Beales Department Store Open in Perth City Centre

Beales Department Store Open in Perth City Centre

We took a sneak peak around the brand new Beales Department Store earlier this week. The finishing touches are being made to Beales first Scottish Store, in the former McEwens of Perth building.

Tony Brown CEO of Beales said: “Perth is the ideal place for us to start in Scotland. We are a market town business and Perth’s independent business focus is perfect for us. We are confident that Beales will be able to meet the needs of our new customers in Perth and surrounding area, continuing Perth’s tradition of offering all that is best from a local, independent department store.”

“We are confident that Beales will be able to meet the needs of our new customers in Perth and surrounding area, continuing Perth’s tradition of offering all that is best from a local, independent department store.”

Beales Department Store will stock a full range of womenswear, menswear, beauty, gifts & stationery, homeware, toys and more! The new department store will also feature the locally run Relish Restaurant.


Linda Hill Can’t Wait To Experience Her Next Perth Gift Card!

Linda Hill Can’t Wait To Experience Her Next Perth Gift Card!

Perth Pie-oneer and Murrays Bakers owner, Linda Hill

She’s the owner and mastermind behind the Perth success story that is Murrays Bakers (and Murrays Pies!)

Linda Hill knows how important it is for Perth’s independent businesses to flourish and feels that any local initiatives which help Perth’s retailers need to be embraced by both businesses and Perth folk alike.

We got in touch with the ever-busy Linda as she was enjoying a well-deserved break (sorry Linda!) We wanted to find out exactly how much she knew about the Perth Gift Card as well as setting her a pleasant wee task!

How would she like to experience the best that Perth’s indie businesses have to offer courtesy of The Perth Gift Card?

Linda takes up the story from here.

“OK, so I was on holiday in Spain and I got a nice message on Facebook from Richy at The Perth Gift Card asking if, when I got back, I would like to spend £50 in Perth’s indie businesses?

Oh, for sure… Yes please… Fabulous!

I’m very much an advocate of Shop Local and feel that it’s so important that Perth’s independent retailers are doing as well as possible. Every now and then if I do get a few spare hours (which doesn’t happen very often!) I’ll say, right, I’m going to visit all the little shops that I’ve not had time to visit for a while. A £50 Perth Gift Card was the perfect excuse to make me do this.

I’d bought a few cards before for family as gifts and I had recommended it to my Mum to buy for gifts because I knew that it was for independent shops in Perth. It’s basically all about spending in Perth. Personally I knew you could buy the cards in Fun Junction (Old High Street) and Alba Plus (formerly Scottish Seasons, St John Street) and I think it would be great if there were more places you could buy the cards which would make the cards more accessible to people in Perth.

It was nice to be given the card and that’s exactly how it should feel. It’s always nice to get a present, especially one which gives you so much choice.

I had a rough idea of some of the businesses who were involved but when I got my card and a leaflet with website details I did a bit more research. The list of different businesses was impressive and really easy to find and the website came up when I Googled it. It was on the first page when I searched and once on the website it was great to see just how many businesses accept the card.  I decided that I was going to use the Perth Gift Card as a reason to make a day of it and so I decided to get down to the business of planning out where I was going to visit.

That day was all about only visiting the businesses on The Perth Gift Card and everywhere I went was because of the card.

Because it feels like free money, I visited different businesses I hadn’t been to before, but it also worked the other way in that it made me return to the businesses I REALLY love.

Linda visiting Provender Brown, George Street, Perth

Provender Brown (George Street)


So first up in my Perth Gift Card experience was a favourite of mine in Provender Brown (George Street)

This really is a fantastic businesses with extremely friendly staff who are always knowledgeable and helpful.

I bought a lovely fruity Cairn O’ Mhor Cider and some tablet for my sweet tooth! I loved the fact that both these items were locally produced and feel this is so important when choosing what to buy.

The lovely member of staff even suggested that as my day of exploring Perth’s businesses would involve a lot of individual visits to different businesses that I write down how much I had spent so that I’d know how much was left on the card… A great handy hint!

Byers & Co (George Street)


I popped across the road to another of my favourite George Street Indies to visit Linda of Byers & Co fame.

She’s so bubbly as well as talented, and a great businesses to have on the Perth Card network. She can remodel old jewellery, melt gold down and redesign it for men or women. She’s so talented and can even do unique kilt pins.

Linda had been fixing a pair of earrings for me which I’d arranged to happen before this, so I was able to go in and use my Perth Card towards the bill for this. She didn’t have a traditional terminal but she used the PayPal App, swiped it through and it went through in seconds.

There’s no end to Linda’s talents and in the past she’s done so much beautiful work. Not only has she done some amazing pieces for me but she’s even made rings for my family as well.

Next up, another great George Street indie and a visit to Byers & Co
The treasure trove that is Precious Sparkle, Charlotte Street

Precious Sparkle (Charlotte Street)


With Charlotte Street being just round the corner I couldn’t possibly resist the wonderful and ever-tempting shop that is Precious Sparkle.

I really think this is one of Perth’s hidden gems, but once you do manage to discover it you always tend to go back.

It really is a little treasure trove of a shop with so much on offer.

A friend of mine was soon to be celebrating her birthday and I spied an unusual greetings card which would be perfect for her. As well as that, I noticed a beautifully patterned dish. It probably caught my eye so quickly because it was my favourite colour of turquoise.

How could I resist?


Kisa’s (Mill Street)


At Murrays Bakers the whole team work so hard to make us a multi-award-winning bakery, and with that in mind I’m allowed to treat myself when I’m out and about. With that in mind it was on to Kisa’s Perth by Perth Concert Hall.

Since opening in 2015 Kisa’s have gone from strength to strength and have quickly become one of the most popular and sought out venues for delicious food.

I’ve always felt that the service is as important as the product and I can safely say that I’ve found Kisa’s nothing short of excellent each and every time I visit.

The visit was helped however as I totally indulged with an Americano and a delicious melted white chocolate and berry scone and homemade jam… AMAZING!

White Chocolate and berry scone from Kisa's, Mill Street
With food on my mind it was time to pop in to D.G Lindsay & Son Butchers to sort out family tea!

D.G Lindsay & Son Butchers (North Methven Street)


Now you may think that The Perth Gift Card is all very well and good if you’re looking to treat yourself to a tasty treat in one of Perth’s fine eateries or something new and sparkly for a special occasion. Bear in mind though that it can even be handy when looking for something for your evening tea!

With food on my mind I visited D.G Lindsay & Son Butchers on North Methven Street and sorted out tea with their wonderful Caribbean Stir Fry.

I love the delicious ingredients you can find here and I always enjoy a chat with Beaton and Louise. We love Lindsay’s butchers and Murrays the Bakers actually use their butchery meat and are a family business just like us!

They knew exactly what to do to process my Perth Gift Card (they’ve had lots used there before) and I was soon on my way again.

Bliss Salon (Hospital Street)


All this retail therapy was starting to take its toll and at this point I felt like I was beginning to flag a little.

I needed to put down my ever-growing armful of shopping bags and rest my weary legs at the relaxing oasis that is Bliss Salon.

The lovely Kirsty threaded my eyebrows for me and straight away I began to relax.

This really is a place I love and it lives up to its name and is a real sanctuary from the hustle and bustle. All the girls are wonderful here.

I’ve been going to see Rachel for over 12 years before she was in this salon and continued to follow her. Both her and Kirsty really are experts at relaxation.

Bliss Salon is exactly that. Bliss!
Eva Lucia are my go-to shop for an outfit for any occasion!

 Eva Lucia (Scott Street)


One of my favourite local restaurants, the fabulous Cafe Tabou were hosting a fundraiser the following Thursday and so with this in mind I headed off to Eva Lucia for some inspiration as to an outfit. I love this shop and always find something here to wear. Whether it’s for a formal occasion or a more casual affair Lori always seems to know exactly what suits you which is an amazing skill to have.

It wasn’t long before I spotted a gorgeous turquoise (yep, there’s that colour again!) and quicker than you can say “The Perth Gift Card” it was added to my growing list of purchases.

Eva Lucia were last but not least on my Perth Gift Card experience and I knew I had roughly £10 left after my previous purchases. I used the last £10 on the card towards the cost of the blouse and paid the extra with my own card because it had felt like “free money”.

So How Did My Perth Gift Card Experience Go?

As you can probably tell from the above, I had a ball visiting all these great Perth indie businesses. To me it’s an ideal gift for anyone that you would buy a voucher for. I now would personally prefer to buy a Perth Gift Card for somebody rather than a voucher for a single place.

Although this was my first Perth Gift Card experience as someone on the receiving end, last Christmas I gave my best friends a £50 Perth Card. That way if they wanted to go to a specific place that they liked to go then they could. If they wanted to go to Café Tabou for a meal… They could do that! If they wanted to go to Craigdon Mountain Sports for a Winter coat… They could do that!

I feel it gives people more options rather than buying a voucher for a single shop which is actually restrictive.

What I did was show that you could go to lots of different businesses: Provender Brown, Byers & Co, Precious Sparkle, Café Kisas, D.G Lindsay & Sons Butchers and Eva Lucia. Being honest I’d limited my spending accordingly to be able to spend the £50 Perth Card in as many businesses as possible. The great thing though is that because it’s a gift it feels like ‘Free Money’… So guess what… I overspent!

An impressive haul after my Perth Gift Card experience!

The Perth Gift Card is brilliant for Perth as it’s a great way to encourage Perth folk to support local businesses and Shop Local. The Perth Gift Card’s not really for the big High Street shops yet but it’s more about supporting the independents and making sure that they stay open and survive.

This helps them by bringing spend through their door.

If you need to buy a gift for someone I’d totally recommend you buy them The Perth Gift Card!

… And then after all that.. Time for tea (courtesy of Lindsays Butchers and The Perth Gift Card)

And then time for tea, courtesy of D.G Lindsay & Sons Butchers And The Perth Gift Card!

About The Perth Gift Card:

The Perth Gift Card is the UK’s first city-wide gift card programme for independent businesses across a whole town or city. It’s the perfect present for friends, family and work colleagues and the recipient can spend it on a delicious meal, the latest blockbuster movie, some great new clothes, a fabulous new haircut and much, much more. The Perth Gift Card is accepted in over 75 Perth businesses including Perth Concert Hall, Simon Howies, Perth Playhouse Cinema, Charlie Taylor Hair and Beauty, Tabla, Perth Leisure Pool, Kisa’s Perth, Craigdon Mountain Sports, Santé and many more! 

Buy a card online here:, over the counter at Fun Junction The Toy Stop (Old High Street Perth) or Alba Plus (St John Street Perth)

Made In Perth

Made In Perth

Perth has a fantastic variety of independent shops, galleries and food retailers. But did you know just how many of their products are made right here?

Shopping locally helps our beautiful city to thrive and grow, and supports not only Perth’s retailers but also the local artists and makers. And if you’re a visitor to Perth we have a great range of products that you can take home as souvenirs of your trip.

We’ve gathered a list of jewellers, artists, gourmet food producers, tailors and many more, who all produce in Perth (or Perthshire) and sell in the city. Many of them accept our fabulous Perth Card, too (see below). We hope you enjoy exploring the list and meeting our amazing makers!


The Bean Shop

Made inPerthThe Bean Shop was established in 2003 by husband and wife duo, John and Lorna Bruce, with the vision of delivering the finest coffee roasted in Scotland to the good people of Perth and the UK.

John and Lorna began hand-roasting coffee in the basement of their George Street shop, and the business has grown steadily since then, with online sales taking off in 2004.

The Bean Shop continues to develop blends and refine its coffee list to ensure that there’s always a selection of the finest speciality coffee beans available.


Social media: Follow The Bean Shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram

Where to buy: The Bean Shop is at 67 George Street, Perth, PH1 5LB

Contact: 01738 449955 or

Casella & Polegato

Casella & Polegato is a popular Italian artisanal bakery close to the city centre.

Supervised by master baker Denis Casella, everyone at Casella & Polegato values both tradition and innovation – some of the recipes and techniques are little changed from the time of their great-grandparents. But they also like trying new ideas with exciting flavours and combinations.

Casella & Polegato doesn’t try to compete with factory-made bread, because the team believes that what it produces is something that only comes from being hands-on and passionate. (And the prices are reasonable, too!)


Social media: Follow Casella & Polegato on Facebook or Twitter

Where to buy: Casella & Polegato is at 9-10 Whitefriars Street, Perth PH1 1PP

Contact: 01738 58 02 07 or

The Cheese Byre

Made in PerthThe Cheese Byre is an independent family-run business catering for dedicated cheese lovers and fans of speciality food.

Scottish cheese-makers offer a large selection of cheeses in a wide range of different textures and flavours, and the Cheese Byre’s aim is to bring to the Perthshire market some of the very best Scottish cheeses and accompaniments.


The Cheese Byre offers a tempting array of Perthshire produce, including:

  • Summer Harvest oils and dressings
  • Young’s Preserves chutneys and jellies
  • Kenmore Bakery oatcakes and shortbread
  • Aberfeldy Oatcakes


Social media: Follow The Cheese Byre on Facebook or Twitter

Where to buy: The Cheese Byre is at 52 Atholl Street, Perth PH1 5NN

Contact: 01738 270347 or

Inveralmond Brewery

Made in PerthYou could say Perth-based Inveralmond Brewery blazed a trail when it comes to locally produced craft beer. Set up before the worldwide craft beer explosion, Inveralmond and its small but highly trained team has now carved out a reputation for meticulously crafted, honest, straight-up brews.

This year the company, now owned by Innis & Gunn, celebrates 20 years in the business. Inveralmond’s most popular brands are Ossian, a pale golden beer, and Lia Fail, a darker malty beer.


Social media: Follow The Inveralmond Brewery on Facebook or Twitter

Where to buy: You can buy directly from The Inveralmond Brewery Limited, 22 Inveralmond Place, Perth, PH1 3TS, or in local shops such as Provender Brown
01738 449448 or

Murrays Bakers

Made in PerthA family business established in 1901, and now on the fourth generation in the hands of Linda Hill, Murrays Bakers pride themselves on fresh high-quality products at reasonable prices, with friendly staff, in a convenient location in Perth.

Murrays are well-known in Perth for many of their products including their bridies, sausage rolls and apple pies, and since 2015 their fame has spread worldwide after they were crowned Scotch Pie World Champions.


Social media: Follow Murrays Bakers on Facebook

Where to buy: Murrays Bakers are at 114 South Street, Perth PH2 8PA

Contact: 01738 624633 or email online

Perth Farmers’ Market

Made in PerthDid you know that Perth opened the first modern-day Farmers’ Market in Scotland? Since the first market in 1999, it’s grown in size and reputation and now hosts over 40 Perthshire stallholders every month. Products include cheeses, fresh bread, jams and pickles, meat, fish, drinks, fruit & veg, and confectionery. There are regular cooking demonstrations, too, which inspire and delight visitors.


Social media: Follow Perth Farmers’ Market on Facebook or Twitter

Where to buy: Perth Farmers’ Market takes place in King Edward Street, Perth, on the first Saturday of every month (except January) from 9am to 2pm.

Contact: 01738 582159 / 07732 483729 or

Provender Brown

Made in PerthProvender Brown is a hugely popular Perth delicatessen, selling a wide range of food and drink, as well as lunches and gourmet dinners freshly made in-store.

Owner Diane Brown is a great supporter of local producers, and the well-stocked and welcoming shop boasts a fantastic range of Perthshire artisanal suppliers, including:





  • Chocolate Truffles from the Wicked Chocolate Company
  • Whisky, gin and liqueurs from Morrison & Mackay, Bankfoot
  • Smoked salmon from Dunkeld Smokery, Dunkeld
  • Still and sparkling wine, cider and soft drinks from Cairn O’Mohr, Errol
  • Ale and Bitter from Strathbraan Brewery, Dunkeld
  • Gins from: Strathearn Distillery in Methven and Glenshee Craft Distillery in Bridge of Cally
  • Oils, dressings and vinegars from Summer Harvest, Madderty
  • Conserves, jellies and chutneys from Dalchonzie Fruit Farm, Comrie
  • Honey from Heather Hills Honey Farm, Bridge of Cally
  • Craft Mead from The Rookery, Blairgowrie
  • Cheese from Strathearn Cheese Company, Cultybraggan, Crieff
  • Oatcakes from The Handmade Oatcake Company, Crieff
  • Butter tablet and fudge from Gordon & Durward, Crieff
  • Smoked meats and game terrines from Rannoch Smokery, Kinloch Rannoch
  • Whisky from: John Dewar & Sons in Aberfeldy, Edradour Distillery in Pitlochry, Tullibardine Distillery in Blackford and Blair Atholl Distillery in Pitlochry

More Info:

Social media: Follow Provender Brown on Facebook and Twitter

Where to buy: Provender Brown is at 23 George Street, Perth PH1 5JY

Contact: 01738 587300 or by email online


 Byers & Co

Made in PerthByers and Co designs and makes beautiful contemporary jewellery and silverware from its workshop in Perth.

Owner Linda Byers designs and makes all pieces, specialising in silver, gold and platinum jewellery. Linda puts a minimalistic, contemporary spin on her design, taking inspiration from a variety of factors, mainly the natural world and the customers themselves.

She loves using interesting stones such as rough diamonds, coloured diamonds, one-off precious stones and a whole variety of semi-precious and non-precious stones (although every stone is precious to Linda!) She is happy to re-use customers’ own stones and/or metal in the designs.

Byers and Co also produces silverware such as drink vessels, table centres, chess sets, tea sets, candlesticks and more. These are produced on a commission basis – just contact Linda to discuss your ideas.


Social media: Follow Byers & Co on Facebook and Twitter

Where to buy: Byers & Co is at 50 George Street, Perth PH1 5JL


Cairncross of Perth

Made in Perth




Cairncross of Perth is known as the home of jewellery made from fine Scottish river pearls. (The pearl has been protected since 1998 but Cairncross is

licensed to use pearls sourced before then.) Their exquisite pearl jewellery can be commissioned in silver or gold in Cairncross’ own workshop.


Social media: Follow Cairncross of Perth on Facebook

Where to buy: Cairncross of Perth is at 18 St John Street, Perth PH1 5SR.

Contact: 01738 624367 or

Number Five

Made in Perth

Number Five is a shop and gallery offering an extensive selection of contemporary jewellery.

Resident goldsmith and designer Claire Donald creates a friendly, informal and relaxed atmosphere. Customers are welcome to browse the collection of pieces by the 50 or so carefully chosen makers.

The jewellery at Number Five is produced in a wide variety of materials to suit every taste, from brightly coloured acrylics, anodised titanium, stainless steel and aluminium, to silver and 18-carat gold.

Claire specialises in bespoke commission pieces, and has good relationships with all the makers, so can approach them to tailor any piece to individual requirements.


Social media: Follow Number Five on Facebook

Where to buy: No.5 is at 17 High Street, Perth PH1 5JS

Contact: 01738 634196 or  


Precious Sparkle

Made in PerthPrecious Sparkle is an enticing gift shop in the city centre. Owner Dawn Cotton Fuge designs and makes her own jewellery in her in-store workshop. As well as Dawn’s products, the shop sells interiors items, scarves, bags, cards, toys, candles, glassware and more, all with an emphasis on quality and style with many items being handmade and/or fair-trade.

Dawn’s also the director of The Scottish Bead Fair in Perth (held this year in August) and The Handmade Show, and promotes beading, jewellery-making and handmade crafts in Scotland.

 More Info:

Social media: Follow Precious Sparkle on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

Where to buy: Precious Sparkle is at 10 Charlotte Street, Perth PH1 5LL

Contact: 01738 630740 or

Silver Linings

Made in Perth Jewellery designer Kyley Campbell opened Silver Linings Jewellery Design Studio in March 2016 after running Kyley Campbell Jewellery for over 10 years.

Alongside Kyley’s own distinctive pieces, Silver Linings has a wide variety of other jewellery, art and gifts from Perth and Perthshire, including artists Diana King (jewellery), Sarah Halliday (prints), Tony Simpson (wooden bowls) and Luna James (model houses)

 More Info:

Social media: Follow Silver Linings on Facebook

Where to buy: Silver Linings is at 13 High Street, Perth PH1 5JS

Contact: 01738 443620 or


Elegance of Perth

Made in PerthElegance of Perth offers a high-quality bespoke hat-making service. The shop stocks a comprehensive range of hats, fascinators and cocktail hats for all occasions. The in-store milliners, with over 40 years’ experience between them, are on hand to advise on shapes and colours that will suit their customers.

Elegance of Perth designs and makes hats to customers’ requirements, giving each person a unique piece. No colour is impossible, as the milliners can dye to match any outfit.


Social media: Follow Elegance of Perth on Facebook

Where to buy: Elegance of Perth is at 17 Atholl Street, Perth PH1 5NH

Contact: 01738 630415 or email online

Eva Christie

Made in PerthEva is one of the city’s best-known knitters, and has encouraged huge numbers of Perth people, young and old, to pick up their needles and enjoy the craft.

She creates unique wearable pieces of art and specialises in contemporary accessories using traditional stitches, drawing inspiration from her childhood among the glens and sea lochs of the West Coast of Scotland.

Eva offers tuition in therapeutic knitting, yarn parties and consultation on community art projects. She has produced garments for catwalk shows and even made a scarf for Basil Brush when he co-hosted the Christmas Lights Switch-On in Perth in 2016.

Eva’s largest current project is as Director of Perth Festival of Yarn, which this year will take place at the Dewars Centre, on 10 September 2017.


Social media: Follow Eva on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube

Where to buy: You can buy Eva’s hand-knitted accessories, knitting kits and hand-dyed yarns at Perth Museum and Art Gallery or by contacting Eva directly.

Contact Eva:

Hat in the Cat

The Hat in the Cat is a unique studio and shop, making and selling hand-crafted hats, textiles and accessories, and running one-day hat-making workshops.

Master milliner and internationally renowned textile artist Jeanette Sendler and teaching associate Alison Mountain use traditional methods to produce hand-made, high-quality products that are unique and individual.

Customers can buy what they see in the shop or commission pieces (preferably by appointment).

Hat in the Cat also makes period costumes and hats for events, theatre shows and re-enactments.


Social media: Follow The Hat in the Cat on Facebook

Where to buy: The Hat in the Cat is at 2 Main Street, Bridgend, Perth PH2 7HB.

Contact: 01738 624213 or

Scottish Sporrans

Made in Perth Scottish Sporrans is a professional sporran-making company with over 20 years’ experience of handcrafting high-quality custom-made leather products.

Owner Janet Eagleton MBE, her husband Hamish and son Marcus, share their time between making products in their home workshop and running their shop in Perth’s George Street. The company has produced goods for some well-known clients including Prince Charles and Samuel L Jackson.

Marcus has introduced new ideas into the business and is the designer and maker of their unique sporran handbags, which are very popular.


Where to buy: Janet Eagleton & Son’s Scottish Sporrans is at 39 George Street, Perth PH1 5LB

Contact: 01738 447187 / 07876 764709 or


Blues & Browns

Made in PerthBlues & Browns was established in Perth, Scotland by Kairen Alexis Ruse in 2002 with a simple philosophy: “to create beautifully tailored clothes which harmonise and compliment the female silhouette regardless of her age”.

The company’s Wendyhouse Workshop manufactures everything from hats to intricately tailored coats in robust tweeds and wool to exquisite celebration outfits in the finest silks and velvets, all under the watchful eye of Master Tailor Melinda Juhasz and her team.

Blues & Browns’ bespoke service offers their discerning customers individual attention, an impeccably hand-tailored fit, sumptuous and elegant fabrics and the meticulous quality of craftsmanship.


Social media: Follow Blues & Browns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram

Where to buy: Blues & Browns is at 19-21 South Street, Perth PH2 8PG

Contact: 01738 626526 or



Jardine Gallery & Workshop

Julian Jardine established Jardine Gallery & Workshop in his home town of Perth in 2008. He makes and sells his own pieces in the gallery, specialising in ceramics of animals and fantastical creatures.

Jardine Gallery holds regular quarterly exhibitions of work from a wide range of artists, based mainly around nature, wildlife and organic forms. The gallery also has regular workshops for both children and adults, which are extremely popular.


Social media: Follow Jardine Gallery & Workshop on Facebook

Where to buy: Jardine Gallery is at 45 New Row, Perth PH1 5QA

Contact: 01783 621836 or contact online

Perthshire Open Studios

Made in PerthPerthshire Open Studios is an annual nine-day event held in September. Artists and makers across Perth & Kinross open up their studios so that the public can view and buy their work.

Launched in 2008, Perthshire Open Studios is a Community Interest Company and not-for-profit organisation, making a significant contribution to the local economy and generating local community art and craft events throughout the year.

Social media: Follow Perthshire Open Studios on Twitter
Where to buy: Check out the Perthshire Open Studios website for a list of studios (2017 information will be added soon)
Contact: By email online

The Picture Frame Maker

Made in PerthWith over 20 years of experience in the art and framing industry, The Picture Frame Maker offers an excellent framing service as well as a high-quality art gallery to suit everyone’s needs and tastes.

The friendly and reliable team aims to provide all customers with a comprehensive framing service that incorporates their ideas and suggestions.

Where to buy: The Picture Frame Maker’s gallery and workshop are at 38 Skinnergate, Perth, PH1 5JH.


Contact: 01738 451 724 or

Tayberry Gallery

Made in PerthTayberry Gallery sells unique and ever-changing collections of British-made art and design, including jewellery, ceramics, wood, textiles, illustrations, paintings, glass, sculpture, prints, cards and more.

Co-owner Sarah Spalding creates design-led jewellery from her Perthshire workshop and studio and sells them in the gallery.

Sarah offers various collections using different techniques and ideas, with precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum and, at times, gemstones.


Social media: Follow Tayberry Gallery on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Where to buy: Tayberry Gallery is at 19 Princes Street, Perth PH2 8NG

Contact: 01738 440899 or

Frames Gallery

Made in PerthFrames Gallery is a family-run business, established in 1979. It has an enviable reputation for showing some of the best in contemporary Scottish art and craft, including work by Perthshire artists, alongside an award-winning picture framing workshop.


Social media: Follow Frames Gallery on Facebook or Twitter

Where to buy: Frames Gallery is at 10 Victoria Street, Perth, Scotland, PH2 8LW

Contact: 01738 631085 or



The Original Chair Company

Made in PerthThe Original Chair Company was created in 2006 by Kate MacKenzie, who has a passion for chair design and interior design.

The Original Chair Company refurbishes antique armchairs and sofas, and provides a bespoke furniture service where chairs and sofas are made to customers’ designs.

The company’s upholsterers are experts in taking pieces of antique furniture and giving them new life, creating a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.



Social media: Follow The Original Chair Company on Facebook

Where to buy: The Original Chair Company is at Unit 62G, Perth Aerodrome, Perth, PH2 6PL
01738 551600 or

The Perth Card

Made in PerthThe Perth Card is the ultimate “Made in Perth” product, as you can spend it in over 65 outlets in the city. That means you can support local businesses and find yourself a unique Perth product, gift, night out or fun-filled experience.

It’s ideal as a Christmas or birthday gift, as a leaving present, or as a thank-you or bonus to your staff!



Social media: Follow The Perth Card on Facebook or Twitter

Where to buy: Online at The Perth Card website, or pop in to Scottish Seasons or McCash’s Country Store

Contact: 01738 444 376 or

Perth Concert Hall / True Gents

Perth Concert Hall, run by Horsecross Arts, is a keen supporter of local talent. On Friday 3rd March 2017, Perthshire folk rockers True Gents are supporting the legendary Red Hot Chilli Pipers in what promises to be a show so hot it should carry its own health warning!

Part of Perth Concert Hall’s Celtic Sessions, this gig is not to be missed, and you can even hang out in the foyer bar for a tune and a drink at an informal music session after each show.



Social media: Follow Horsecross on Facebook

Where to buy: Online on the Horsecross website, or call/visit the Box Office.

Contact: Box Office on 01738 621031

Gotta Catch Them All: A Perth Guide to Pokémon Go!

Gotta Catch Them All: A Perth Guide to Pokémon Go!

It’s finally here: The biggest mobile game since Candy Crush has swept the globe and has millions of players excitedly trawling their local areas in a quest to be the very best. Pokémon, the much loved anime that delighted countless children in the 90s – and infuriated more than a few parents – has remained a favourite around the world, with its variety of Nintendo video games selling in the millions and remaining classics of the genre. Now, with the release of Pokémon Go, an ‘augmented reality’ game available to download for free on iPhone and Android, you’ll have a chance to relive your childhood fantasies of becoming a trainer of Pokemon Go in Perth!

The game – which has already surpassed both Candy Crush Saga and Tinder in the USA in terms of daily users – allows you to catch various Pokémon (just the original 150 from the first series, none of the spin-offs yet!) in your town, city or even your own front garden. The chances are you’ve already walked passed a few eager trainers with their phones at hand, trying to catch a stray Zubat or stock up on pokeballs. If the prospect of giving it a go yourself seems rather daunting, or if you want to make sure your child plays along safely, never fear. We’ve got a few tips, locations and ideas to share with you so you can explore Perth and have the best experience possible of playing Pokemon Go in Perth city! Best of luck!

Handy Tips For Players.

Accompany children: With Summer in full swing, the game is set to dominate many a child’s life, and with that the reluctant parents trying to figure out the latest craze (although if you’re simply playing on your own, we support that too!) Make sure you accompany smaller kids as they play, and don’t take them anywhere you feel less than safe in. The in-game map shows spots to find new Pokémon but many will also respawn in different areas, so if you feel unsure about taking the children to one particular area to complete their collection, keep an eye out as it may change locations. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety while playing Pokémon Go, the NSPCC have some advice on their website.

Watch out for hidden costs: In-app purchases are common in this game, like many mobile games, so ensure all coins bought are done so responsibly, otherwise you’ll end up with a nightmare of a bill at the end of the month.

Watch out for the roads: It can be easy to become engrossed in the hunt, with your focus on nothing but your phone, but make sure you watch where you’re going. This may sound like an obvious thing but it’s always worth repeating, especially with a variety of Pokémon being sighted near traffic heavy areas.

Enjoy your surroundings: Your phone will vibrate when a Pokémon is near, so there’s no need to shuffle around the city with your screen glued to your face. Stick it in your pocket and enjoy Perth while you hunt. Visit local businesses, treat yourself to a bite to eat or just delight in a hearty walk around the sights of the area. You can take in every inch of Perth, from the North and South Inch to the City Centre to the retail parks and beyond. Keep an eye out for significant landmarks or sights since they’re more likely to be Pokestops or gyms for you to stock up fresh supplies or fight for dominance with your team!

Pokemon Go's map of the area provides signals for nearby gyms, Pokestops & Pokemon to catch. Image from Android Authority.

Pokemon Go’s map of the area provides signals for nearby gyms, Pokestops & Pokemon to catch. Image from Android Authority.

Friendly Local Businesses.

Of course Game in St John’s Centre is the place to be for trainers on the move. Perth’s premier sellers of video games are leading the charge of Pokémon Go in the city. Pay a visit to the store and check out their array of Pokémon merchandise, including t-shirts and power bars to make sure your hunt lasts as long as possible. They currently have a new batch of trainer gloves in-store – with sound! – for just £11.99, just to complete the look. Rechargeable battery packs are also available inside from £5.99 – the Game team will even charge them up for you! Keen to engage with players from across the city, Game set off lures – in-game signals that attract more Pokémon to their specific area – to encourage visitors in-store to fill up their Pokedex and make a few friends in the process. This group aspect is key to Game, who encourage users to chat, share tips and get involved across their Twitter and Facebook pages. Gaming is often seen as a solitary experience, one that keeps you indoors and yelling at the screen: This is the best possible antidote!

As many a parent already knows, as exciting as playing the game can be, it unfortunately devours your mobile phone data at an alarming rate. If you’re visiting Game and need to rectify the problem, walk across to Three, where they’re offering deals on data plan upgrades. There’s a Pokestop somewhere in St John’s Shopping Centre – can you find it?

Good news for trainers with depleting battery life – we understand your pain and so does Maplin. Head over to Maplin Electronics in St Catherine’s Retail Park, where they’re allowing trainers in to charge phones, use their wi-Fi and catch a few stray Pokemon in-store! They’re also selling a strong range of portable chargers, to make sure the fun lasts that little bit longer.

A day in the city will drain your battery pretty quickly, so keep an eye out for local businesses with Charge-It-Here provisions available. Charge-It-Here does exactly what it says on the tin – an easy to use charging solution for your Smartphone or tablet. They’re available for use in places like The Foundry and The Venue, with more on the horizon. Head out for some Pokemon hunting, stop for a drink or lunch and let your charge, ready for the rest of the day! You can find out more information on their Facebook page.

North Inch seems to be the place to go for trainers! Image from @GAMEPerth Twitter page.

North Inch seems to be the place to go for trainers! Image from @GAMEPerth Twitter page.

One of the most appealing elements of the game is the sense of community it creates: You can go exploring and make a few friends along the way, or you can share your findings with fellow trainers to help spread the love. A Facebook page has already been set up by intrepid players to encourage swapping tips and locations across Perth and Kinross. A Vaporeon was spotted up Jeanfield Road, which made for quite the surprise for players – although not as much as it did for New Yorkers on the hunt, as seen in this rather sensational video. Make sure you share your own hints and locations so everyone can enjoy the hunt. The team behind the page also let you know when they’re out and about so you can join in with their adventures. It’s a truly a communal experience!

Advice For Businesses.

This is definitely a craze that’s going to stick around for a while, and many businesses worldwide have already reported the benefits of increased footfall and general enthusiasm brought upon by players exploring the area. Pokémon Go offers an array of opportunities for local businesses to get involved with the game and attract new customers, so we’ve got a few tips for those looking to participate.

Know the game area well and shout it out loud: As well as being aware of the most frequently visited and played areas of the game, it’s handy to know about the locations of gyms and pokestops – places trainers can go to replenish supplies. These stops tend to be attached to monuments of note or places of interests, such as churches and major buildings, although many are also located in regular businesses. Find out where your nearest one is to your location and shout about it on social media. Letting players know your friendliness towards the game is a welcome attraction to many, particularly since the game is so new and invites unease amongst the unfamiliar.

Advertise your Wi-Fi and get some chargers: As mentioned earlier, the more data-conscious trainer is always on the lookout for Wi-Fi hotspots, so a shout-out about your own internet capabilities will always attract people, both Pokémon Go players and just those looking for a quick browse. Investing in a few chargers will also bring players back time and time again. Get in touch with the team at Charge It Here to find out more.

Buy A Lure: Lures are in-app purchases that greatly increase the frequency of Pokémon sightings in a particular area. Local businesses like Game are already using them to entice trainers on the move as well as encouraging their core customer base via social media. Lures can be found in the game but are relatively rare, so it may be worth investing in a couple of in-game purchases. Lures can only be used at Pokestops currently, but doing so has seen dramatic rises in customers from a number of businesses. One London restaurant recently claimed use of such lures has led to a staggering 25% increase in revenues since the game’s official release. In the future, businesses will be able to purchase Pokestops and establish bases for trainers, but for now, there’s much to be said about using the capabilities of the game in its current state for the most effective attractions possible.

Gif from IGN.

Gif from IGN.

Free Parking after 2pm across Perth & Kinross during the Christmas Season!

Free Parking after 2pm across Perth & Kinross during the Christmas Season!

parkingyasparking advertTo help with your Christmas shopping, Perth & Kinross Council​ is bringing back FREE after 2pm parking in all council operated car parks in Perth city centre and throughout the whole of Perth and Kinross. Free after 2 will operate on each Thursday and Friday from the 19th November 2015 until 29th January 2016 inclusive.

In Perth this applies to all the council-owned car parks including Carpenter Court. Please note this does not include those operated by Smart Parking or the car parks at Bells Sports Centre and The Rodney Sports Centre.

In addition to the FREE after 2 scheme the council operated car parks and on–street pay and display bays are free of charge on Sundays and also 25th/26th December 2015 and 1st/ 2nd January 2016.

Many of the shops in the city will be open late this festive season to help you to fit in all your shopping.  For more information click here

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