In the mundane repetition of everyday life it’s not often you can say you began your day in Perth and ended it in medieval
Finland!……….Oh sorry England!!

Forget the housework, throw away your phone, get yourself down to North Inch Community Campus and join King Arthur and his Knights of the round table, in their quest to find the Holy Grail! From cheering Laker girls, French people and killer rabbits, Ad-Lib Theatre Arts presents Eric Idle and John DuPrez’s Tony award-winning musical Spamalot.

In a time where plague rages across the British Isle, we meet King Arthur (Glen Alexander) and his devoted coconut clapping, man-servant Patsy (Steven Hewitson) in their search to recruit knights to his army. We meet the strangely flatulent Sir Bedevere (Grant Tocher), the dashingly handsome Sir Galahad (Scott Nicol), the homicidally brave Sir Lancelot (Victor Malkov) and Sir Robin (Mark Murphy), the not so brave as Sir Lancelot. They come together to form the knights of the round table and begin a quest ordained by God, in search of the Holy Grail. As ever when you leave a group of men to their own devices things never go to plan. With the help of the whimsically beautiful Lady of the Lake (Rosemary Stanford), King Arthur and his knights set out on their quest, running into a variety of hilarious locals along the way.

Directed by AD-LIB founder Victoria Rice, Lead Lecturer of Musical Theatre at Perth College, it’s clear to see that her love for musical theatre shines through into the cast, with large group numbers, intricate tap dancing and expansive setting. She has successfully brought all aspects together with her production team to put on a fantastic, highly enjoyable show.

The cast conveys hilarity and energy throughout the show and it’s clear watching that they love every minute of their characters witty antics. Glen Alexander’s portrayal of King Arthur is the strong, resounding presence for the audience throughout the show, his playful banter with his knights is hilarious from start to finish. Steven Hewitson brings the moral conscience with Patsy, playing the role with ease and confidence. The Knights played by Grant Tocher, Scott Nicoll, Victor Malkov and Mark Murphy portray their characters with power and an abundance of passion for their roles. The individual talent of the knights excellently conveyed the knights personalities to the audience.

The overall experience of the show was only heightened by the productions vibrant and enthusiastic ensemble, who regularly appeared throughout the show playing a variety of characters as well as group numbers. The energy and skill they conveyed was the heartbeat of the show bringing together this production, allowing the audience to have as much fun as they all appeared to be having.

With a show jam-packed full of so many wonderful and funny parts its would be unfair for me to spoil the rest for you so i won’t give away anymore, but rest assured when i say that AD-LIB Theatre Arts Production of Spamalot has something for everyone and I mean everybody. With lots of surprises from start to finish. If you haven’t already bought your tickets then why not! Don’t despair though because they are performing until Saturday the 21st, (see website below for more details). Trust me when I say you will fall off your seat laughing!

Get your tickets here!

Tickets can also be purchased at theatre door
North Inch Community Campus
(Prices vary from £11.50 – £14.50)

by Erin Tindal

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