Top 10 Waterfalls in Perthshire

1) Falls of Bruar

Description: Falls of Bruar has been a place of pilgrimage in Scotland for over 200 years. Robert Burns visited the area in 1787 which inspired him to write “the Humble Petition of Bruar Water”.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 38 miles

More On Falls of Bruar

The walk from the House of Bruar to the Falls of Bruar is an excellent excursion. Along the way there are stone bridges, deep black pools, viewpoints and picnic spots to enjoy!

There are two main waterfalls and a series of smaller waterfalls to see throughout the journey!

2) Killiecrankie – Soldier’s Leap 

Description: Killiecrankie – the Soldier’s Leap was once the main route between the Highlands and the Lowlands.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 30 miles

More On Soldier’s Leap

Now a rich conservation area and the historic site of the Jacobite battle, the Soldier’s Leap is known as the spot where a Redcoat soldier leapt 18ft across the raging River Garry in order to flee the Jacobites.


3) The Hermitage (Black Linn Falls)

Description: The Hermitage was once an 18th-century pleasure ground for the Dukes of Atholl.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 15 miles

More On The Hermitage (Black Linn Falls)

The Giant Douglas firs surrounding the path to Black Linn waterfall are among the tallest trees in Britain!

Overlooking the stunning waterfall the picturesque 18th-century folly known as Ossian’s Hall, built in 1757.

4) Reekie Linn 

Description: Known as the most impressive waterfall in the region is the Reekie Linn waterfall on the River Isla. The waterfalls viewing point offers impressive views of the spray emerging from the tumbling waters. It appears like smoke which is where the waterfall takes its name ‘Reekie’.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 24 miles

More On Reekie Linn

A dark cave called ‘the Black Dub’ can be found at the base of the waterfall. Legend has it that an outlaw once hid until the devil appeared in front of him in the form of a giant black dog.

5) Linn of Tummel

Description: The area of the Linn of Tummel is where the rivers Garry and Tummel meet. Excellent views of Killiecrankie can be seen from the Garry Bridge.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 29 miles

More On Linn of Tummel

The Linn of Tummel can be reached by a walking path through woodlands neighbouring the National Trust for Scotland property.

Beside the Linn is an Edwardian fish ladder which was created in 1910 to enable salmon to jump upstream.

There is a variety of wildlife that can also be seen around the Linn of Tummel. Keep an eye out for sightings of red squirrels, otters, kingfishers or even a pine marten.

6) Deil’s Cauldron

Description: Formed by the river Lednock cascading down from higher reaches above Glen Lednock are the famous Deil’s Cauldron and Wee Cauldron.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 24 miles

More On Deil’s Cauldron

This is an excellent walk from the alluring village of Comrie. The walk visits the Cauldron and has an optional ascent to the Melville Monument, an obelisk on Dun More hill that is a great viewpoint.

7) Falls of Acharn

Description: The Falls of Acharn is a beautiful short walk approximately only 1 mile from the village of Acharn.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 38 miles

More On Falls of Acharn

The falls cascading from above as well as the view up Loch Tay to Ben Lawers are a breath-taking sight and are viewed through a Victorian ‘Hermit’s Cave’, reputed to have been visited by Robert Burns and William Wordsworth.

For a closer view of the burn, there is a track to another viewing platform upon exit of the cave.

8) The Birks of Aberfeldy

Description:  One of Aberfeldy’s great wonders is the Birks of Aberfeldy overlooking the Falls of Moness and lines the slopes of the Moness gorge.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 31 miles

More On The Birks of Aberfeldy

They were named after a poem by Scotland’s Robert Burns, who wrote ‘The Birks o’Aberfeldie’ in 1787.

The Birks can be found through a circular walk of mixed woodland on the western outskirts of Aberfeldy. Birch, Oak, Ash and Elm trees can be admired on the walk to the roaring white waters of the falls.


9) Buchanty Spout

Description: Buchanty Spout is one of the most amazing sights to see salmon leaping at the waterfall in order to reach their spawning grounds at the river head.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 13 miles

More On Buchanty Spout

There are few locations to see salmon leaping, however Buchanty Spout is said to be the best. The narrow waterfall on the River Almond is a tributary of the River Tay.

10) Bracklinn Falls

Description: Bracklinn Falls is a steeped falls on the Keltie Water. Located in the woods above the town of Callander and visited by Queen Victoria, the Bracklinn Falls are one of the most astonishing waterfalls in Scotland.

Distance from Perth City Centre: 38 miles

More On Bracklinn Falls

The Bracklinn Bridge with its distinctive A-shaped roof boasts the best boasts the best in both Scottish timber and engineering and provides a breath-taking viewpoint up and down the 100m gorge.

Time To Explore Waterfalls in Perthshire!

Now you know where our favourite waterfalls in Perthshire are, it’s time to get out and explore! In case you aren’t familiar with Perthshire, here’s a map to help you find all of the waterfalls mentioned above.

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