Our Gaelic Landscape

We only have to take a very quick glance at any OS Map of Perthshire to see Gaelic is all around us! In fact the majority of our place names right across the area are Gaelic or of Gaelic origin. These names tell us about the people who lived in the area, the language they spoke, how the land was used and some of the things they experienced.

Placenames can help us to identify places where key events took place, describe the terrain and give us an idea or who or what lived there.

Gaelic isn’t just in the names of our towns, villages and hills. It’s in our waterways, our lochs, our rivers and our streams and our streets. Whether you’re out hiking in the hills, bagging one of our many Munros or taking a walk around your local area Gaelic can be found in the place-names all around us. 

Check out Our Gaelic Landscape video to find out a bit more. 

Walk Highlands have also created a handy guide to the pronunciation of places which could come in handy if you’re our hiking one of our many Munros and smaller hills