It’s finally here: The biggest mobile game since Candy Crush has swept the globe and has millions of players excitedly trawling their local areas in a quest to be the very best. Pokémon, the much loved anime that delighted countless children in the 90s – and infuriated more than a few parents – has remained a favourite around the world, with its variety of Nintendo video games selling in the millions and remaining classics of the genre. Now, with the release of Pokémon Go, an ‘augmented reality’ game available to download for free on iPhone and Android, you’ll have a chance to relive your childhood fantasies of becoming a trainer of Pokemon Go in Perth!

The game – which has already surpassed both Candy Crush Saga and Tinder in the USA in terms of daily users – allows you to catch various Pokémon (just the original 150 from the first series, none of the spin-offs yet!) in your town, city or even your own front garden. The chances are you’ve already walked passed a few eager trainers with their phones at hand, trying to catch a stray Zubat or stock up on pokeballs. If the prospect of giving it a go yourself seems rather daunting, or if you want to make sure your child plays along safely, never fear. We’ve got a few tips, locations and ideas to share with you so you can explore Perth and have the best experience possible of playing Pokemon Go in Perth city! Best of luck!

Handy Tips For Players.

Accompany children: With Summer in full swing, the game is set to dominate many a child’s life, and with that the reluctant parents trying to figure out the latest craze (although if you’re simply playing on your own, we support that too!) Make sure you accompany smaller kids as they play, and don’t take them anywhere you feel less than safe in. The in-game map shows spots to find new Pokémon but many will also respawn in different areas, so if you feel unsure about taking the children to one particular area to complete their collection, keep an eye out as it may change locations. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety while playing Pokémon Go, the NSPCC have some advice on their website.

Watch out for hidden costs: In-app purchases are common in this game, like many mobile games, so ensure all coins bought are done so responsibly, otherwise you’ll end up with a nightmare of a bill at the end of the month.

Watch out for the roads: It can be easy to become engrossed in the hunt, with your focus on nothing but your phone, but make sure you watch where you’re going. This may sound like an obvious thing but it’s always worth repeating, especially with a variety of Pokémon being sighted near traffic heavy areas.

Enjoy your surroundings: Your phone will vibrate when a Pokémon is near, so there’s no need to shuffle around the city with your screen glued to your face. Stick it in your pocket and enjoy Perth while you hunt. Visit local businesses, treat yourself to a bite to eat or just delight in a hearty walk around the sights of the area. You can take in every inch of Perth, from the North and South Inch to the City Centre to the retail parks and beyond. Keep an eye out for significant landmarks or sights since they’re more likely to be Pokestops or gyms for you to stock up fresh supplies or fight for dominance with your team!

Pokemon Go's map of the area provides signals for nearby gyms, Pokestops & Pokemon to catch. Image from Android Authority.

Pokemon Go’s map of the area provides signals for nearby gyms, Pokestops & Pokemon to catch. Image from Android Authority.

Friendly Local Businesses.

Of course Game in St John’s Centre is the place to be for trainers on the move. Perth’s premier sellers of video games are leading the charge of Pokémon Go in the city. Pay a visit to the store and check out their array of Pokémon merchandise, including t-shirts and power bars to make sure your hunt lasts as long as possible. They currently have a new batch of trainer gloves in-store – with sound! – for just £11.99, just to complete the look. Rechargeable battery packs are also available inside from £5.99 – the Game team will even charge them up for you! Keen to engage with players from across the city, Game set off lures – in-game signals that attract more Pokémon to their specific area – to encourage visitors in-store to fill up their Pokedex and make a few friends in the process. This group aspect is key to Game, who encourage users to chat, share tips and get involved across their Twitter and Facebook pages. Gaming is often seen as a solitary experience, one that keeps you indoors and yelling at the screen: This is the best possible antidote!

As many a parent already knows, as exciting as playing the game can be, it unfortunately devours your mobile phone data at an alarming rate. If you’re visiting Game and need to rectify the problem, walk across to Three, where they’re offering deals on data plan upgrades. There’s a Pokestop somewhere in St John’s Shopping Centre – can you find it?

Good news for trainers with depleting battery life – we understand your pain and so does Maplin. Head over to Maplin Electronics in St Catherine’s Retail Park, where they’re allowing trainers in to charge phones, use their wi-Fi and catch a few stray Pokemon in-store! They’re also selling a strong range of portable chargers, to make sure the fun lasts that little bit longer.

A day in the city will drain your battery pretty quickly, so keep an eye out for local businesses with Charge-It-Here provisions available. Charge-It-Here does exactly what it says on the tin – an easy to use charging solution for your Smartphone or tablet. They’re available for use in places like The Foundry and The Venue, with more on the horizon. Head out for some Pokemon hunting, stop for a drink or lunch and let your charge, ready for the rest of the day! You can find out more information on their Facebook page.

North Inch seems to be the place to go for trainers! Image from @GAMEPerth Twitter page.

North Inch seems to be the place to go for trainers! Image from @GAMEPerth Twitter page.

One of the most appealing elements of the game is the sense of community it creates: You can go exploring and make a few friends along the way, or you can share your findings with fellow trainers to help spread the love. A Facebook page has already been set up by intrepid players to encourage swapping tips and locations across Perth and Kinross. A Vaporeon was spotted up Jeanfield Road, which made for quite the surprise for players – although not as much as it did for New Yorkers on the hunt, as seen in this rather sensational video. Make sure you share your own hints and locations so everyone can enjoy the hunt. The team behind the page also let you know when they’re out and about so you can join in with their adventures. It’s a truly a communal experience!

Advice For Businesses.

This is definitely a craze that’s going to stick around for a while, and many businesses worldwide have already reported the benefits of increased footfall and general enthusiasm brought upon by players exploring the area. Pokémon Go offers an array of opportunities for local businesses to get involved with the game and attract new customers, so we’ve got a few tips for those looking to participate.

Know the game area well and shout it out loud: As well as being aware of the most frequently visited and played areas of the game, it’s handy to know about the locations of gyms and pokestops – places trainers can go to replenish supplies. These stops tend to be attached to monuments of note or places of interests, such as churches and major buildings, although many are also located in regular businesses. Find out where your nearest one is to your location and shout about it on social media. Letting players know your friendliness towards the game is a welcome attraction to many, particularly since the game is so new and invites unease amongst the unfamiliar.

Advertise your Wi-Fi and get some chargers: As mentioned earlier, the more data-conscious trainer is always on the lookout for Wi-Fi hotspots, so a shout-out about your own internet capabilities will always attract people, both Pokémon Go players and just those looking for a quick browse. Investing in a few chargers will also bring players back time and time again. Get in touch with the team at Charge It Here to find out more.

Buy A Lure: Lures are in-app purchases that greatly increase the frequency of Pokémon sightings in a particular area. Local businesses like Game are already using them to entice trainers on the move as well as encouraging their core customer base via social media. Lures can be found in the game but are relatively rare, so it may be worth investing in a couple of in-game purchases. Lures can only be used at Pokestops currently, but doing so has seen dramatic rises in customers from a number of businesses. One London restaurant recently claimed use of such lures has led to a staggering 25% increase in revenues since the game’s official release. In the future, businesses will be able to purchase Pokestops and establish bases for trainers, but for now, there’s much to be said about using the capabilities of the game in its current state for the most effective attractions possible.

Gif from IGN.

Gif from IGN.

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