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The UK’s first card-linked loyalty programme has launched in Perth. Whenever you shop local you support local jobs and enrich the local economy. This gives you every reason to feel good about yourself. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a little something back too? Perth businesses really do appreciate your support and they’ve come up with the perfect way to say thank you.

Simply register on the Mi Rewards Perth platform, link your payment cards and whenever you shop in the participating Perth indie businesses you will be able to benefit from ‘Mi Rewards Perth’.


What’s different about Mi Rewards Perth?

You’ve probably already signed up to a host of loyalty programmes. It’s likely you have so many cards that you need a separate wallet just to keep track. Mi Rewards isn’t like that. It isn’t a reward card (there is no extra thing to carry around with you at all). Mi Rewards Perth is a ‘thank you’. Simply register and link your existing debit/credit cards and every time you spend a pound in a participating business using these cards you get one ‘Mi Point’. Once you have enough Mi Points you can hit convert and we will send you a free Perth Gift Card! The amazing thing about Mi Rewards is that membership also makes you an instant ‘Perth VIP’. Being a member gets you entry into competitions, exclusive access to VIP-only discounts and offers, plus you may find yourself on the receiving end of an occasional ‘random act of kindness’ courtesy of the businesses you know and love.

Tune In With The Kilted Coaches To Find Out Your Exclusive Perks & Prizes!

We will regularly be broadcasting LIVE (usually a Friday) from the Perth City Centre Facebook Page with the help of social media sensations, The KIlted Coaches, who are Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields. These Personal Trainers from Perth, Scotland have spent the last 13 years getting clients fitter, stronger and leaner.

Observing within the industry extreme dieting, unrealistic training regimes and unusually high depression rates they realised that so many people were missing the ‘Health’ in Health & Fitness. The Kilted Coaches mission is simple. To bring back HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to as many people as possible across the globe.

Don’t Miss Out – REGISTER TODAY!

Simply register your account, link your payment cards (to ensure you earn points as you spend) and stay tuned for regular Facebook LIVE events where the Kilted Coaches will be visiting Mi Rewards Perth businesses to announce details of  EXCLUSIVE PERKS OR PRIZES, ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE REGISTERED ON THE PLATFORM!

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