Meet The Perth Indies, The Jade Garden

Meet Linda Chan

One of Perth’s longest standing restaurants spanning back three generations of Chans to 1975, The Jade Garden is now under the care of Linda who has been pacing the floor of the famed Scott Street restaurant since the day she could walk.

Recently, her own son has joined the ranks of part time staff, learning the ropes and welcoming in the customers who first sat down to eat with his Grandfather and Grandmother, two much loved faces in Perth’s restaurant scene and vibrant Chinese community.

“We are one of the oldest establishments in Perth and have a long list of very loyal customers, many who we now call friends and family. 

Serving up authentic, tasty Chinese food with popular favourites such as Crispy Duck, Prawn Satay and Chicken Fried Rice all sitting alongside their speciality dishes. Ask anyone who has grown up local to Perth and they will tell you of the sheer joy of sitting down to a Jade Garden Banquet – turntable included! 

Opening Hours: 

  • Tuesday -Thursday 12am -2pm,  5pm -9pm
  • Friday - Saturday 12pm -2pm,  5pm -10pm
  • Sunday 5pm -10pm 

Quick Fire Questions With Linda Chan

What is your favourite dish from your own menu?  
My favourite dish at the moment is Mongolian ribs! Juicy tender pork ribs smothered in a creamy sauce with a touch of spice! Delicious!

What Perth Indies do you like to shop with?
I love a wee gander in Patterson’s jewellers! Always been our go to place for my family

What do you get up to in Perth when you are not running the business?
When I’m off I like to eat at all the local bakers and restaurants in Perth. Food is life!

Who would you invite to dinner, living or dead?
My mum. Many people will remember her as the backbone of the Jade Garden and the wider Chinese Community in Perth. So many people came through the Jade Garden to get their training before heading out to open their own restaurant or takeaway; safe in the knowledge they had learned all they needed to know from Mrs Chan!

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