An Easter day out in Perth by Ruth Bickerton visiting Perth Gift Card Businesses and Brick City at Perth Museum

It’s not every day you’re asked to go shopping and spend someone else’s money. When the lovely folks at Perth City Centre offered me a Perth Gift Card with carte blanche to spend it on whatever I like and then blog about it, there wasn’t much any arm-twisting needed. As mum of two noisy and growing young boys, it is very rare for my shopping to involve anything except food, food and more food, with perhaps some Barcelona football kit thrown in. So it was a super treat to be pretty much ordered to go shopping and buy something grown up and just for me!

I decided I couldn’t make any Important Shopping Decisions without the input of my sister, Kate, who just so happened to be coming to visit with her three children for the Easter holidays. We managed to find some kind (misguided) people with several footballs and a plentiful supply of patience who offered to have our four boys. Kate, my niece, Grace, and I happily skipped out of their door and straight into the Tayberry Gallery.


Tayberry Gallery had an array of beautiful gifts – all sorts from tartan doorstops, to scarves, jewellery, and prints of one of my favourite artists, Ron Lawson. I mused for a while over buying a dino print for my boys’ bedroom, but selfishly decided The Perth Gift Card was for me, all me, just me, and I was going to enjoy it!

It seemed like an ideal time for a quick break and Willows was calling us. Grace spent an inordinate amount of time hanging over the cake counter, musing between the scones, croissants, coffee cake and tray bakes before finally settling on rocky road – wait! – no, actually a cherry bake – hang on! – shortbread. Yes shortbread. And hot chocolate. Delicious! The fact I could treat my niece using my Perth Gift Card was lovely. (Please do not tell the boys.)

We then headed for a browse along St. John’s Street where there is a cluster of shops and eateries that accept The Perth Gift Card and form a nice stretch for a stroll and perusal. John Gillespie’s, the Highlands Health Store and Alba Plus (Formerly Scottish Seasons) all had inviting window displays. We popped into Alba Plus for a quick chat with Douglas, who also sells The Perth Gift Card in the shop.

He had a wide variety of all kinds of Scottish goodies, and I was particularly taken with some glass paintings and the Scottish children’s books. Next, we had a quick perusal of the Rose House, which combines a florists and gift shop with a café. The selection of cakes looked exceptionally appealing, and we definitely, absolutely, positively, categorically, unquestionably did NOT buy any more cake ‘for later’.

Our last port of call was up at Bridge Lane – and a shop I was keen not to miss as the beautiful goodies well live up to the name of the shop. Pretty Things is up by Perth Museum and Gallery (who also accept the card) and is close to some of the other Perth Gift Card shops like the Teddy Station, Revival and Byers & Co. I could happily have spent my gift card ten times over, but eventually settled on a puffin scarf, which I couldn’t resist, and some hoop earrings, both of which I was planning to wear on an upcoming girls’ night out.

I was sorry to miss visiting Provender Brown and Silver Linings but most definitely will be back to spend the Perth Gift Card I will now start petitioning for my birthday from my husband, children, friends, family, pets, neighbours, colleagues and anyone else who asks. Hint hint.

After collecting the boys and having a quick lunch, we headed to Brick City at Perth Museum and Gallery. Excitement levels were high! The exhibition was Lego models of famous landmarks around the world, followed by a room brimming over with boxes of Lego and table space for the Freemakers of Perth to make and display their own masterpieces.

The kind lady on reception gave all the children a sheet which had pictures of the real-life landmarks which the children had to match to the Lego models. Give that lady a medal!  Instead of haring into the exhibition and just rushing about to see who could see them all first, the children actually studied the models and occasionally – shock horror! – even read some of the information about the landmarks to check they had found the right ones. The models are all contained in one room, which was handy for keeping an eye on five children all heading in different directions

The children were particularly struck by the impressive model of St. Pancras Station which takes pride of place in the exhibition. “Mummy, that’s from Harry Potter!!! Let’s find Hagrid!!” They were also well inspired by some of the simpler pieces around the exhibition to create their own landmarks when they got to the free style make-your-own-model section. It was nice to see how the children studied the models to see how to build the different styles.

They happily played with the many other children also visiting the gallery, and by some miracle (perhaps the fact the good people of Lego had provided so many pieces) I didn’t hear a single ‘THAT’S MY PIECE!!!!” The make-your-own room also contained more cases of models, models made by people who had previously visited, and information boards about Lego and its history. I have to admit the children didn’t take much notice of these, but it was something for the adults to look at whilst the children got on with the much more Important Business of creating genius.

After the Lego exhibition we had a stroll and run about along the North Inch back. Five exhausted children for two exhausted Mums seemed like a good result for Week Two of the Easter holidays, and the early bed was the final treat on what was an excellent day out in Perth.

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