A New Museum for Perth and Kinross

In the heart of Perth, City Hall has been a place to meet, a powerhouse for political minds, a venue for gathering, where songs were sung and bands played, where people laughed and loved and fought and debated. 

Now a new chapter is beginning for City Hall, as a major museum for Perth, for Scotland and the UK, due to open in 2024. We’ll journey back to the ancient roots of Perth, a centre of craft and trade, to Scotland’s last crowning in 1651, through beliefs and burials, conflict and peace, old and new communities, Gaelic traditions. Then, through the voices of the people of Perth, we’ll bring you right up to date with modern Scots. 

At the centre of the new museum will sit the Stone of Destiny, a ceremonial object of huge importance to Scotland and the United Kingdom, quarried in Perthshire and free for everyone to see at City Hall.