Top 10 Distilleries & Breweries in Perthshire

1) Inveralmond Brewery

Description: Just a short distance from the city centre, Perth has an absolute gem of a local brewery. Supplying pubs and bars in Perth and beyond with some of the finest craft beer around, the Inveralmond Brewery is an absolute delight!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 3 miles

More On Inveralmond Brewery

With its infamous creations now exported across the globe, the Inveralmond Brewery is a must-visit for anyone who loves sampling incredible and unique craft beer. With a fantastic selection that can be enjoyed in many of the pubs and bars around Perth, those who love their pale ales and golden beers should look no further than the Inveralmond Brewery!

The brewery and shop are open to the public Monday to Friday and there you can learn all about the beers and buy some of your favourites! The famous Ossian Golden Beer is one of the brewery’s best performing exports and takes the Inveralmond name all the way to the Far East!

The award-winning range was recently given a brand refresh and the brewery has undergone significant development work to increase its production capabilities. It re-opens its tours in 2017 to let the public in and to let them see the exciting work that’s been going on, as well as creating an improved new visitor centre experience!

The Inveralmond Brewery beers can also be ordered online to be collected at the brewery – so if you are planning a trip and already know some that you fancy, why not place an order and collect when you get there? You won’t be disappointed! Beers can be ordered in 500ml and 330ml bottles, casks or craft kegs depending on availability!

So if you love craft beer and want to see some of the finest brewers in Scotland work on their creation – make sure you get yourself to the Inveralmond Brewery in Perth!

2) Aberargie Distillery

Description: Aberargie Distillery is new distillery based just outside of Perth, established by the Perth Distilling Company who broke ground on the distillery in June 2016 and began distilling in November 2017.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 8 miles

More On Aberargie Distillery

Technically a Lowland distillery (it is a few miles south of the cut off line for the Highlands), it is based on the Morrison family’s cereal farm in the village of Aberargie just outside of Perth. It was established by the Perth Distilling Company – which is controlled entirely by Brian Morrison, his wife Kate, and son Jamie.

The Morrison family’s involvement in Scotch whisky dates back to the early 1900s and the family has acquired a number of different businesses over the years including taking a majority stake in the Scottish Liqueur Centre in Bankfoot back in 2005.

Perth Distilling Company broke ground on the distillery in June 2016, and began distilling in November 2017. Aberargie Distillery eschews regional style with its rich and fruity whisky. Its sole use of Golden Promise barley – grown entirely on its own farms – gives an inherent waxiness to the new make spirit, while the distillery is set up to nurture a fruity quality, with a smoky characteristic from the occasional peated run.

Maturation will take place in a mixture of first-fill ex-Sherry butts, first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels from Woodford Reserve, and second-fill Sherry/Bourbon casks, further enhancing the rich Aberargie whisky style.

Aberargie is designed as a ‘barley to bottle’ operation – every process bar the malting take place on-site. Every drop of spirit produced at the distillery is destined for Aberargie single malt.

3) Glenturret Distillery

Description: The Glenturret, Scotland’s oldest working distillery, is at the heart of whisky in Perthsire. Situated in Crieff, the distillery provides guided tours, tasting sessions and even has its own on-site restaurant! For whisky and history lovers alike, the Glenturret Distillery is an unmissable Experience.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 18.5 miles

More On​ Glenturret Distillery


Home of Scotland’s oldest malt whisky, the Glenturret Distillery in Crieff is a unique and wonderful distillery that is steeped in Scottish history. With the opportunity to see Scotch whisky being made using traditional methods, as they would have in years gone by, Scotland’s oldest working distillery offers a memorable experience to all those who visit!

There is so much to see and do at the distillery – with tasting tours, warehouse tours and blending experiences, on top of the fantastic shop and delightful selection of Scottish dishes and home baked cakes in their café and restaurant. This distillery has been making whisky since 1775, and visitors get the opportunity to experience the traditional handmade distilling processes that have been used to craft the whiskies for generations.

There are a host of great tours available at the distillery too. You can visit the warehouse, where you will find the maturing casks of whisky. You can become a stillman for the day and witness all of the production processes. Try your hand as a blender with the whisky ‘Blending Experience’, where your knowledgeable host will test your sensory skills with our Malt Challenge! There are tasting and distillery tours available too – and of course all tours come with the bonus of sampling some malts at the end!

Offering a unique distillery experience steeped in history with a fantastic variety of tours, Glenturret Distillery is the only remaining distillery in Scotland able to demonstrate the traditional, hand-made whisky making experience. It is an absolute must-see for those with an interest in whisky or Scottish heritage!

4) Blair Athol Distillery


Description: Founded back in 1798, Blair Athol Distillery is one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland. The distilleries visitor centre opened in 1987 and attracts thousands of visitors each year and it is open all year round!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 26 miles

More On Blair Athol Distillery


Blair Athol Distillery was first founded by John Steward and Robert Robertson in 1798, and was originally named Aldour, after the Allt Dour burn that the distillery draws its water from. It closed down soon after opening but changed ownership as was reopened by John Robertson in 1825.

It stands in the picturesque Highland Perthshire town of Pitlochry and has changed hands many times in its history. After closing again in 1932, it was acquired by Arthur Bell & Sons – now a subsidiary of Diageo – who reopened the distillery 17-years-later in 1949 and remain there to this day.

The visitor centre was opened in 1987 and annually attracts 30,000 visitors each year. You can see the distillers utilising the most valuable of local resources available to them, the clear waters of the Allt Dour burn.

The distillery produces the Blair Athol 12-year-old single malt whisky, which is also used in the Bell’s whisky blend which is one of the most popular blended whiskies in the UK and is a leading brand in other countries such as South Africa and Scandinavia.

Take one of their many guided tours which vary and price but all come with a complimentary dram to finish. Absorb the secrets that are housed in this historic distillery and give your opinion on the finished article when you taste the dram. Make sure you stick around in Pitlochry at the end of your tour to enjoy everything the town has to offer!

5) Moulin Brewery

Description: Situated in Highland Perthshire, the Moulin Brewery based at the Moulin Inn is highly recommended for those who love their ale! Opened in 1995, the brewery produces three ales – Braveheart Ale, Ale of Atholl and Old Remedial Ale, all of which can be purchased in the Moulin Inn bar too!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 27 miles

More On Moulin Brewery

The Moulin Brewery in Highland Perthshire is highly recommended for those who love real ales! With three of their own creations – even one named after Mel Gibson’s Braveheart – it was one of the first microbreweries in Scotland back when it opened its doors in 1995!

Situated next to the fantastic Moulin Inn, the brewery is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike. The hotel bar now sports all three of the breweries creations and you can head along for a free tour of the brewery when open too!

Tasting tours can also be booked too in the Moulin Inn, and for groups of six or more booking is requested.

The brewery’s first ale was a dark and sweet Scottish Ale which was named by a local Ale of Atholl – cleverly taking the letter ‘v’ away from local area – and they were rewarded with a free bottle of whisky. The second ale was created during the filming of Mel Gibson’s Braveheart – and was subsequently named Braveheart Ale. It’s a slightly lighter equivalent of the original Ale of Atholl.

The third ale produced by the brewery was named by the North British Rowing Club who stayed at the Hotel at that time. That’s the Old Remedial Ale – stronger ale created to warm up on those cold winter nights!

With free tours, a fantastic selection of real ales and a gorgeous inn next door that sells pints of the brewery’s own creations – the Moulin Brewery should definitely be on your to-do list in Perthshire!

6) Edradour Distillery

Description: A tiny distillery steeped in history, Edradour Distillery is world renowned as the smallest traditional distillery in Scotland! Dating back to 1825, Edradour stands alone as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 26 miles

More On Edradour Distillery

The distillery quietly produces a world-class whisky from the picturesque little village of Edradour near Pitlochry. A visit to Edradour is an unforgettably stimulating experience. See whisky being made first hand amidst sights, sounds, smells and most importantly the exquisite tastes you will always remember.

Dating back to 1825, Edradour stands alone as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today. . And, with matchless commitment to retaining authentic small scale production, Edradour uniquely boasts over 25 distinctive expressions of Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky with their wonderful characters and flavours.

Edradour has always been a survivor through both lean and prosperous times and, perhaps by virtue of its small size, has been able to more easily adapt to changing circumstances: from the original success story of blended whisky to ownership by the New York Mafia, from large corporate ownership to a welcome return to Scottish hands.  

Today, under the keen skills of Andrew Symington, Master of the Quaich, Edradour Distillery is now producing – along with traditional, handmade farm whisky – innovative new single malts.

Pop in for one of their fantastic guided tours, and enjoy a drink at the exclusive taste bar which is open to tour visitors only! Your Tour Guide will have explained the process that creates the distinctive flavours and character of our whiskies and here is your opportunity to try for yourself before buying.

The Tasting Bar is acclaimed as one of the finest stocked bars in any distillery. You will find here the wide range of Edradour single malts, over 25 to date, including Sherry, Bourbon and Wine matured, the “Straight from the Cask” range, as well as the heavily peated Ballechin. All of the whiskies are available to purchase from the Distillery Shop too.

7)  Cairn O’ Mohr

Description: Since the late 1980’s, Cairn o’ Mohr Winery has been producing wines and ciders using local berries, wildflowers, fruits and leaves. Tours are operated every Wednesday and Sunday during the season, with a variety of options available including the haunted Ghost Tour!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 12 miles

More On Cairn O’ Mohr

Based in the Carse of Gowrie set in amongst rich fields and country roads, Cairn o’ Mohr winery has been brewing up beautiful fruit flavoured wines since 1987! Using local ingredients, Cairn o’ Mohr operate fantastic tours during the season with a variety of unique options available!

Owned by Ron and Judith Gillies, the winery produces juicy-fruity, berry loaded, blossom scented, leafy layered, award winning country wines, using the berries for which the area is famous, wild flowers, fruits and leaves.  Most of the ingredients are sourced within a 25mile radius – meaning that they are fresh and of the highest quality. They also create delightful Scottish cider made from the areas famous apples, pears and plums!

There are scheduled tours every Wednesday and Sunday between 1st April to the end of October, and booking for small groups is not required! If you plan to come in a large group, you may want to book your own private tour instead which can be done by contacting the winery. The tours are fully wheelchair accessible.

There are other tour options available – including the famous and haunted Ghost Tour! Walk around the winery in the dark, hearing the creepy tales of drowned men and murdering maidens as narrated by their sinister guides. Make sure you don’t get left behind! Hang out under the Hangman’s tree, down by the Witchy Wood and through the haunted bond where the man lost his head in a lightning strike! The exhilarating ghost tour is available from just £24.50 a head and includes five drinks! Make sure you go in a good group, for safety in number!

Other tours available include the ‘Thistle Day’ Tour – a quick one hour tour around the winery with tutored free samples of the fruity wines – and the ‘Deluxe Tour’, which comes with a welcoming glass of sparkling wine and includes eight 35ml samples of wine accompanied by hand made oatcakes and Scottish cheeses! For this one, you don’t want to be driving!

With a fantastic history, locally sourced ingredients and fun-filled, fascinating tours – the Cairn o’ Mohr is a great day out for all! Just make sure you leave the car at home!

8) Dewar’s Aberfeldy

Description: Scotland’s most innovative and exciting whisky distillery is right here in Perthshire. Situated in Aberfeldy, Dewar’s Distillery has been producing single malt whisky since 1898 and its stills are steeped in history. With tours, a heritage exhibition, tasting sessions and a fantastic gift shop, there is so much to see and do at Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 30 miles

More On Dewar’s Aberfeldy

The Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery is situated in Highland Perthshire – just three miles from the birthplace of its founder John Dewar. The distillery has a host of fantastic tour and tasting options, as well as a lovely and relaxing whisky lounge and café. Get a dram from the fully licensed bar while you pick the brains of the extremely knowledgeable team!

The visitor centre provides an insight to the history of the Dewar family with exciting and interactive exhibitions, while managing to maintain its rich heritage and tradition. There are a variety of different tours available to suit all tastes. Choose from the Aberfeldy Distillery Tour, Cask Tasting Tour, Connoisseur Tour and Blender’s Tour – ranging from £9.50 to £75 depending on your chosen tour! With the Blender’s Tour, you get to take home a 500ml bottle of your very own blend!

The tours take you around the distillery, including to the atmospheric warehouse where you can see first-hand the commitment to quality. The whisky in the warehouse is double aged for a richer, smoother flavour. Some of the available tours include a complimentary glass to take home – and all tours include a sample at the end!

Make sure you spend time relaxing in the fantastic whisky lounge and café. The fully licensed bar will serve you with a couple of drams while you relax and absorb all of the fantastic history you have witnessed throughout the day. The café serves freshly prepared lunches using the finest local produce including soup, thick fill sandwiches and afternoon tea. Make sure that you have a wander around the visitor centre shop and purchase some whisky goodies to remember your trip!

To see one of Scotland’s most impressive whisky distilleries, head to Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery and learn all about the rich history of the Dewar family and the infamous whisky they have produced since 1898!

9) Strathearn Distillery

Description: Strathearn Distillery is known as Scotland’s smallest distillery and opened its doors in 2013. Located in Methven, the distillery offers one-day, three-day and five-day experiences – and produces whiskies, gins and rums! Strathearn guarantees that every batch of whisky produced from its tiny stills will be unique!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 9 miles

More On Strathearn Distillery

Perthshire is home to Scotland’s’ smallest distillery, which is situated in the village of Methven between Perth City Centre and Crieff. The unique little distillery produces a range of spirits, including whiskies, gins and rums, and their produce is marketed across Scotland and beyond! The distillery offers three different experiences – the one-day, three-day or five-day whisky schools!

The one-day school is a full day spent with the Strathearn Distillery team, producing a batch of low-wines from the wash still and running the spirit still for new-make spirit. It’s an opportunity to see the day-to-day workings of a distillery and to get close to the action! There will be opportunities to help the team out too!

The three-day whisky school is the most physical experience if you want to get hands-on and involved. Spending three consecutive days with the team at the distillery, and you will experience the whole whisky making process from start to finish, from bags of malt to new-make spirit. You will experience everything that occurs in the one day experience but everything will be in much more detail as you have a day on each phase of whisky making.

The final experience is the five-day one – it’s an intense whisky making experience! Over five full days you get to experience every aspect of the distilling process and produce your own new-make spirit. You will also learn about all of the surrounding processes such as cask-filling and instrumentation. At the end of the week, you leave with your own 2 litre cask and an exclusive bottle of Uisge Beatha – a nice little treat! You also receive a certificate of distilling and a toast to your successful whisky making as part of the Strathearn team!

A unique opportunity to get hands-on in Scotland’s smallest distillery, Strathearn Distillery should be on every whisky and spirit enthusiasts Perthshire itinerary!

10) Persie Gin

Description: At the foot of Glenshee in a former hotel, Persie Gin Distillery is unique and delightful and uses pure glen water from the local hills. The distillery is the brain-child of Simon Fairclough, the man behind the world’s first touring gin club!

Distance from Perth City Centre: 24 miles

More On Persie Gin

Situated at the foot of Glenshee, Persie Gin Distillery creates unique gins designed to stimulate your sense of smell from the moment it nears you lips. The gin is distilled using the pure glen water from local hills, guaranteeing the highest quality of Scottish gin!

Persie Gin is the brainchild of the man behind the world’s first touring gin club – Simon Fairclough. The former Persie Hotel is now the location of one of Perthshire’s most loved distilleries!

Tours are run when booked before, and the distillery is open daily – with the exception of Fridays – from 12noon until 6pm! So there’s plenty time to have a nose around and learn more! The gins are created for use with tonic or on the rocks – yes, it doesn’t just need to be whisky that you have on top of ice!

Private tasting tours can be arranged too, including on the Friday when the distillery is closed to the public so you can try Persie Distillery’s creations for yourself! While at the distillery, you can buy bottles of the famous three gins – Zesty Citrus Gin, Herby & Aromatic Gin and Sweet and Nutty Old Tom Gin!

Hand-made in small batches in a bespoke, 230-litre copper pot still, each gin uses carefully chosen botanicals to evoke an emotive and comforting scent: sharp citrus for the fruity gin; fresh herbs for the savoury gin; and almonds and vanilla pods for the sweet gin.

For a unique distillery experience, check out Persie Gin distillery at the foot of Glenshee near Blairgowrie!

Discover Our Top 10 Distilleries and Breweries in Perthshire!

Now you know where our favourite Distilleries and Breweries in Perthshire are, it’s time to get out and explore! In case you aren’t familiar with Perthshire, here’s a map to help you find all the Distilleries and Breweries in Perthshire mentioned above.

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