13. Lady Isobel Moncrieff

Born Isobel Dunlop in 1875 in Glasgow, Lady Isobel Moncrieff was welcomed into Perth society in 1904 when she married glassworks manufacturer John Moncrieff.

In 1905, Moncrieff’s became a limited company, but it was 1922 when Isobel’s discovery at a factory raffle drove the company to depart from its clear-cut glassmaking of the time, to launch its most famous product, Monart Glass.

Isobel had spotted a vase by Salvador Ysart, a Spanish-born glassblower and, inspired by its commercial potential, went on to partner with him as the artistic driving force behind their bold and stylish line.

Monart Glass flourished under Isobel’s direction and became a fashionable must-have for wealthy households.

Isobel was fondly remembered as a force to be reckoned with and in her obituary, her friend Margaret Martin said ‘she had knowledge about all things lovely and true’ which undoubtedly referred to her love of the arts which she supported throughout her lifetime.