Perthshire is home to some of the most striking church’s and churchyards across the UK and are a must see for any history buff. Churches in Scotland have a long and prestigious influence within Scottish culture. Historically church’s were the central focus of a town, with the churchyards being used not only as burial sites, but also as marketplaces and points of business too.

The historic gravestones which are housed within churchyards across the country display important aspects of Scottish history, with many sites displaying the craftsmanship and religious beliefs of past civilizations such as the Picts and Celts. Weather you are a history fanatic or just fancy an interesting day out, take a trip to some of Perthshire’s most interesting churchyards, right on your doorstep. Here is a quick guide to some of the most interesting and noteworthy churchyards across the country:

1. Alyth Churchyard


Alyth Churchyard

This Churchyard is located in the picturesque landscape of the Scottish town Alyth. The church’s heritage can be traced back as far as 1352 and was a significant part of the towns history, with the churchyard being used as the town main trading market for decades. The iconic arches of the Churchyard make this a unique Perthshire churchyard and a must see destination.

2. Collace Churchyard

Alyth Churchyard

Collace Church has had a large influence on the heritage of the local people, being used as a focal point of the town for decades. The ancient gravestones and buildings of the churchyard create an awe inspiring atmosphere with the landscape being associated with the story of Shakespeare ‘Macbeth’.

2. Coupar Angus Churchyard

Coupar Angus Churchyard

The idyllic setting of the Coupar Angus Churchyard makes for a fascinating day out for any enthusiastic historian. The Coupar Angus Abbey Churchyard sits on a slight prominence in an otherwise low-lying area. The site itself has a rich history, with the churchyard ground displaying strong evidence to Roman activity.

4. Meigle Churchyard

Meigle Church’s heritage can be traced back to the Neolithic times and is among the oldest churches in the country. An impressive collection of Pictish sculptured stones can be discovered around the courtyard, highlighting the craftsmanship of the ancient civilization.

Perthshire has a rich history of churchyards, with many of the their heritages being traced back centuries. More information about must see church’s and churchyards can be found here. If Perthshire churchyard history has caught your attention, why not take a look at our article about the fascinating world of body snatching and defending the dead here

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