Motorbiking in Perthshire

Motorbiking in Perthshire

Annelie Carmichael, a regular writer for Perth City, decided to find out why Perthshire’s great for motorbikers……..

I had an inkling about why they might like this amazing county. But since I’ve only ridden pillion on a total of two mopeds in my whole life, I’m not what you’d call an expert.

Time, I thought, to bring in the bikers. So I put out the call, and the bikers answered. You told me what you like about getting on your bike, what it means to you, and what you love about biking in beautiful Perthshire.

And what a great bunch you turned out to be. Forget the well-worn stereotype – motorbiking today seems to be more about freedom, taking in the scenery, having a bit of escapism after a hard week at work, hanging out with your mates – and even raising money for charity.

So read on to find out what bikers really want – and how to find it all in Perthshire.

Interesting Roads

Bikers love interesting roads. Who wants to sit in traffic all day on a major road when you could be testing your skills and enjoying the twists, turns and challenges of Perthshire’s rural roads?

Alan Yeoman, a Glasgow biker, says he enjoys Perthshire because it has “more challenging (but not over-challenging) roads. You want country roads, not a straight dual carriageway.”

Perthshire roads have it all

Bill Suttie, a local biker, likes that Perthshire is “central, with all major roads easily accessible. There are lots of good twisty side roads too. Bikers like twisty roads.”





Steve Coulson, a biker from Crieff, adds, “Perthshire offers up some nice roads – they’re undulating, with lots of curves, and are by and large in good condition. You can pick any road in Perthshire, and you will find something good about it. You’d struggle to find a road in Perthshire without some great features.”




Recommended roads

Our bikers loved talking about their favourite routes and roads – here’s a selection (see our handy map for routes):

A823 from Glendevon through Gleneagles, Auchterarder, Muthill and Crieff

A85 from Perth through Crieff to Loch Earn, through Comrie and St Fillans (carries on outside Perthshire to Crianlarich and Tyndrum)

A822 from Crieff, through Amulree and the Sma’ Glen, to Birnam and Dunkeld

A826 from Milton to Aberfeldy

A827, from Ballinluig, through Grandtully, Aberfeldy and Kenmore, all the way along Loch Tay

A93, from Perth through Blairgowrie and Bridge of Cally all the way to Glenshee (or you can use A94 through Coupar Angus to Blairgowrie)

A924 & A926, from Pitlochry / Moulin through Bridge of Cally to Rattray and then New Alyth


Scott Wilson from Longforgan, who’s been biking since he was 16, has this helpful recommendation, based on some of his favourite roads:

“For a 2- to 3-hour ride, I’d do Longforgan to Crieff, then Killearn, Killin (just outside Perthshire), back into Perthshire and down Loch Tay, along to Kenmore, Aberfeldy, down through Dunkeld, Birnam, Perth and back home.

“For a 1- to 2-hour ride you could take the A93 from Perth to Blairgowrie, then west to Dunkeld then the Sma’ Glen, before heading south to Gilmerton or Crieff and back to Perth.”

Darren Slater, a biker from Bridge of Earn, adds, “There are lots of good back roads around Bridge of Earn. The Path of Condie is a beautiful run, as is the Auchterarder-Crieff-Blairgowrie-Perth road.”

Great scenery

Image by Piotr Gudan

Perthshire is world-famous for its great scenery, and there are few better ways to appreciate it than on two wheels.

Imagine spending a day biking through heather-filled moors, past vast lochs and rushing rivers, over stunning mountains and into glens filled with dappled sunlight. That may sound rather poetic for a bunch of leather-clad lads and lasses, but scenery is one of the things that bikers love best about Perthshire.

Scott Wilson says, “The countryside in Perthshire is the best. There’s a mix of forest, lochs, mountains, and lots of open roads with no interruptions.” Scott particularly recommends the Perthshire glens (such as the Sma’ Glen) for their stunning scenery.

Piotr Gudan, a biker who runs an outdoor adventure centre, says that if you want to see great scenery, “the Scenic Snow Route – A93, from Blairgowrie to Braemar and further north – would be a great start.”

Recommended scenic spots

There are so many to choose from, but here’s a fine selection of scenic spots, to drive past or to stop at and enjoy the spectacular views.

The Lochs

  1. Loch Tummel
  2. Loch Earn
  3. Loch Tay
  4. Loch Rannoch
  5. Loch Garry
  6. Loch Ericht
  7. Loch Errochty
  8. Loch Freuchie
  9. Loch Lyon
  10. Dunalastair Reservoir

The Glens

  1. Glen Lyon
  2. The Sma’ Glen
  3. Glen Shee
  4. Glen Artney
  5. Glen Garry and the Pass of Drumochter

Good food and a warm welcome

If you’re out all day or all weekend on your bike, you’re going to want to stop for coffee, tea, some excellent cake or a good old bag of chips.

Timandra Harkness, a biker from London, says that after good roads, “friendly locals are most important. Ease of parking and bike-friendly accommodation also count for a lot.”





Steve Coulson adds, “I don’t ride around thinking of biker-friendly cafés, because I’ve felt welcome everywhere in Perthshire.”

It helps, too, if the place you stop at has outdoor seating and a decent-sized area where you can leave your bike and keep an eye on it.

Recommended places to stop

Where do our bikers like to stop for a break in Perthshire? They had lots to say on this subject – suggestions include:

Hanging out with other bikers

You bikers are a friendly lot. Although you sometimes like getting away for a journey on your own, you also like meeting up to ride in a group, or to have a blether about bikes, biking and anything else under the sun.

You also raise a lot of money for charity with your mates. Here are some good ways to meet up, join in and raise cash in Perthshire.

SCAA Biker Bash

This annual event sees up to 300 bikers meeting up and riding through picturesque Perthshire locations such as Coupar Angus, Blairgowrie, Bridge of Cally, Pitlochry, Queen’s View and Kenmore. Bikers pay to enter, and proceeds to go Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA), based at Perth Airport. The organisers say: “As bikers we all know the dangers we face each time we take our bikes out, especially on some of the remote roads throughout Scotland. So together we can help make sure the service is there if we should need it.” This year’s event will take place on Sunday 21st May.

Find out more about the SCAA Biker Bash

Perth Bike Night


Perth Bike Night, say the organisers, is a “gathering of bikers, trikers and like-minded folk. Regardless of what you ride – 1, 2, 3 or 4 wheels – everyone will be made welcome!” Perth Bike Night is held at Noah’s, Perth, on the last Saturday of every month from April to September. Camping is available on site and there are local biker-friendly B&Bs.

There are various stalls on site selling hot and cold food and drinks, Army Surplus and everything in between.

Perth Bike Night is non-profit-making and proceeds from entry (£2 per person) and any raffle will be donated to the chosen charity of the evening.

Darren Slater adds, “Perth Bike Night has raised a lot of money for charity – we’ve even auctioned off a Harley Davidson bike to support people with disabilities.”

Find out more about Perth Bike Night

Maggie’s Run

The Blairgowrie and District Motorcycling Club (BADMCC) has supported the Maggie’s Centre in Dundee since 2006, by organising the Maggie’s Run. This event takes in some of Perthshire’s most beautiful scenery before heading into neighbouring Aberdeenshire. The annual event has raised over £22,000 for the Maggie’s Centre charity in the last 11 years.

This year’s run for 2017 will be on Sunday 14th May, starting at around 10.00am from the Red House Hotel, Coupar Angus up to Stonehaven and along Deeside.

Find out more about Maggie’s Run

 Thunder In The Glens

Every August, locals in Perthshire and the Highlands are treated to the spectacular sight and ear-splitting sound of 3000-plus Harley Davidsons roaring along our roads.

Thunder In The Glens is a weekend event that attracts participants and their Harleys from all over the globe, including Ireland, Europe, the USA and Australia. Although the riders congregate in Aviemore for the weekend, to get here they enjoy a fantastic journey through the hills and glens of Perthshire. Riders can take any route through the county, either direct or more meandering.

Organiser George McGuire, from the Dunedin Chapter of Harley owners and riders, told me what he loves about Perthshire: “When you come north in Perthshire, to the hill after Kinross, you seem to look right through the valley and it’s like a wide open gate, saying ‘Come in, enjoy yourself.’”

George also mentions that the Dunedin Chapter meets from time to time in the Lovat Hotel, Perth, so if you fancy joining them, just get in touch through their website.

If you’re taking part in this year’s event, and you’d like to stay in Perth on your way, check out our handy list, below, of “Places to stay in Perth”.

The last word

Finally, I asked my biker interviewees what they love about biking in a county like Perthshire. Here’s a selection of their comments:

Timandra: “It’s a completely absorbing activity so it’s very relaxing. It gives a closer contact to the place I’m visiting than any other form of transport – I can not only see but feel the contours of the roads, smell the forests or the food in the towns.”

Steve: “I love the freedom that it gives. You’re out of the metal box and you’re more connected to what’s going around you. I think there’s a big connection between motorcycling and mindfulness. To ride safely you really need to be in the moment. Also there’s a friendliness and fraternity. We look after each other. We appreciate each other’s stances, each other’s different bikes, we all appreciate the connection.”

Darren: “I love the freedom. You get out on the road, get the cobwebs out of your hair. No matter how many people you’re out with, it’s you and the road.”

Freedom, mindfulness, friendliness and relaxation – that sounds like a fantastic way to spend your time. Bikers, you’re very welcome in Perthshire.


Places to stay in Perth

If you’d like to explore beautiful Perthshire on your bike, here’s a list of comfortable and welcoming accommodation in the heart of Perth city where you can stay, before and/or afterwards:

Stay in touch

Follow Perth City Centre on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, events, days out and activities in Perth and the surrounding area.

Get Set, Bake: The Great Perthshire Cakes & Bakeries

Get Set, Bake: The Great Perthshire Cakes & Bakeries

As Summer slowly ends, it’s time for another season to join us, although this one is a little more exciting than most. Over the past few years, BBC Two’s hit show The Great British Bake Off has become a bona fide phenomenon, with millions of dedicated viewers tuning in each week to enjoy the exploits of 12 amateur bakers navigating the highs, lows and soggy bottoms of various culinary challenges, each judged by the scrutinizing eyes of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. The show has spawned countless remakes worldwide, sold millions of cookbooks and launched the careers of many TV chefs. It’s even become a cult favourite in America, where its mix of cheeky humour and British warmth have won it a base of dedicated fans.

Season seven is set to start tomorrow night at 8pm on BBC One. While we’re sure you’re all excited to be inspired by the baking skills on display, sometimes impatience sets in and we just want the cake immediately. Never fear, because Perthshire has a few places with sweet delights on sale for all, with something for every taste and occasion, be it a birthday or wedding, or just a quick afternoon treat. Some even offer their own hands-on classes for baking, decorating and more, so there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

Here are just a small sample of some of the great bakeries to be found in Perth and Perthshire but of course there are many many more to explore!

Celebration Stations.

6 North Port, Perth, PH1 5LU

01738 625 886


Now in its 25th year of business, the team at Celebration Station specialise in cakes for all occasions, sugarcrafts and party goods. Their shop on North Port, just around the corner from Perth Concert Hall, is famed for its elaborate window displays and incredible cakes that entice many a visitor to pass through their doors. Their skills with sugar, icing and fondant – including edible figurines, flowers and elaborate scenes – would make even the steely eyed Paul Hollywood offer the much craved handshake of congratulations.

Filling an often overlooked gap in the market, Celebration Station also sell a selection of party goods, such as helium balloons, banners, cake boxes and wedding tops. Home-baked treats like meringues and tablet are also available in store. If you’d like to consult with them regarding a cake idea, pay them a visit or get in touch through their website. Spots fill up fast so don’t delay!

Tower Bakery.

Shore Road, Perth, PH2 8BH

01738 563 333


With 35 years of experience under their belt, Angela and Sandy McKinnon have turned Tower Bakery into one of the great food staples of Perthshire. With 8 retail shops across the district, as well as Fife and Angus, their catalogue of products includes over 200 hand-made treats, ranging from the traditional favourites to contemporary surprises, plus take-away meals and sandwiches. Their line of Fresh Bakery Goods is also supplied to local supermarkets.

Check out their website for more information.

Murray’s Bakers 

114 South Street Perth, PH2 8PA

01738 624 633


Award winning family bakery Murray’s Bakery is 115 years old World scotch pie champion 2015

Their in house bakery provides fresh bakes for you daily and straight to the shop. A family business established 1901, now on 4th generation in the hands of Linda Hill, Murrays Bakers pride themselves on fresh quality products at reasonable prices with friendly staff in a convenient location in Perth.

Check out their website for more information.

Subrosa Patisserie and Coffee Lounge.

11 South St John’s Place, Perth, PH1 5SU

07585 929 968


Based on St John’s Place, artfully nicknamed the Cafe Quarter of Perth, Sub Rosa is a new independent cafe, bakery and event venue with a speciality in hand-made baking and treats. Everything, from bread to pastries and a range of lunch and tea options, is made on site using the best natural ingredients.

As well as the option to order a coffee and delicious treat in-store, Sub Rosa offer catering for a variety of events, with both sweet and savoury options for your convenience. Sub Rosa can also be used as a venue for your group meeting or special occasion. Get in touch to find out more. Order the cake of your dreams for any occasion too – pricing starts at £30 for a 9 inch cake (serving around 10 to 12 people) and the Sub Rosa team will be there to help you with your preferences. For more information on this and everything else, check out their website or get in touch through their Facebook page.

Thyme To Eat.

Taigh na Faire, Errichel, Aberfeldy, PH15 2EL

07921 507 458


One of the newer additions to the scene, Thyme To Eat is the master creation of chef Paul Newman, who has worked in many prestigious hotels across the world from Edinburgh to South Africa. Now, based just outside of Aberfeldy, the Newmans create incredible cakes for every taste and occasion: They’ve done everything from traditional Madeira cakes to multi-storey cupcake towers to celebration pieces to elaborately constructed chocolate delights. Whatever your style, taste and budget, Thyme To Eat can work to your specifications. If your party has a particular theme, bring along a swatch of fabric and they can match the cake to the colour!

Thyme To Eat use the best ingredients available, including home-made jams made with locally grown fruits and locally sourced produce from the Perthshire district. Paul and the Thyme team are also available for private dining experiences in the Errichel Farm holiday cottages and wider Aberfeldy area. For bookings and further information, get in touch through their website.


1A High Street, Blairgowrie, PH10 6ET

07979 791 955


Based in Blairgowrie, Taystful is the highly acclaimed work of Shona Sutherland, whose skills have seen her supplying desserts to restaurants in Spain and train with top chocolate masters. Her award winning creations have been enjoyed far and wide, and she remains a favourite in Perthshire for those looking for an occasion cake or sweet treat.

Taystful’s selection of wedding, birthday and occasion cakes encompasses a wide variety of styles and flavours, each designed to suit your special day’s theme. Your suggestions and ideas can be translated into the ideal sweet treat centrepiece for the occasion: Size, shape, style – traditional, vintage, contemporary, minimalist, novelty or more – flavour and colour are all taken into consideration.

On top of incredible cakes, Taystful also specialise in handcrafted artisan chocolates. Their truffles and sweets are made by hand using purées of local fruits, fresh cream and the best high quality ingredients. They can be sent directly to you or your loved one as a present, and come in a mouthwatering selection of flavours, including: Irish cream and cocoa nib, Isle of Skye sea salt caramel, passion fruit and almond liqueur.

If you’d like to do more than just eat, Taystful offer a variety of courses on cake decorating and chocolate making, as well as activities for kids and chocolate making for the festive season. With countless glowing testimonials and returning customers to match, Taystful’s reputation greatly precedes them, so if they tickle your fancy, check out their website for more information and a selection of their treats.

Campbell’s Bakery.

59 King Street, Crieff, PH7 3HB – 01764 652 114

38 Drummond Street, Comrie, PH6 2DW  – 01764 679 944


With an illustrious history dating back to the 1830s, Campbell’s Bakery remains an iconic family run artisan bakery in Perthshire, with local favourites like Empire biscuits flying off the shelves daily. The oldest family bakers in the county are proud to uphold their long running heritage with a whole host of incredible treats available daily from both shops in Crieff and Comrie.

As well as their own range, they’re spreading the message across the world through Facebook and Twitter: Check out their daily #cakeoclock hashtag for a glimpse into their daily sweet treat to accompany an afternoon coffee. Campbell’s love to mix it up with the changing seasons – hot cross buns in Easter, strawberry tarts for Wimbledon, mince pies for a Christmas treat, and many more delights for every special occasion. We’re especially enamoured with their Highland Coo French fancies! Grab some sumptuous strawberries and cream doughnuts before the Summer ends – just 75p each or 4 for £2.50.

For more information, check out their website, as well as their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Explore The Great Perthshire Outdoors

Explore The Great Perthshire Outdoors


Explore The Great Perthshire Outdoors

Perthshire has long since been renowned as the adventure capital of Scotland. From the simplicity of enjoying a walk and marvelling at our local wildlife to the breath-taking, high-octane thrill of coming down the rapids at Grandtully, there is an outstanding breadth of adventures just waiting to be had in the great Perthshire outdoors. Embrace your #ScotSpirit and get out and #ExplorePerthshire.

If you do decide on a Perthshire adventure this summer then why not add these fantastic activities to your list? Many are just a short drive from the bustling Perth City Centre which makes a fantastic base from which to tour the area.

Whilst you’re here make sure you do a little shopping with our fabulous Perth City Indies, enjoy a meal, drink or light bite, or book into one of the many events, shows and exhibitions that gives Perthshire its worthy place on Scotland’s cultural stage.


Perthshire Outdoors Comrie Croft

Comrie Croft - Comrie

If you love mountain biking, you’ll love Comrie Croft.  16km of dedicated graded trails to test your skill and nerve on as well as a skills park.  The grin enducing trails range from swoopy and fast to technical and gnarly, plus there are family friendly along the riverside so it’s suitable for all ages and abilities!

Time From Perth & Transport Options

  • Car – 49 minutes
  • Bus – 1 hour 15 minutes

Booking & Price

  • Various prices for multiple different activities.
  • All activities are advised to be booked in advance.

Contact Details

Braincroft, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 4JZ


Phone – 01764 670140

Perthshire Outdoors Kinnoull Hill

Kinnoull Woodland Park - Perth

Kinnoull Woodland Park overlooks the City. It covers some 260 hectares, with marked trails from the 2 main car parks and the City centre. The green trails lead directly to the summit, while the blue trail follows a route round both Kinnoull Hill and the Deuchny forest. Together they provide a 6 mile walk of varying and outstanding views down the Tay valley, the City of Perth and the Ochil and Highland Hills.

Time From Perth & Transport Options

  • Walk from City Centre- 40 minutes
  • Car – 6 minutes
  • Bus – 40 minutes

Booking & Price


Contact Details

Kinnoull Hill, Perth,



Download itinerary as a pdf:


Perthshire Events

Perthshire Outdoors Outdoor Explore

Outdoor Explore - Blairgowrie

Outdoor Explore is based at Willowgate Activity Centre by the River Tay and offers a range of bespoke kayaking ventures in Perth and across Perthshire. Trips are aimed to small groups, individuals & families, offering range of wildlife spotting, e.g. ospreys, beavers, otters or even dolphins!

Time From Perth & Transport Options

  • Car – 30 mins in
  • Bus – 50 mins

Booking & Price

  • Various prices for multiple different activities.
  • All activities must be booked in advance.

Contact Details

Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross


Phone – 07904 324 102

Perthshire Outdoors Nae Limits

Nae Limits - Ballinluig

With over 14 Water & Land Adventure Activities;  Nae Limits has something for you – adrenaline junkies, families, corporate groups, stag & hens are all welcome!

Centrally located off the A9 outside Pitlochry, with our on-site café Rivers Meet, they’re the perfect day out!

White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Tubing & Quads are just some of the awesome activities on offer.

Time From Perth & Transport Options

  • Car – 36 minutes
  • Bus – 1 hour 50 minutes

Booking & Price

Various prices for multiple different activities.

All activities must be booked in advance.

Contact Details

Ballinluig, Pitlochry PH9 0LG


Phone – 01796 482600

Perthshire Outdoors Highland Safaris

Highland Safaris - Aberfeldy

Winner of the ‘Best Visitor Experience’ in Scotland Highland Safari’s combine their new Red Deer Centre with the award winning exhilarating land rover safaris, inspiring walking and biking activities and Perthshire’s only Gold and Gem Panning Centre.

Relax and enjoy the Highland Safaris café and shop set in a unique and stunning location. A truly authentic discovery of everything makes Highland Safaris an exceptional destination.

Time From Perth & Transport Options

  • Car – 52 minutes
  • Bus – 1 hour 30 minutes

Booking & Price

Various prices for multiple different activities.  All activities are advised to be booked in advance.

Contact Details

Aberfeldy, Perthshire PH15 2JQ


Phone – 01887 820071


It’s time to explore – walks around Perth

It’s time to explore – walks around Perth

Perth provides the perfect base from which to explore Perthshire’s amazing network of walks – there is something for all ages and capabilities.  With Perth’s great range of accommodation, cafes and restaurants you can enjoy a days walking and then return to Perth to rest your weary feet and then reward yourself with the best that Perth chefs have to offer!

Walks Around Perth

There are a wide range of short walks in and around Perth.  The two major parks – North Inch and South Inch – area connected by the River Tay so take your time to explore both and enjoy the riverside walks located between them.  Kinnoull Hill (see below) and Moncrieffe Hill offer further local options and wonderful views over Perth and Carse of Gowrie.

For more information about the local paths network visit:


Kinnoull Hill Navigation

Walks around Perthshire

There are an incredible range of options within a 1 hour drive from Perth from gentle strolls through the rolling countryside, riverside walks beside the mighty River Tay to full Munros. Explore some of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery with Perth as your base.

We have included some links below to help you plan your trip:

What other people say!

Take a look at how other people have explored Perth and Perthsire walks

MapMyWalk – this is a great tool to help share your experiences with others and find out the hidden gems known only by locals –

Walking stories –  provides a more descriptive way to share your walking tales.  There are some great examples here from people that have already walked the path –

Map my walk


Everyone should have access to the health benefits and enjoyment that the outdoors provides. The lack of appropriate paths is one of the most significant barriers limiting access to the countryside for disabled people and families with young children. Perth and Kinross Community Trust tries to remove these barriers wherever possible. There are a selection of walks which are suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs provided by Perth and Kinross Council, Forestry Commission Scotland, Gannochy Trust, Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust –

A couple of favourites!

The Hermitage – just a 15 minute drive from Perth lies The Hermitage, a National Trust for Scotland owned area with parking just off the A9. The walk starts with a gentle 10 minute stroll beside the River Braan to Ossian’s Hall overlooking the spectacular Black Linn waterfall. You can enter the viewing room through the hidden door (kids love it!) and stand above the waterfall. The noise from the waterfall fills the chamber behind you helping you to appreciate the power of the water. If you are lucky to be there shortly after rainfall – this can be an exhilarating experience!

Continue up the path beside the river for a further 10 minutes and you will reach a suspicious looking pile of rocks. As you reach the far side of the rocks the opening to the cave can be easily found. This is Ossian’s Cave – if there are people here, wait a while until you have the place to yourself, sit in the cave and perhaps all of the world’s secrets will reveal themselves to you.
Now you have a choice – return to the car or continue for a longer walk which via connecting roads can provide a circular route back to the car. There are steeper stages on the longer route but the views over Dunkeld and surrounding mountains are ample reward.
Further information on walking at The Hermitage can be found here.

Kinnoull Hill  was gifted to the city of Perth in 1924, and along with Corsiehill and Deuchny Wood, was officially recognised as Scotland’s first woodland park in 1991.  The hill provides spectacular views over Perth and the Carse of Gowrie and is only a five minute drive from Perth City Centre.

There are lots of different routes up to the summit of the hill but the easiest way up is to park from the Jubilee Car Park – cross the road and take a left to follow the fence taking time to look out over the Carse and watch the River Tay on its final leg towards the sea at Dundee.

The woods here are open and an ideal spot for dog walking or for kids to play and climb. The path inclines gently at first and then steeper as it heads towards Kinnoull Tower – a folly built in 1829 by Lord Grey of Kinfauns.  This is a spectacular site sitting atop sheer cliff faces and for those brave enough to step close to the edge they may be rewarded with a glimpse of a peregrine falcon who are known to live here.

Continue on past the tower to the true summit of the hill, as you take the final steps the view out over Perth opens in front of your providing a view over the city and then North to mountains beyond.

For more information about Kinnoull Hill and other walks in the area visit –

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