Meet The Perth Indies, The Bull Dog Frog

Meet Graham Dunbar and Jessie Meehan 

The Bull Dog Frog burst onto the Perth Indie scene in April 2020 with in a bold blaze of green neon and maximalist style. Serving up the most indulgent of millennial comfort food – juicy burgers with their own in house seasoning anyone? - the menu also plays homage to America’s deep South with an abundance of melted cheese and your choice of the dirtiest of Fries, using Lindsay Butchers meat.

Situated on South Methven Street, right by the lade, this joyous hotspot is the quirky creation of Perth couple, Graham Dunbar and Jessie Meehan.

Graham has worked as a chef in some of the UK’s finest dining establishments including The Five Fields in London, but when it came to his own eatery he knew he wanted something that could be enjoyed by the masses. 

Quick Fire Questions With Graham & Jessie 

What is your favourite dish from your own menu? 
Our personal favourite would have to be our Bulldog Frog Madame, the dish was created by Graham in recognition of the fact that a few simple ingredients can be great. 

Take a simple toastie for instance, it hits the spot but you’re always left wanting more. With the Madame, two toasted bits of sourdough are held together with our own bechamel sauce, haggis and Lindsay’s beef sausage, before being topped with chives and a runny Gloagburn egg. A real mouthful of flavours that works to perfection. 

Who would you invite to dinner living or dead?
As much as we would love to have Bowie, the Gallaghers and Bob Dylan over for dinner, there would be no greater honour than to have our late grandmothers sat at the table for one last time. Our best critics and our biggest fans. 

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