2. Queen Annabella Drummond

Anabella Drummond was born to a noble family in Perth in 1350 and went on to marry John Stewart of the royal Stewarts around 1367.

Her father-in-law, Earl Robert of Atholl, was chosen as King of Scotland by Parliament in 1371. A weak and ineffective king, it was only a matter of time before John would take over.

Anabella was crowned Queen Consort of Scotland in 1390 at Scone Palace when her husband, who had changed his name, became Robert III of Scotland.

A strong and popular queen, she managed state affairs as de facto ruler when her husband’s health declined, and was involved in all aspects of the administration, including creating legislation. Anabella continued bearing children until she was past forty and had her last of five children, the future James I of Scotland, in 1394. She died in 1401 during a bubonic plague epidemic.