Meet The Perth Indies, Fun Junction

Fun Junction has been the saving grace of many a frazzled parent, a staple of last minute gift seekers or people with a penchant for a wee puzzle for many a year.

Located in a new shop, a couple of doors up from the old one, at 259 Old High Street, in what used to be Mallochs.

Do not worry though folks, the same amazing array of goodies are still on offer!

Karen says "We believe that you are never too old to play and be creative. We also believe that children have the right to play, and to learn through play by discovering for themselves how things work, to unleash their imaginations and most importantly, to have fun!

Whether it is a family day participating in some origami or a craft filled day with the little ones, Fun Juction has an extensive variety of things to offer.

Girls, boys and big folk alike will find something to entertain, marvel at or stretch the grey matter in this Perth institution.

Quick Fire Questions With Karen Christie

Name of the shop and how long in Perth
Fun Junction and we have been in Perth around 16 years.

What is your favourite gift from your own shop?
River Crossing, a fun logic game, you have to help the hiker find a route across the river using a set of magnetic planks, tree stumps and puzzle challenge cards.

What would be at the top of your wish list from another Perth Indie?
Anything at all from Precious Sparkle, there is plenty to choose from.

Who would you invite to Christmas Dinner, living or dead?
Santa Claus.

What will you be most grateful for this Christmas?
After a busy time relocating our shop, a couple of doors up from the old one,  we are now at 259 Old High Street, I am looking forward to time off with my family.

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Fun Junction accepts The Perth Gift Card.

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