Each year local comedian Bruce Fummey takes a new show to Edinburgh Fringe. This year is different. He’s bringing the Edinburgh Fringe to Perthshire throughout August. Perthshire played a starring role in Scotland’s history and points of historical interest round Perthshire will provide the backdrop for Bruce’s Macbeth Without the Shakespeare Bollocks Tour at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

Bruce performed the Macbeth Without the Shakespeare Bollocks stand up show at the 2017 Edinburgh fringe. He then took the show down under to Perth Western Australia, where the show was nominated for a Fringe award, before heading on to New Zealand.

Bruce said: ‘I suddenly realised, why don’t I take people to the places these events happened? The road from Birnam Wood to Dunsinane is on our doorstep. So I will take folks on a Loch Leven Castle boat trip, to Scone Palace, Dunkeld Cathedral and Glamis Castle, as I tell them the true story behind the last great Celtic king of Scotland.’

If you want to enjoy the full day tour as part of Edinburgh Fringe, tickets are available at www.edfringe.com

The people of Perthshire don’t have to wait till August. You don’t even have to travel to Edinburgh. Bruce will offer tours starting out from Perth at 8.45am from now till August. For details and enquiries just pop in to the Visit Scotland information centre in the High St or go online to www.scotlandhistorytours.co.uk