Scotland's Year of Stories

2022 is Scotland’s Year of Stories and here at Perth City and Towns, we are delighted to invite you to celebrate tales inspired by, written, or created in Scotland. 

Stories are a vital part of Scotland’s culture and every community has a different tale to tell. Shared stories, whether spoken, written, sung or filmed are what give a sense of place, history and belonging. This year you can look forward to events by community groups, museums, heritage sites and other visitor attractions with storytelling always at the heart of it. 

Perth City and Towns is rich with stories, old and new, and we’re going to tell them throughout this year, across the whole area. We have a full year of activity planned, including festivals, a story trail, walks and adventures.

We all have a story to tell – what’s yours?
Send us your story to [email protected] and we’ll feature as many as we can here.
You can also join in by following and using the hashtags, #TalesOfScotland, #TalesOfPerthAndKinross and #YS2022