2nd September 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Competition Format

This is a “build and race” competition, so it’s not just about getting a fast race time.  Teams will also earn extra points for ingenuity and design before they’ve even turned a wheel.  Bikes will be displayed in the paddock at each festival and teams will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Accessorising (Max 10 points) – Using additional accessories such as handlebar tassels, horns, wing mirrors, fairings etc. Some accessories may be removed for racing, but you’ll still get the points.
  • Weirdness (Max 10 points) – Combining different wheel sizes, using crazy shaped handlebars, big wheels on teeny-weeny bike frames…….the wilder your bike, the more points you’ll rack up for the team!
  • Overall Quality of Team (Max 10 points) – You look like a Moto GP Race Team using only second-hand bike parts? You deserve points for that!
  • Ingenuity (Max 10 points) – You made your frame from scratch using old scaffolding poles? Here, have some extra points!

After scrutineering on the day of the race, each team will compete in a series of fun-focused “Eliminator” style relay races on a simple, oval track.  Points will be allocated according to your team’s final position in each race.  The overall points tally of each Team after each race determines how far they progress in the tournament.  Don’t worry, we’ll ensure everyone gets plenty of race time!

1st position – 40 points

2nd position – 30 points

3rd position – 25 points

4th position – 20 points

Build Rules

  • All parts used in the build must be second-hand.
  • The total sum of parts on each bike – including the frame – must be worth no more than £50 (as valued by the Judges).
  • Bikes must have a minimum of a rear brake (capable of locking up the wheel.)
  • Bikes must have a seat.
  • Bikes must not have pedals and must be powered by the rider’s feet on the ground.
  • All crank arms, bottom brackets, mechs and gear shifters must be removed from the bike.
  • Bikes must have two wheels with a combined maximum diameter (i.e. the size of both wheels added together) of no more than 46” in total. Front and rear wheels can be different-sizes.

Please note: Bikes will be scrutineered by the Judges on race day.  In the instance of any suspected “twisting” of the rules (i.e removing the pedals from a £7k Carbon Downhill bike and trying to pass it off as a £40 balance bike) teams may be asked to swap bikes with another team.  We doubt we’ll have to do this, but just to warn you this could happen, so please stick to the rules to keep it fun for everyone!

Race Rules

  • Riders must stay seated for the duration of the race (or face a points deduction).
  • No intentional barging or holding back an opponent.
  • Don’t take it too seriously.

Who Can Enter?

Anyone aged 8 and over can enter.  All under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Depending on entry numbers, younger racers may race in a separate tournament in the interests of safety.

Entry is FREE and you can enter below.

Two types of team can enter; “Community” Teams and “Pro” Teams.  Participating re-cycling centres can provide support to all teams (upon request) by supplying low-cost parts from their stock pile, mechanical expertise, workshop space and use of tools (charges and terms apply).

Community Teams

As part of Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, if you are aged between 8 and 26 years old, your School, Scout Group, Youth Club or other organisation can enter a “Community Team” using the entry system at the bottom of this page.  Each Community Team entry includes a FREE festival pass and camping for each team member.  Teams can either build their bike themselves and take it to either Bike Station (Perth), Angus Cycle Hub, Re-Cyke-A-Bike, or Coupar Angus Cycling Hub for their seal of approval, or contact one of the designated bike recycling centres to help you build your bike (charges apply).

Pro Teams

Anyone who has a Festival Pass or a Race Entry for Cream o’ the Croft or the Eliminator Mountain Bike Festival can enter a “Pro Team” for free.  Your bike must be scrutineered by one of the participating re-cycling centres prior to racing, to ensure it has been built according to competition rules and is safe to ride.  This can be done either before, or on race day.

  • Entries to Cream o’ the Croft must be submitted by 4th June 2018.
  • Entries to The Eliminator must be submitted by 20th August 2018.

Race Dates


Muckmedden: info@muckmedden.co.uk

Bike Station: perthbikestation@gmail.com

Angus Cycle Hub: scott@anguscyclehub.co.uk

Recyke-a-bike: rory@recyke-a-bike.co.uk

Coupar Angus Cycling Hub: cachub@outlook.com

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