Meet The Perth Indies, Quince & Cook

Quince & Cook is a new interiors shop on Princes Street in Perth, owned by husband and wife team, Neil and Sophie McEwen.

This wonderful new shop is dedicated to premium cooking and unique interiors and is a combination of Quince Living, their online homewares store and an outstanding Range Cooker Showroom.

At Quince & Cook you will find range cookers from Aga, Bertazzoni, Esse, Everhot, Lacanche and Rayburn as well as handpicked interiors from UK Craft, Scandinavian design and Independent Makers.  

Quince & Cook is also home to the Wash House Store, Perth's first zero waste refill store dedicated to natural, vegan, plastic free cleaning materials plus body, skin and hair care.  Find out more about this on our Shopping With A Conscience blog. 

From gifts to a kitchen makeover, Quince  & Cook will have it all.  

Quick Fire Questions With Sophie McEwan 

Name of shop and how long in Perth?
Quince & Cook, we’ve been in Perth for 10 years but have only recently opened our new shop in Princes Street. 

What is your favourite gift to buy on your website? 
I love our Spacemasks, interstellar relaxation self heating eye masks - who doesn’t need some relaxation aids at the moment, I gift these to all of my friends and family.

What would you like to buy from another Perth Indie's website?
I’ve got my eye on some of the hilarious Blue Q goodies from Precious Sparkle, they never fail to make me smile.

What are you missing most in lockdown?
Definitely my family and friends. Just simple things like visiting them for a cuppa or a gin, and having a hug! 

Who will be first on your list for your post lockdown party?  
If it’s a party it would have to be my friend Jen, we’re so long overdue for an indulgent cheese and gin night in our PJ’s 

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