Meet The Perth Indies, Willows Coffee Shop

Michael White is the second generation of his famliy to own and run Willow's Coffee Shop and Restaurant situated in the beautiful setting of Perth's Cafe Quarter.  

Always looking to offer their customers top service, Michael has recently extended their outdoor seating area adding additional heaters and wind protectors for those customers who feel safer in the outdoors. 

"We had no idea if people would sit outside in Scotland in autumn and winter but all of our customers embraced the new rules with a positive attitude and seem to be enjoying the changes to our outdoor area that have come with them."

Of course, Michael and the team are still offering their usual friendly service indoors too, and have new guidelines and processes to help keep us all safe and comfortable.

From traditional breakfast rolls to decadent cakes and milkshakes, homemade soup at lunchtime to freshly baked scones in the afternoon, it's easy to see why Willows is such a favourite of locals and visitors alike. 

Quick Fire Questions With Michael

Name of shop and how long in Perth?
Willows Coffee Shop & Restaurant has been running since 1992 - so that's 28 years this year!

Favourite menu item in your own shop?
Got to be our Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon 

What would be at the top of your wish list from another Perth Indie?
A new pair of running shoes from Campus Sports

Who would you invite to Christmas dinner, living or dead?
My Grandma so that she doesn’t have to spend in isolation.

If you’re after someone famous then Michael McIntyre to keep everyone entertained

What will you be most grateful for this Christmas?
That Willows has been able to survive 2020 and will still be around to see better days!


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