Learn Gaelic

In school

Gaelic Medium Education is an option within Scottish schools that gives children and young people the opportunity to become proficient in Gaelic as well as English. GME is a free bilingual education option available within Perth & Kinross at Goodlyburn Primary School and Breadalbane Academy.

For further information visit www.pkc.gov.uk

In the community

If you’re looking for a class or conversation group get in touch with Perth & Kinross Council’s Adult Learning Hub, Culture Perth & Kinross or Perth College.


Whether you’re interested in learning Gaelic from scratch or already have some Gaelic language skills, these online resources provide various different Gaelic Learning courses and opportunities. 

Speak Gaelic

Speak Gaelic is a new free resource for learning Gaelic managed by MG Alba. This combination of TV Programmes, video content, podcasts, radio programmes and online resources provides learners with a wide range of support to begin their learning journey. 

Covering topics such as New Friends, Places, Family and that all important one for us Scots, The Weather, this is great resource to help keep our naive language alive amongst all generations. 




Learn Gaelic

Learn Gaelic is the one stop shop for learning Gaelic. This website provides free online learning resources, self-study courses, a course finder to help you find in person classes and conversation groups in your area and a wide range of support material to support learners of all levels. 




Scottish Gaelic Duolingo

Duolingo is a fantastic way to start a new language and provides the opportunity to learn in a fun, engaging game-based way.

You can learn on the go through an app or participate in activities through the website.  

In 2019 a team of Gaelic speakers and educators developed the Gaelic Duolingo course and there are now over half a million people learning the language through this route. 





Gaelic in Modern Scotland (Free Open University Course)

The Open University provides a free 15 hour course on Gaelic in Modern Scotland that you can study at your own pace. This course has been designed to provide a resource for people with a personal or professional interest in increasing their knowledge and understanding of the development and impact of Scottish Gaelic and its culture. It aims to surprise and challenge where necessary; to provide links and ideas for further research; and, for some, to kick-start a journey into learning a language which is integral to Scotland's national identity.

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig is Scotland’s National Centre for Gaelic Language and Culture. It is part of the University of The Highlands and offers a range of full time courses at its base in Skye, distance learning courses and short courses. These range from beginners classes to conversation courses, immersive learning experiences for all levels to Undergraduate and Postgraduate study of Gaelic language and Culture.