Perth Riverside Light Nights Voted As Top Winter Event

Perth Riverside Light Nights Voted As Top Winter Event

Didn’t think much happened in January? Guess again. Long gone are the days of a quiet January, with towns and cities all over the UK  shaking off the Christmas Blues with fantastic family fun events.

Tripadvisor and have been exploring some of the top events around the UK, and we are delighted to announce that the Perth Riverside Light Nights has been selected as one of the top events to enjoy this January!

Are you coming to the Riverside Light Nights? Join the event here!

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Winter Photo Competition!

Winter Photo Competition!

Calling All Shutter Bugs!


Perth City Centre is holding a Winter Photo Competition and are looking for the best photographers from around Perthshire to put their trigger fingers to the test!


We want to see what winter in Perthshire looks like through your lens. Whether winter in Perthshire to you is a snowy landscape, a Christmas scene or some good old family fun – we would love to see it!

If this is something that interests you, take a look at the details below:


Competition Details:
  • The competition will run from the 5th December – 15th All entrants must have entered by 12:00 noon on the 15th of December.
  • Each Photographer can send a maximum of 5 photos
  • A title and location must be included on each submitted photo
  • Provide details of how you would like credit for your photographs. (social media page or website)


The Prize
  • Every photo entered will be displayed in our Winter photo gallery – with our photo galleries receiving 20,000 + views.
  • The submitted photos will be used across our social media this winter, with full credit being given to the photographers each time a photo is used.
  • Once the competition has closed, we will invite the public to select their favourite photo the winner will be selected depending on which photo got the most reactions (likes & loves).
  • The winning photographer will receive a £50 Perth Gift Card and the winning photo will have the Perth City Centre cover image on our social media and website for 2 weeks, which will be seen by approximately 200,000 visitors!


To Enter

If you would like to enter the Perth City Centre winter photo competition, please email your photos (and the required information) to before noon on the 15th December.


Good luck!


Images by Chris Campbell and PK Perspective

Perth Purple Flag – City Centre Community Perception Study

Perth Purple Flag – City Centre Community Perception Study

Purple Flag is a prestigious town and city centre award – similar to Blue Flag awards which are presented to outstanding beaches.  Through the Purple Flag scheme the ATCM (Association of Town and City Management) aims to recognise and highlight those towns and cities that are committed to raising standards around the safety and wellbeing of visitors and residents.

In 2016 Perth was awarded Purple Flag status from ATCM in recognition of its Evening Night Time Economy.

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer this short survey.  Your answers will help us get a better understanding of how people use and view Perth. Just fill in the survey linked below for a chance to win a Perth Gift card worth £50!

Parking in Perth and Kinross is on us this Winter!

Parking in Perth and Kinross is on us this Winter!

Parking in Council-run car parks in Perth, Blairgowrie, Crieff, Dunkeld, and Pitlochry is FREE every weekend in December.
That’s no cost to you for parking while you browse, shop, eat and visit Perth and Kinross on Saturday and Sunday during the Winter season.


Eligible Car Parks

Canal Street MSCP
Mill Street East
Scott Street
AK Bell
Back Wynd
Canal Street
Charles Street
Leonard Street
MilL Wynd
Milne Street
Victoria Street
West Mill Street
South Inch


Excluded Car Parks

Perth Railway Station
SMART Parking – Kinnoull Street
SMART Parking – Watergate
Horizon – Mill Street
Horizon – Victoria Street
Live Active Leisure – Rodney Pavilion
Live Active Leisure – Dewars
Live Actiev Leisure – Bell’s Sports Centre


Atholl Road car park

Ferry Road car park

Rie-Achan Road car park


Tay Terrace car park

Atholl Street car park


Leslie Street car park

Croft Lane car park

The Croft/Ericht Lane car park



James Square car park

The 12 Days of Christmas (The Perth Gift Card version)

The 12 Days of Christmas (The Perth Gift Card version)

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Perth Gift Card in the two years since it launched, but did you realise just how many Christmas-present-buying dilemmas it could solve?

With all the people you have to buy for, Christmas shopping can be busy and complicated. But the Perth Gift Card is ideal for so many different people, as it’s easy to spend and extremely versatile!

Let us show you what we mean, with our fun ’n’ festive singalong – The 12 Days of Christmas (The Perth Gift Card version):

1. On the first day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your Secret Santa gift!

Oh no, it’s the dreaded Secret Santa gift purchase! What will you get Sandra from Accounts? A novelty Christmas keyring? A set of “exotic liqueurs”? OR how about a £10 Perth Gift Card that she can spend in over 80 places in Perth? You know which one makes sense…

2. On the second day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your other half

If you have a partner or spouse who’s tricky to buy for, and who prefers to choose their own treats, the Perth Gift Card is ideal! Simply load a card with any amount from £10 to £500 and they can choose whatever they want in the New Year – a Perth Concert Hall gig, a theatre show, a lovely meal or some fantastic purchases from Perth’s many independent stores.

3. On the third day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your retired relatives

Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents, they probably have everything they need, so why not give them a gift that lets them choose from loads of brilliant experiences? Give them a Perth Gift Card and they could enjoy trips to the cinema, afternoon tea with a friend, swimming sessions, a boat trip on the Tay, art classes and much more.

4. On the fourth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..the kids (your own or other people’s)

Children often get a lot of gifts on Christmas Day, and it can be a bit overwhelming to be surrounded by all that “stuff”. If kids, especially older kids and teenagers, get a Perth Gift Card or two, they can enjoy choosing their own things, going for a meal or having a cinema trip in the New Year when the festivities have calmed down!

5. On the fifth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your kids’ pals

If your kids want to buy gifts for their classmates, you know you’ll probably end up doing the gift-buying for them! So you can’t go wrong with the Perth Gift Card. You can buy all the cards in the same place (see Where to buy the Perth Gift Card, below), saving you time and energy. And their friends can spend them on whatever they like, including cinema tickets, meals, clothing, styling products or accessories

6. On the sixth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your best friend

They’ve always been there for you through the ups and downs of life. What better way to tell your best friend how much they mean to you than by giving them a Perth Gift Card for a bit of pampering? They could get a massage, manicure, haircut or personal trainer session – or the two of you could go out for drinks or dinner with it. After all, sharing is caring!

7. On the seventh day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your colleague who’s leaving

They’ve always been there for you through the ups and downs of life. What better way to tell your best friend how much they mean to you than by giving them a Perth Gift Card for a bit of pampering? They could get a massage, manicure, haircut or personal trainer session – or the two of you could go out for drinks or dinner with it. After all, sharing is caring!

8. On the eighth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..a brilliant teacher

Want to show your appreciation to the inspirational teacher who’s guided your child (or you, if you’re an adult learner!) through the year? A Perth Gift Card is a great way to do it – you could either buy one by yourself, or club together with some other parents or students and give them a really special gift.

9. On the ninth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your loved ones who live in Perthshire  

If your friends and family live in Perthshire, but you don’t, you might often shop online and get Christmas gifts delivered directly to them. But what if you also like to support local businesses and keep the high street thriving? Well, with the Perth Gift Card, you can do both! Simply order a Perth Gift Card online and get it delivered to the recipient. Easy purchase for you, and a win for local Perth businesses!

10. On the tenth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..your friends who are getting married

Instead of having a wedding list at just one store, your friends could make the whole of Perth their wedding list! They could buy homewares and accessories, fine wines, a piece of art, concert tickets or some fabulous jewellery. (And if they want to check what balance they have left on their Perth Gift Card, they can just visit our website!)

11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..someone you want to thank

If you’re lucky enough to have someone who’s always there when you need them, who always helps out at the drop of a hat without expecting anything back, you could give them a lovely surprise with a Perth Gift Card to say thank you. And they’ll have a whole year to think about what they’d like to spend it on!

12. On the twelfth day of Christmas, you could buy a Perth Gift Card for…..someone who’s visiting Perth soon

Do you know someone who’s coming to Perth for a visit – a holiday, a short stay, a college exchange visit, a work assignment, or even a hen night or stag night? Or they might be moving house to Perth for the first time. What a brilliant treat it would be if you gave them a Perth Gift Card to spend. It’d help them get to know the city, too, discovering many of the 70-plus businesses they can spend it in!

So there you have it – 12 ways in which the Perth Gift Card can solve your gift-buying dilemmas. We hope we’ve given you some great ideas and helped you with your Christmas shopping. And we hope all those lucky recipients enjoy spending their cards in our beautiful city!

 Where to buy the Perth Gift Card

You can buy the Perth Gift Card at the following Perth businesses:

Byers and Co jeweller, George Street

McCash’s Country Store, Feus Road

Fun Junction toy shop, High Street

Tayberry Gallery, Princes Street

Or buy online and get it delivered directly to the recipient!

Where to spend the Perth Gift Card

You can spend the Perth Gift Card in over 70 different locations, from cafés to concert venues, jewellers to clothes and gift shops, galleries to great days out.

Check out the list of businesses accepting the Perth Gift Card

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Into the Abode of Death: Crossing Arabia’s Empty Quarter

Into the Abode of Death: Crossing Arabia’s Empty Quarter

Mark Evans MBE to tell Perth audiences of trek across largest sand desert in the world

Mark Evans will discuss the trials and tribulations of leading the first team to recreate Bertram Thomas’ 1931 crossing of the infamous Arabian Empty Quarter, the stretch of barren desert between Oman and Qatar. Evans will be speaking for the RSGS Inspiring People talks programme (in partnership with Tiso) on Tuesday 5th December at 7:30pm in The Salutation Hotel.  

In the early 1900s, the race was on to become the first westerner to successfully cross The Arabian Empty Quarter. In February 1931, Bertram Thomas, an RSGS Livingston medallist, did just that in an impressive sixty days. 85 years later, Mark and his team set out to recreate this historic journey, taking only 49 days to cross the largest sand desert in the world from Salalah in Oman, across Saudi Arabia to Doha in Qatar.

Mark will tell audiences what it was like to take on The Empty Quarter, or Rub Al Khali, one of the hottest, driest and most inhospitable places on earth. Temperatures here can climb to a staggering 50°C+ in the summer, and it is not unusual for them to drop below 0°C at night during the winter. There’s hardly anywhere to shelter from the sun, annual rainfall is less than 30mm, there’s little vegetation, and winds laden with sand whip across the dry ground surface. It’s no wonder so few people live there and it’s been dubbed the Empty Quarter!

Speaking about his upcoming talks in Scotland, Mark said:

“I am really looking forward to delivering this talk in Scotland. Oman is a nation with strong connections to Scotland that go well beyond oil. On completing his training at Sandhurst, the current Sultan of Oman was posted to The Scottish Rifles. This stimulated a long-standing affection for Scotland that sees an Omani bagpipe band regularly provide the half time entertainment at the national football stadium, whilst sporting the Qaboos Pipers Plaid, a tartan commissioned by His Majesty. More recently, the Sultan of Oman personally funded the restoration of a series of artifacts at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Hamilton, and it’s interesting to note that around 350 Omani students study in Glasgow, the highest concentration in the UK”.

Chairman of the Perth RSGS group, John McCrone, said: “The third talk in Perth by Mark Evans will highlight past endeavour and achievement in one of the most hostile environments in the world, the Arabian Empty Quarter, and encourage us to learn and challenge ourselves in the present day. The talk will be held in the Salutation Hotel in Perth City Centre which has proved popular with members and visitors alike, giving the opportunity to have food and drink, and be inspired by some amazing speakers”

Tickets to hear Mark’s talk are available at the door or online until noon the day before, see for links. Tickets are free to RSGS members, U18s and students, £10 to visitors and £8 for Tiso Outdoor Experience Cardholders.

Perth Christmas Lantern Parade & Nativity Scene

Perth Christmas Lantern Parade & Nativity Scene

Join a beautiful lantern-lit procession through Perth City Centre, ending with the unveiling of the Perth Christmas Nativity Scene outside St John’s Kirk. A great way to celebrate your local community this festive season.  The celebration of Christmas continues with carol singing and bell ringing.

The Perth St Andrew’s Day Scottish Festival

The Perth St Andrew’s Day Scottish Festival

Celebrate Scotland’s national day on Sunday 26th November in the Fair City with the Scotland Street Marketplace.

Sample some of the finest food and drink from Scotland’s natural larder, while enjoying live performances from Scotland’s number one bagrockers the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, local duo The Mad Ferret Band, The Rod Stewart Songbook, Stevie McCrorie and many more. Hosted by broadcaster Grant Stott.

Red Hot Chili Pipers

The Rod Stewart Songbook

Stevie McCrorie

Mad Ferret

Grant Stott

Perth Pipe Band

Vale of Atholl Pipe Band

The Big Shoogle


Click here to see timings for The Perth St Andrew's Day Scottish Festival


Stage Acts


Opening – Grant Stott – 12:00

Mo Run Presentations – 12:05

The Mad Ferret Band – 12:10

Stevie McCrorie – 12:50

The Big Shoogle – 13:40

The Rod Stewart Songbook – 14:45

Red Hot Chilli Pipers – 16:00

Perth Pipe Band and Vale of Atholl Pipe Band arrive with the Provost of Perth – 16:50

Speech by the Provost of Perth – 16:55

Perth Pipe Bands and Vale of Atholl Pipe Band Finale – 17:00


High Street Acts


Clanadonia – 14:00 | 15:00 | 16:00

Vale of Atholl Pipe Band – 15:30



There will be a huge variety of stalls from across the country displaying some of the best food and crafts in the land. Stalls attending include:

Craft Stalls

Adrift | Traditional Scottish crafts using driftwood plus jewellery; pictures with stags/Scottie dogs

Amy Britton Products | Tweed bags; purses

Cridhe Ghabhsainn | Tartan and tweed bags; notebooks; candles; cushions; knitted hats

Earthen Images | handmade pottery cats and dogs

Flat Rabbit | ceramics reflecting Scottish wildlife, countryside and coast. Wall hangings; croft tiles; croft brooches; mugs and jugs with a nautical theme and wader ornaments

McGregor Balfour Textiles | jute bags; shoppers and bottle bags

Olly Bobbins | tartan roses; brooches; pictures; Scottish themed favours; cards; tree hangers

Food & Drink to Go

Arbroath Smokies | fresh smokies and hot smoked trout

The Kitchen Farmer | beef & lamb burgers; chicken breast; bacon rolls; steak pies; chips

Procaffeinate | espresso coffees; hot chocolate and home baking

The Tow Bar | Scottish craft beer, cider and spirits; warm mulled cider; warm mulled apple juice (no alcohol)

Iconic Scottish Brand stall including Tunnocks Caramel Wafers; Mackies crisps/chocolate and more to be confirmed!

Food & Drink Stalls

Ann Davidson Butcher | various pies; Scotch eggs; black pudding; ready meals with traditional Scottish flavourings

Arran Cheese | hard and soft cheese from Arran

Cairn O’Mohr Fruit Wines | fruit wines; cider and non-alcoholic drinks sold by the bottle

Clootie McToot Traditional Dumplings | clootie dumplings vacuum packed & slices of dumpling

Cups ‘N’ Cakes by Monica | Scottish flavoured cupcakes (may have to cancel)

Jackie’s Cakes | traditional Scottish home baking – tray bakes, scones, tablet

Strathearn Cheese | pasteurised cow’s milk cheese and oatcakes

The Rookery | craft mead sold in bottles

Verdant Spirits | London Dry Gin (winner of Scottish gin of the year 2017)

Winebox Events | craft vodka and rum

Mackie’s Crisps | craft crisps made in Perthshire

Discover Perth Winter Festival

Getting Here

Perth is the most accessible city in Scotland with fantastic road, bus and rail links. Perth is location just 90 minutes from 90% of Scotland’s population.

Getting to Perth by Car

Perth is easily accessible by road from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling and Inverness. There’s a wide range of safe and secure, short stay car parks within the city centre. We’re delighted to announce free parking all weekend in Perth & Kinross Council run car parks across Perth and Kinross this December. Find out more about parking in Perth City Centre at

Getting to Perth by Bus

Perth can be reached by a network of fast and reliable coach services. Travelling around Perth is easy by bus, with many fast and reliable services available, from all over the City.

Getting to Perth by Train

Perth Railway Station is a short walk from the city centre. There are regular services to and from Stirling, Dundee and Pitlochry, with a journey time of around 30 minutes.Direct trains to and from Edinburgh run at approximately two hourly intervals.

Get Involved

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Perth’s Chocolate & Gin Festival 2017

Perth’s Chocolate & Gin Festival 2017

Perth’s Chocolate & Gin Festival 2017 filled our city centre streets on 18th and 19th November, as part of Perth’s Winter Festival.

Now in its fifth year, the original chocolate festival has grown and added gin distillers to the mix, plus more events and stalls. It’s a great celebration of the wealth of local and national craft distillers and chocolatiers. My friend Claire and I spent the day visiting the stalls and
enjoying a Chocolate & Gin Pairing Workshop (I know, tough job!).

The stalls

There was a brilliant diversity of chocolate and gin stalls stretching along the whole High Street, and along King Edward Street. At every stall we were struck by the enthusiasm and passion of the producers – they love what they do, are excited about what they produce and
use the highest-quality ingredients.

Here are some of the stalls we visited:

Alba Chocolate

“Deliciously ethical” chocolate made in a sustainable way by a family business (who also give 1% of profits to the John Muir Trust), using ingredients such as chilli and lavender and the finest cocoa. The hot chocolate was luxury in a cup!

Chocolate Galley

An Auchterarder-based company that makes delicious cakes, chocolates and more – and does workshops and kids’ parties. They sell the chocs online or from their café in Auchterarder.

Isle of Skye Distillers

Talk about dedication – these chaps got up at 3am on Saturday to travel from Skye to our Festival! They started their family distillery business in their mum’s garden, and have named one of their products “Tommy’s Gin” in memory of their late father who served in the Suez invasion; a donation from every bottle goes to local military charities.

Madderty Micro & Strathearn Distillery

Two local distilleries who joined forces at the Festival; they offer a wide range of distinctive and unique gins such as “Cailleach” shimmering gin (Madderty) and Citrus (Strathearn).

Maxwell’s Desserts 

So many great ideas come about by chance. When talented pastry chef Graeme Maxwell made Harry Potter-style wands for the nieces of his pal Nicola Martin (of Small City Big Personality fame), they went down so well that he decided to make more. They were on
offer during the Festival along with beautifully crafted (and gin-infused) cakes and confectionery.

My Little Monkey

Delicious cakes and biscuits from a Perth-based company. Great for gifts, stocking fillers, wedding favours or party treats.

Ogilvy Spirits

Scotland’s first potato vodka, made by a family on their farm near Glamis. Using the potatoes that supermarkets don’t accept (they’re perfectly good, they’re just oddly shaped!) makes this a most sustainable business. They also produce ready-blended cocktails that just
need a mixer added.


This family business in North Ayrshire is a boutique producer of fine chocolates and tablet. They produce everything by hand at their small farm in Ayrshire using fresh and local ingredients.


This brewery and distillery is young but has already brought out a diverse range of craft ales and a fantastic gin containing Kaffir Lime Leaf, Pink Peppercorn and some other ingredients that must remain top-secret…

Tipple in a TukTuk

A quirky mobile gin & Prosecco bar serving ice cold sparkling frizzante on tap, fizz cocktails, Scottish gin & bottles of Prosecco. The cute little TukTuk, including contents, is available to hire for weddings & events in Scotland, little or large.

Chocolate & Gin Pairing Workshop

The highlight of our day was undoubtedly the Chocolate & Gin Pairing Workshop. Held in the Forty Four Bar & Late Lounge, it was hosted by one of the world’s finest chocolatiers, the award-winning Iain Burnett – aka The Highland Chocolatier.

Iain had selected five of his luxury chocolates; each was paired with a different gin. Here’s what we had:

Iain gave us a fascinating introduction to the world of chocolate and how he crafts his award-winning products (his Dark Velvet Truffle took three years and 150 taste tests to perfect!). He then told us how to savour the pairings correctly – “nose” the gin, take a bite
of the chocolate, then taste the gin. Each gin’s special blend of botanicals and herbs enhances the flavours of the chocolates, and vice versa.

At our table were two PRI nurses, Allison & Gill, who are nothing short of connoisseurs when it comes to gin and chocolate (“They’re my two favourite things!” said Allison). They’d been to many gin tastings in various cities – I do like it when people take their hobby seriously – and thought that this one was “absolutely brilliant”. As for us, Claire loved the Cinnamon & Clove Praline and I still love the classic Dark Velvet Truffle. But there was so much to enjoy about each – fruitiness, creaminess, dark or citrussy tanginess, sweet smoothness.


The whole room was buzzing and we all had different opinions. Iain asked us lots of questions – which chocolate was the favourite? which gin? what could we taste in each pairing? – and kept us entertained throughout. It’s a treat to hear from someone who’s a
master in their craft and who’s happy to tell us how the magic happens.

If you ever have the chance to book a workshop with Iain, please do grab it – you’ll learn so much and your taste buds will be forever grateful.

Or, if you’re heading up the A9 from Perth, do pop in to see Iain’s team at The Highland Chocolatier in Grandtully, where you can visit the shop and Chocolate Lounge.


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