21st March 2019 @ 7:30 pm
Perth Theatre
Mill Street
Perth PH1 5HZ
Gaslight @ Perth Theatre

‘I begin to doubt, don’t you see? I begin to believe I imagine everything. Perhaps I do…’

Bella Manningham is going mad, ‘stark gibbering mad’ just like her mother. She must be: items go missing in her house; pictures disappear from walls, brooches, rings, keys, and pencils vanish, only to turn up in the most surprising places; lights flicker up and down; and she hears noises at night in the closed off rooms upstairs.

When Bella replaces her smelling salts for a stiff glass of whisky with a retired detective, the fog starts to clear. But what is the connection between all the strange goings-on around her and a violent murder and robbery twenty years ago? 

A mystery with shades of Film Noir, Kai Fischer directs Patrick Hamilton’s timeless psychological thriller which coined the term ‘gaslighting’

Suitable for ages 12+

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