Camping, Comrie

Comrie Croft’s unique handmade kata tents are the ultimate wild camping experience without the hardship. Go to sleep to the sound of the deer and owls outside, or (if you are lucky) the silence of snow falling!  Six of the seven katas are set in open birch woodland around 1-2 minutes walk from the facilities. All the katas are hand-crafted by Croft staff to make them really amazing, and they now have toilet out houses too! You can keep cosy in them in all weather using the wood-burning stove in the centre of the tent.

Find out more at

4 | Craighead Howfs

If you’re looking for something a little different and out of the ordinary for your stay in Perthshire, then Craighead Howf is the perfect place to base yourself. The tranquil country setting is surrounded by natural beauty, with stunning gardens, a lochan and woodland areas making for the perfect place to lose yourself from the stress of day-to-day life. With a range of glamping accommodation, you are guaranteed to find the perfect accommodation for any occasion.

Find out more at:

5 | Eco camp Glenshee, Blairgowrie

Ecocamp Glenshee is year-round accommodation in warm, cosy, super insulated pods/Shepherds Huts, Wagon, Howff and seasonal Bell Tents in Glenshee, near Blairgowrie, Perthshire. The perfect centre for skiers, mountain bikers, cyclists, canoeists,wildlife enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts, hill walkers and those using the Cateran Trail.

Find out more at:

6 | Guardswell Farm Self-catering, Carse of Gowrie

Guardswell Farm is a 150-acre grassland farm situated on a south facing hillside, between Abernyte and Kinnaird, Perthshire. With panoramic views extending from North of Dundee, along the River Tay, over to the North of Fife, down to the Carse of Gowrie and all the way along to Glencarse; we feel a bit mean keeping it all to ourselves.

Find out more at

7 | Loch Tay Highland Lodges Glamping Domes, Killin

From Wigwams and Geodesic domes to ‘bunkhouse’ style accommodation, our glamping options provide you with the luxuries of home, while enjoying a relaxing holiday nestled in the Scottish Highlands. Some of our Glamping unit’s have services within them like our Premium Wigwam which feature a small bathroom and a kitchenette.

Perfect for families, friends, and couples alike, all our Glamping accommodations provide elevated views overlooking Loch Tay or Ben Lawers mountain.

Find out more here:

8 | Windy Hollow Organics, Dunblane

WindyHollow Eco Glamping can be found in the rolling hills of Perthshire only just over an hour away from Edinburgh and Glasgow. With wonderful views, opportunities for cycling, skiing, walking along streams and wildlife photography, this is the perfect base for any outdoor enthusiast.

Find out more at

9 | Kilgraston Farm Yurts

Kilgraston Fram Yurt’s are beautiful, handmade yurt is situated in the farmhouse garden. Found in a rural setting on the edge of the village of the Bridge of Earn, the huts are ideally situated for exploring lovely Perthshire. Only 45 minutes drive from the centre of Edinburgh, one hour from Glasgow and one hour from the ski slopes of Glenshee. Not to mention that a delicious farmhouse breakfast is included!

Find out more at

10 | Wigwam Holidays, Various

Wigwam Holidays blend the comforts of home with the simple joys of the great outdoors. They’re designed for nature-cravers, adventure-chasers, peace-and-quiet-seekers, stargazers and memory-makers. With locations across Perthshire, you are guaranteed to find a camp that suits you!

Find out more at

New National Lottery fund opening for Year of Young People

New National Lottery fund opening for Year of Young People

Young people across Scotland have the opportunity to #SparkAChange in their lives, thanks to the new Year of Young People National Lottery Fund.

How to get involved

Launched today, this exciting new fund will support projects which boost the health and wellbeing of 8 to 26-year-olds living in Scotland.

A few things you need to know:

  • Pots of funding from £3,000 to £10,000 will be available for sport, community and heritage projects
  • Youth/community/schools (and more!) can apply
  • Two application deadlines – 30 April and 18 June 2018

The Year of Young People National Lottery Fund is a joint scheme from Scotland’s National Lottery distributors.

Check out #SparkAChange and #YOYP2018 for inspirational stories of young people whose lives have changed thanks to previous funding.

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