Persie Gin

Persie creates aromatic, delicious and distinctive gins from its distillery at the base of Glenshee in Highland Perthshire.

Hand-made in small batches in a bespoke, 230-litre copper pot still, the gins are distilled with pure glen water from the local hills. There are three Persie gins, each using carefully chosen botanicals, combined with fresh local water, to evoke an emotive and comforting scent:

How did it all start?

Owner Simon Fairclough and his wife Chrissie started their gin journey with Gin Club Scotland, so they could take gin to the people and find out what they liked. They undertook extensive market research for the three gins, so they could be carefully crafted to suit the Scottish palate.

As well as their own gins, Persie also produces gins in partnership with restaurants and well-known brand names, e.g. “Foragin” with Perth’s North Port Restaurant and Dog Days Summer Gin for North Hop Festival and the Aldi Gin Festival.

Persie Gin is “right on the nose”

When Simon and Chrissie were researching what people liked, it was as clear as distilled gin that a good aroma was crucial to the enjoyment of gin. Simon explains that, “Around 75-95% of our sensory perception when it comes to tasting gin is down to what it smells like. The combination of the botanicals and the process that we use is designed to bring out the best aroma. We’re confident that Persie is ‘right on the nose.’ ”

It’s a family thing

The Persie name comes from the beautiful location of the distillery. Simon knows this area well having grown up here, and it’s very much a family affair with his sons and mum also contributing their expertise to the business. Simon’s right-hand man Tim Cain takes good care of “Phil the Still” as well as many other day-to-day tasks.

What to expect when you visit

Persie is open to the public six days a week (check opening times on their website). Visitors can drop in and look around, have a coffee or tea, or a little snifter of gin for the non-drivers. If there’s a distillation on the go, you might even see the mesmerising “dancing vapours” in the still.

For a special occasion or a fun day out, you can book a 3-glass gin flight in the distillery tasting room and hear all about the back-story of Persie Gin, the botanicals, the process and the brand, then have a tour of where the magic happens.


How to find Persie

Persie Distillery is just outside Bridge of Cally, on the beautiful Snow Road between Blairgowrie and Glenshee. Visit the Persie website or their Facebook page, email or call 01250 886798 to find out more.


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