Solheim Cup – FAQs

Local Community – Gleneagles/Auchterarder Area:


What general information is available about the event, and how will it impact on the local community? 

The organisers have produced a booklet with this information, which has been delivered to houses in the Gleneagles / Auchterarder area. The booklet is available on this site.

Is there a map of the site so I can see what’s taking place, and what roads are affected?

The site map is as below and available online Click here

What road closures and restrictions will be in place?

In the interests of safety & security, there will be an “Event Area” perimeter around the site involving restricted access to the routes detailed below. Restrictions apply from midnight Sunday 8th September until midnight Sunday 15th September unless otherwise stated. This includes the temporary suspension of pedestrian rights of way through the Gleneagles estate for the duration of the event.

The only road closure is the A823, which will be closed from the A9 Gleneagles junction to the Muirton roundabout at Church Road, Auchterarder.

A speed restriction of 50mph will be in place during the event dates between Loaninghead and Aberuthven Junction. A temporary footbridge has been installed to allow attendees to safely cross the A9 to and from the train station, around which there will be a 30mph speed restriction. The speed restrictions are a safety measure with the increase in pedestrians using the temporary bridge.

There will be no south-bound turn available from Western Road, Auchterarder onto the A9.

Residents within the designated event area, including Caledonian Crescent, will have pedestrian access to their homes throughout the event and will be issued with resident passes to allow vehicle access. Arrangements will be in place with the organisers, IMG, regarding routine deliveries, utility vehicles and emergency vehicle access. Passes and additional details will be delivered directly to homes within the event area.

Travel will be by a mixture of rail, park and ride and driving pre-booked to on-site parking. People can travel to and from the event by taxi 


What changes are there to the local bus times?

During the event, the A823 from Loaninghead Junction to the junction with

Orchil Road will be closed and therefore Monday – Saturday Services 19/19A will operate only as far as Gleneagles Hotel Trades Entrance.  Passengers for Blackford will require to transfer to/from a shuttle bus service at Gleneagles Hotel Trades Entrance. This shuttle bus will operate to Blackford via the A823, A822 and A9. It is anticipated that these journeys will arrive in Blackford 20 minutes later than the normal timetable. The shuttle bus from Blackford will operate to Gleneagles Hotel Trades Entrance via the A9, Western Road, Orchil Road to Gleneagles Hotel Trades Entrance where it will connect with Service 19/19A. 

A similar arrangement will be in place for the Monday – Saturday Service 20 and the Sunday Service 19.

Timetable Booklets detailing all the local bus timetables in place for the week of the Solheim Cup are available on Service 19/19A and Service 20/20A buses.  There is also an online version on the Council’s website – click here.


If i’m travelling by car, how do I get onto the main A9 Glasgow / Perth road from the Auchterarder area during the event?

If you are travelling to Glasgow, as the A823 is closed at Gleneagles and you can’t turn right at the Western junction onto the A9, we would suggest you either use the Aberuthven junction, or alternatively travel to the Blackford or Greenloaning junctions, to get on to the Glasgow bound A9.  If you’re travelling to Perth, there are no restrictions on junctions onto the A9.

We apologise for this temporary diversion, whilst the Solheim Cup is taking place.

The bus stops at Gleneagles Station and alongside the A9 at Auchterarder will not be in operation for 9-17 September and therefore the station will not be served by local bus services during that week. Rail passengers travelling to the station by car will be able to use the car park on the left hand side/west of the station


Can I still use Gleneagles train station for non event related journeys?

Yes – train times will operate normally.

The station will not be served by local bus services during the event week. If this is an issue for your travel arrangements please contact the Council`s Public Transport Unit by email to or by phone to 07341 780 995 to discuss alternative arrangements 

Rail passengers travelling to the station by car will be able to use the car park on the left hand side/west of the station. Signage and station staff should be available to direct motorists to the correct car park.


Will my general waste or recycling collections be disrupted?

There is no expected disruption to waste collection services.  Arrangements will be made with the event organisers to allow refuse collection vehicles to properties within the event area perimeter (including Caledonian Crescent).


Will my carers be able to get access to my home?

We have been working with Health & Social Care services, to make them aware of the road closures and other restrictions.  There are relatively few road closures so most households will be accessible. Your carers have been advised about the road closures and diversions, so they can plan their journeys accordingly.

For people who stay in the area where there are road closures (mainly Caledonian Crescent) in the event area perimeter, there are local arrangements with the event organisers, IMG, to allow regular / scheduled services to access the area.


When will the Solheim Cup – related road traffic be at its heaviest so I can plan my Journey?

Tee –off times on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September start at 8 am, and at 11am on Sunday 15th September.  Therefore the period just before these times could be the busiest, as spectators arrive.  The matches will finish late afternoon, but spectators` departure will be more staggered, as there are many things to do on site, and some people may stay on a bit longer after play finishes.


Will there be any changes to school transport?

The only changes to secondary school transport to The Community School of Auchterarder will be regarding Services 19 and 20/20A.  These will access Auchterarder via Western Road rather than the A823 and they will route back to Blackford via the official diversion of A823, A822 (Braco, Greenloaning), A9 Blackford.

The Primary School Bus from Blackford to Auchterarder will also access Auchterarder via Western Road and it will return to Blackford via the C467.

All parents of pupils in receipt of free school transport on the above services have received a letter advising them of the transport revisions.


Who do I contact if I want more information?

Please contact the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 01738 475000


Going to the Solheim Cup:


Where can I get information about the event? 

All the event related information including frequently asked questions can be found at


Can local people walk on to site and if so how? 

Yes you can – information is available at


Is there a shuttlebus between Auchterarder and the event Site?

Yes there is. This free shuttle bus will service Car Park 3A at Gleneagles, and then travel to Auchterarder, turn in Crown Car Park and set down and uplift passengers at the High Street bus stop in front of the Co-Op.

The shuttle bus will commence at 9 am and will run up and down between the above two points if any passengers board.  It will depart Car Park 3A on the hour and the half hour and from the Co-op at 10 past and 40 minutes past the hour.

The last shuttle bus will depart the Co-op at 6.10 pm if demand requires it.  


Can I cycle to the event? 

Yes – further information is available at  Bike racks are available at the Park & Ride sites


Can I take a taxi to the event?

Yes, there is a designated taxi drop off and pick up point on site at the North Bus Terminal near the Western Road A9 junction at Auchterarder. Local taxi operators have been advised of this.  


Can I take a train to the event?

Yes  – via the scheduled rail services, which stop at Gleneagles. You can then walk onto the course over the footbridge installed for the event.

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