14. Aggie Moffat

Aggie Moffat, born in 1946, was the Saints tea lady who went on to become a local legend at St Johnstone football club in Perth.

Aggie made the papers in 1991 after a skirmish with Graeme Souness who was the manager for Rangers FC. According to reports, Souness smashed crockery against a wall inside the club and Aggie took him to task about his vandalism. The tea lady stood up to him and refused to be intimidated.

Aggie, mother to Robert and Adam, was given another opportunity for fame when Robert Duvall offered her a part in ‘A Shot at Glory,’ a film about a football club, but she turned the part down, unaffected by the fuss.

When she died in 2017, former players paid tribute to her and her outstanding 30 years’ service to the Saints club.