Enjoy Perth and feel rewarded!

How would you like to be rewarded for shopping, eating out, getting a haircut, seeing a film, going for a swim or getting on a bus? Even better, you don’t have to carry a loyalty card or search for a promotional email on your phone!

Mi Rewards, the city-wide loyalty programme that launched last September, does just that. You simply sign up, link one or more payment cards and, every time you visit a participating business, you’ll be rewarded with points. Each time you build up enough points, we’ll send you a £10 Perth Gift Card for even more spending opportunities!

Perth is the first city in the whole of the UK to offer a city-wide programme like this, and so many of our businesses are getting on board. And so are you – over 1,500 of you are now earning rewards every time you shop, grab a coffee, jump on a bus or enjoy a leisure activity.

Where can you earn points?

The number of participating businesses is so huge, we can’t list them all here, so we asked these Perthshire residents to tell us their favourite places to earn points.

Steve Norris, Perth

“I earn Mi Rewards at McCash’s Country Store, Kisa’s and Blend Coffee Lounge.”

Dawn Cotton Fuge, Owner of Precious Sparkle, Perth

“As the owner of a small business I love to support other indie businesses; for example, I earn Mi Rewards buying my bread every other day at Casella & Polegato bakery.”

Gordon Clark, Perth

“I earn Mi Rewards by going out for dinner to my favourite Perth restaurants, including Everest Inn.”

Liz Tunnacliffe, Bridge of Earn

“I shop at McCash’s Country Store in Perth and I spend a lot, as I have over 100 rescued animals including horses, pigs, sheep, a goat, dogs, cats, ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. Mi Rewards is a brilliant idea and it should encourage people to shop more locally, so that we do not lose our shops to the internet market.”

Gordon Davidson, Perth

“I mainly earn Mi Rewards at Deans Restaurant where we go fairly regularly for dinner or for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. In addition to this, I earn Mi Rewards at TB Mitchell where I tend to go to purchase birthday or Christmas gifts, and at Perth Theatre and Perth Concert Hall where we attend the theatre and concerts.”

Alastair Muirhead, Owner of McCash’s Country Store, Perth

“I love earning Mi Rewards at local boutique Precious Sparkle, and at Willows Coffee Shop.”

Leigh Brown, Manager of Perth City Centre, Perth & Kinross Council

“I love Perth’s unique and boutique independents which allow you to purchase items that are different from the usual high street products. Having an independent department store alongside small independents is a great strength. I love earning points in TB Mitchell – not just because it’s run by my family but also because I can get something different for presents, from homeware to bling; healthy food, supplements and beauty products at Highland Health Store (along with great dairy free products for Mr B); and treating the family to the fantastic set lunches at North Port. Fun Junction is a great choice for presents for my nieces and nephews.”

That’s just a tiny taster of the 60-plus businesses where you can earn Mi Rewards, and more are joining every day. In February 2019 Stagecoach Buses signed up, so now you can earn Mi Rewards every time you pay with a linked card on their buses or buy tickets online.

This means that you can earn loads of Mi Rewards throughout your whole day, from the minute you hop on the bus, through coffee and lunch, a bit of shopping, getting your hair done and going out for a meal and a show. One Mi Rewards shopper used her linked payment card to pay for her wedding at one of our registered hotels, earning thousands of points instantly. It’s the loyalty programme that never stops giving! Keep checking our list of Mi Rewards businesses to find out the latest additions.

Perks and prizes

As if that weren’t enough, we also think you deserve some perks and prizes for helping Perth’s businesses to flourish. Every Friday we give you a fantastic perk that’s exclusive to Mi Rewards users, or the chance to win a fantastic prize.

Want some examples of past perks and prizes?

How can you start earning?

It’s really simple to sign up. Here’s how:

  1. Head over to the Mi Rewards sign-up page
  2. Enter your contact details into our secure system
  3. Link one or more payment cards (the details are encrypted and will never be seen by us)
  4. Start spending at one of our participating businesses!

That’s all it takes to be part of this amazing and ground-breaking new programme that rewards you for having fun and staying healthy. So why not do what Gordon, Liz, Alastair and thousands of others have done, and sign up to Mi Rewards for your points, perks and prizes? You could be earning your first Perth Gift Card in no time!

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