Raise The Roof 2022

From the Iron Age to the present day, the women of Perthshire have led lives worthy of celebration.

This summer, you can explore the hidden tales of adventurous, brave and innovative women. Artists, engineers, tea ladies and Olympic medalists – our trailblazing women have been immortalised in sculpture and all have a story to tell.

Follow the sculpture trail around the city and you will discover twenty inspirational stories and extraordinary deeds that changed the course of our history, society, and culture.
Get up close for a selfie and raise the roof for these amazing women on social media. Use the hashtags:

#storiesofwomenperth  #YS2022 #TalesOfScotland

Our women have been chosen as trailblazers in their field by a number of local community groups. These groups then worked closely with a local artist to research the woman and create a project to understand more about her and her art. All the work was shared with artist Vanessa Lawrence who developed the sculptures that you will discover on our trail.

Stories compiled by Sharon Sampson Jones | Wire Women Sculptures by Vanessa Lawrence 

Raise The Roof from July to September 2022