A Rural Adventure with Highland Safaris

A Rural Adventure with Highland Safaris

A few weeks ago, we were kindly invited to Highland Safaris HQ, just outside of Aberfeldy, to find out about the amazing projects they have been up to recently.

If you haven’t heard about Highland Safaris, please allow me to give you a quick introduction. Highland safaris is a 5-star visitor attraction based in Highland Perthshire that shows you rural Perthshire like you have never seen it before. They offer a variety of tours of the local area through their fleet of Land Rovers and also have some great attractions including the red deer centre, gold panning and a delicious little cafe.

Having been born and bred in rural Perthshire, I naively thought there I wasn’t going to see much that would surprise me. How wrong I was. The whole trip was an unforgettable experience from start to finish, packed with new and interesting activities.

Here’s a little insight into our Highland adventure!

Mountian Safari

The first order of the day was to take one of their legendary safari trips to explore rural Perthshire. There are a variety of safari packages available at Highland Safaris including:
– Mountain Safari
– Forest Safari
– Mountain Safari Trek
– Biking Safaris
– Walking Safaris
– 4x4 Off Road Driving
– Special Interest Safaris
– Seasonal Safaris
We opted for the Mountian Safari, as we were hoping to see some Autumnal views of Perthshire.

The trip started with meeting Colin, our amazing safari guide. He gathered us around a map of 3D map to show us the route for the adventure we were about to embark on, as well as pointing out a few key features on the map including Schehallion and the idyllic Loch Tummel.

Once Colin had finished briefing us on the adventure we were about to undertake, he showed us to his Land Rover. We all climbed in and set off on our Safari trip. As we made our way along the road, Colin shared his vast knowledge of the local eco-system and history with the group. He explained the dark colour of the Falls of Keltney was due to the peat-lands the water passes through upstream, he also told us of the ‘woodland corridor’ initiatives that were being taken to help support and encourage indigenous wildlife to settle and freely move around Scotland’s National Parks.

It wasn’t long until the country roads disappeared and we were climbing a dirt track. As we made our way up the dirt road surrounded by towering pine trees, Colin took the opportunity to tell us about the woodland and how many of the trees we see today in Perthshire are not indigenous to our region but were rather man made to help keep up with demand following the Second World War.

When we reached the top of Farragon Hill we were rewarded with some of the most stunning views of Perthshire I have ever seen. With the bitter wind blowing straight through us, we took shelter in the nearby shelter Highland Safaris hand built for its visitors and passing hillwalkers. It wasn’t long before the fire was on and Colin revealed some Kenmore shortbread biscuits (which were delicious!) and of course a wee dram of Dewars Whisky.

Before we knew it, our time was up on the mountain and we were back in the Land Rover heading back to Highland Safaris HQ.

Red Deer Centre

Once we arrived back at Highland Safaris HQ, we were ushered into the Red Deer Centre. The Red Deer Centre is home to Highland Safaris’ very own heard of red deer, where visitors can get up close and admire Britain’s largest native land mammal.

George, the deer expert in charge of the centre that day, started the experience with a short introduction to red deer, how the seasons affect their behavior and their reproductive cycle.
Once he had shared his knowledge with us, we were ready to meet the animals. Armed with a cup of pellets, we were lead to the back of the centre to what looked like a raised decking. Geroge let out a roar, at which point a small heard of deer appeared from around the corner and trotted towards where we were waiting. The deer knew exactly what was about to unfold and as they lined up along the fence waiting to be fed.

Soon enough the food was eaten and we were all lead back into the centre. There was one more surprise install for us. George disappeared into another room for a moment or two and quickly emerged with a beautiful Barn Owl! We were introduced to, Ossian, the very sweet bird that was sitting on George’s gloved arm. George and Ossian were like a well-rehearsed double act, with George explaining some of the unique features of these amazing birds of prey and Ossian demonstrating on queue.


Whilst you’re here…

After a long day exploring rural Perthshire, the Highland Safaris cafe is the perfect place to put your feet up and a bite to eat. Or if a safaris trip isn’t your thing, why not try your hand at gold panning or even a Loch Tay safari?

Gold Panning

Armed with your own pan & bucket of dirt, scoop & swirl in Scotland’s Only Gold and Gem Panning Centre.

> Find out More <

Highland Safaris Cafe

The Highland Safaris Cafe is the perfect place to relax with a cuppa and reflect on an unforgettable day.

> Find out More <

Loch Tay Safaris

Experience this unique boat trip, bringing the heritage and history of Loch Tay to life!

> Find out More <

One fact (amongst many) that has stayed with me since our highland adventure is a passing comment Colin made on our way back from the mountain safari. He told me that the word safari originated from the Arabic word ‘safar‘ which means ‘to make a journey’. Highland Safari certainly take the true meaning of the word to heart, as all their activities are created to not only take its visitors on a physical journey but also an emotional and educational journey too.

The day was an unforgettable adventure and should definitely be experienced by both visitors and locals alike. Find out more about Highland Safaris or book your adventure at highlandsafaris.com

Stagecoach Introduce Contactless Payments

Stagecoach Introduce Contactless Payments

Stagecoach East Scotland has launched contactless payments on over 460 vehicles across Fife, Perthshire, Dundee and Angus. Contactless payment machines have been fitted to all Stagecoach vehicles, speeding up boarding and offering a more convenient payment method for customers to buy bus tickets from the driver. This will also provide an additional payment option for bus users alongside existing cash payments, mobile tickets and smart ticketing.
The launch of contactless payments is part of a £12m UK wide investment by Stagecoach into delivering contactless technology and Stagecoach East Scotland is the final operating company to launch this form of payment on board their services. Millions of Stagecoach passengers now have access to contactless bus travel after the company completed the roll-out of the technology which now covers 7,400 vehicles operating within Stagecoach’s regional bus businesses in Scotland, England and Wales.
More than 100 depots were completed during the last 100 weeks with the final depots in East Scotland being fitted at the end of November. The Stagecoach scheme is the single largest contactless merchant in Europe, after Transport for London. Stagecoach East Scotland also invested in handheld contactless machines for conductors on our Tayway 73 route which operates from Dundee to Arbroath via Ninewells Hospital, Monifieth and Carnoustie.
The Tayway 73 remains the only route outside London that still has conductors on board collecting fares. The company hope that by offering conductors the ability to accept contactless payments with their new handheld machines, that this continues to assist with speeding up boarding times and providing improved customer service to passengers. Today (Friday 6 December) marked the completion of the scheme as contactless was launched across Stagecoach East Scotland by Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson.
Welcoming the technology, he said: “Additional smart contactless payment means that more people can choose bus as their sustainable form of transport, knowing that this modern and easy option for buying tickets is now available. “Contactless payment has quickly become a standard method of payment for many people and this investment by Stagecoach provides a simple and more convenient payment method for customers.
By completing this national roll out to transition to contactless payment, I’m pleased to see Stagecoach making it even easier for people to travel across Scotland and beyond, whether purchasing on the bus, through an app or via tickets on their smartcard.” The Stagecoach programme allows all passengers to pay for their travel with a contactless credit or debit card, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay devices. Figures show that almost two-thirds (63%) of people in the UK now use contactless payments.
Jon Oakey, Acting Managing Director for Stagecoach East Scotland, said: “We have the largest contactless payment scheme outside of London, with hundreds of thousands of payments being made using contactless technology on our buses across the country, so I’m delighted to offer this payment opportunity for our passengers in East Scotland.
“Along with traditional cash payments, our StagecoachSmart card and mobile ticketing through our Stagecoach Bus smartphone app, we are giving customers choice about how they want to buy their travel and making it even easier and more convenient to travel by bus.” To promote the launch of contactless payments in East Scotland, the company will be out and about in the following locations with giveaways and information throughout December:
  • Saturday 8 December – 12-5pm: Kingdom Shopping Centre, Glenrothes
  • Sunday 9 December – 11-3pm: Fife Central Retail Park, Kirkcaldy
  • Saturday 15 December – 12-5pm: Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline
  • Sunday 16 December – 10-5pm: St John’s Shopping Centre, Perth
Stagecoach would like to remind customers that there are some alterations to bus timetables over the Christmas and New Year period across the region. These changes can be found within the festive timetable which is available to collect from Stagecoach travel shops or viewed online at stagecoachbus.com.
A Sma Glen Mystery

A Sma Glen Mystery

It was a quiet night at the Foulford Inn on the night of the 9th of October 1926.  Outside it was blowing a gale, two men stood at the bar, grateful to be inside, where it was warm and dry.

Elizabeth Gorrie, the 24-year-old daughter of the owners of the inn, was sitting in the parlour when she thought she heard some shouting outside, She was sure someone was shouting “hey” this happened three times.  Elizabeth went into the bar and told her mother, they ran out to see a horse-drawn delivery van standing directly in front of the inn.  Slumped in front was 63-year-old Alexander Chalmers from 7 West High Street Crieff.

Chalmers worked for D & J McEwen in Crieff and would travel up the Sma’ Glen and along Glenquaich acting as a mobile grocers shop. Although severely injured and rambling when pulled out of his van at the Foulford Inn on the night of the 9th of October. He Stated he had been to a dance when he had not, he also said two or three times that had been attacked, he was not so incoherent as to not know the name of the owner of the Inn calling him John and asking for his horse to be taken care off. The two lamps were found, one lying at the side of the road, the other 500 yards away on the way to Buchanty, a route the delivery van had not taken.

Was the death of Alexander Chalmers due to a supernatural occurrence, was he attacked by a “Mist Man”.    The Dundee Evening Telegraph dated on the 16th of May 1927, some seven months after the death of Chalmers tells a strange story.  Under the heading  “The Mist-Man in the Sma’ Glen” the writer tells of an eerie experience he and his friend witnessed in the Glen.   The two men who were cycling when they were caught up in a dense mist, one of them looked around and saw quite clearly a tall man wearing a long overcoat walking over the moor about 50 yards away.  The man leaving his bike ran towards the stranger who had disappeared behind a small hillock. When the cyclist rounded the mound there was no sign of the strange man, there was nowhere he could have hidden no trees or buildings just bleak, desolate moorland.  He could see clearly for 200 yards in every direction. The man in the long coat had just vanished into thin air.  It was no trick of the light or figment of the imagination as both the cyclists had seen the stranger.  In an atmosphere of increasing menace, both cyclists mounted their bikes and “lost no time in getting away”.

Whatever happened to Alexander Chalmers be it an accident or something more sinister in the Sma’ Glen one stormy night in 1926 will remain a mystery.

Free weekend parking in Perth

Free weekend parking in Perth

Free parking in Perth during the festive season

To help with your Christmas shopping, Perth & Kinross Council is bringing back FREE parking every weekend in December! 

This means that you can enjoy our amazing winter festival events, explore Perth’s indie businesses and enjoy the tasty treats that Perth has to offer without worrying about topping up the meter. The scheme also operates in Council car parks around Perth City Centre, well as in Blairgowrie, Crieff and Dunkeld. If a car parks payment machine is covered up then this means that it is part of the scheme.

Take a look at this handy little video to find out exactly where you can and can’t park! 👇

Want to make the most out of free parking in Perth?

Do ✔️

Park in council-run car parks

Park on weekends

Don’t ❌

Park in on-street car parking bays

Park on weekdays

The following car parks are covered by the free festive parking offer for 2018:



  • Library East Car Park
  • Library West Car Park
  • Milne Street North Car Park
  • Milne Street South Car Park
  • West Mill Street Car Park
  • Mill Wynd Car Park
  • Mill Street East Car Park
  • Speygate Car Park
  • Canal Street Car Park
  • Charles Street Car Park
  • Leonard Street Car Park
  • Scott Street Car Park
  • Victoria Street Car Park
  • Back Wynd Car Park
  • Norie Miller Car Park
  • Riverside Car Park
  • Thimblerow Car Park
  • South Inch Car Park
  • Canal Street Multi Storey Car Park


  • James Square car park


  • Leslie Street car park
  • Croft Lane / South Side Car Park
  • The Croft / Ericht Lane car park


  • Tay Terrace car park
  • Atholl Street car park


  • Atholl Road car park
  • Ferry Road car park
  • Rie-Achan Road car park


National Recognition for The Black Watch Castle and Museum’s CEO.

National Recognition for The Black Watch Castle and Museum’s CEO.

The CEO Today Magazine United Kingdom Awards have announced Anne Kinnes, CEO at The Black Watch Castle and Museum as a 2018 winner for her outstanding contribution representing the organisation.

A spokesperson from the CEO Today Magazine judging panel explains,

“The CEO Today judging panel were particularly impressed by the manner in which Anne Kinnes has consistently achieved growth and success in her tenure as CEO of The Black Watch Castle and Museum.  Over the past year she has implemented a range of new successful ventures, leading to an increase in visitor numbers, an expansion to the premises and several high profile award wins.  Anne Kinnes has demonstrated the ambition, skill and expertise to ensure The Black Watch Castle and Museum remains one of Scotland’s premier tourist and events destinations, and for that she deserves to be recognised as one of the UK’s top CEOs.”

Major-General Michael Riddell-Webster, CBE, DSO Chairman of The Black Watch Castle and Museum states,

“I am delighted that Anne Kinnes has won a prestigious 2018 CEO of the Year award and give her my warmest congratulations on this achievement. It is difficult to overstate Anne’s impact on the fledgling Black Watch Castle and Museum business, which continues to move from one success to the next.  Her drive, enthusiasm, managerial skills and intimate knowledge of the tourism sector have all been instrumental in the success of the organisation and its growing role as one of the top destinations in Perth and Kinross.”

Anne Kinnes, CEO, The Black Watch Castle and Museum says,

“I am surprised and honoured to have been recognised by The CEO Today Magazine for my contribution to The Black Watch Castle and Museum. Awards such as this are never just about one person or their actions but all those whom I have worked in collaboration with to accomplish these successes. Thank you to my team and those who have supported the Castle and Museum in achieving the growth and development it has today.”

Dedicated to recognising strong and innovative leadership amongst business leaders operating in the United Kingdom, the CEO Today United Kingdom Awards recognises the CEOs who are leading in their respective sectors and beyond.

Buy your whole Christmas Dinner in Perth!

Buy your whole Christmas Dinner in Perth!

As any fans of Perthshire will know, we produce a wealth of wonderful food, from meats, poultry and cheeses to chocolates, fruits, fungi and vegetables. But did you know that you can buy your entire Christmas dinner right here in Perth from our amazing foodie shops, restaurants and producers?

We’ve put together an essential guide for every part of your festive feast, including the drinks. We even have suggestions for the perfect table décor – and for washing up afterwards! Hope you have fun compiling your Christmas list.

The starter

As the main course is usually hearty and filling, it’s good to keep the starter light.

A seafood starter can be a lovely way to start Christmas lunch. George Campbell & Sons, a Perth favourite now managed by its fourth generation, offers a large selection of fresh seafood in its retail shop, including smoked salmon, smoked trout and smoked gravadlax.

Or you could make up some canapés – Provender Brown offers croustades for canapés, and all sorts of lovely things to put in them. Serve with fresh veg from Martin’s Fruit Bazaar or Touch of Poland.

The Main

If you like a traditional Christmas roast, you don’t have to order from afar when we have brilliant suppliers of high-quality meats right here in Perth. Order from DG Lindsay or Simon Howie and you’ll get locally sourced produce from farms that they know and trust.

They’ll also supply your sausages, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and goose fat for roast potatoes. (You can even order your steak pie for New Year!)

Perth Farmers’ Market

Is a wonderful opportunity to buy your Christmas mains, with suppliers offering venison, pork, beef and much more. There are also many stalls supplying cheese, jams and chutneys, drinks, veg, breads (which you could freeze) and confectionery. There are two Saturday markets in December – on the 1st and 15th .

You can also get a dazzling array of fruit and veg, including wonderful local tatties, sprouts, beetroot and carrots, from Martin’s Fruit Bazaar. Touch of Poland sells fresh and frozen fruit and veg, pickles and fruits in syrup, too.


Have Yourself a Very Vegan Christmas…

If you’re looking for something inspirational for a vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner, head along to Highland Health Foods for great nut roasts, pies, spreads, cheeses, herbs, pulses, flours, mayonnaise and much more.

Or pop along to Perth Farmers’ Market on 1st or 15th December, Martin’s Fruit Bazaar or Touch of Poland to pick up veg, cheese, eggs, oils and more, and make your own! These easy and delicious recipes, from the Perth Farmers’ Market Archives, will delight any guest!

Top it off with a vegan wine selection from Exel Wines.

Don’t Forget the Bubbly!

Exel Wines and Provender Brown have excellent selections of fine wines, spirits and soft drinks. When your guests arrive, treat them to a light and bubbly Prosecco. Accompany your starter with a chilled crisp white and you’re off and running! Pair your main course with a spicy and full-bodied red wine, or try a fruity local favourite from Cairn O’ Mohr – also available from Provender Brown and Perth Farmers’ Market. You can also get lovely soft drinks from these places, too!


You’ll delight your guests if you serve the ultra-popular Pickerings Gin baubles, available to order from Graysons Wine Café, or a locally produced gin from one of our many Perthshire distilleries such as Persie or Strathearn, available to buy from Provender Brown or Exel Wines.


For the beer drinkers, you can buy directly from Inveralmond Brewery, one of Perthshire’s longest-established breweries, from the Craft Beer Bottle Shop or from the shops mentioned above.


Later on, when guests are mellowing (and before they fall asleep in front of the Bond film), why not pass round a single malt from one of our Perthshire distilleries? You can buy these directly from the distilleries or from Exel Wines and Provender Brown.

Exel Wines and Provender Brown have excellent selections of fine wines, spirits and soft drinks. When your guests arrive, treat them to a light and bubbly Prosecco. Accompany your starter with a chilled crisp white and you’re off and running! Pair your main course with a spicy and full-bodied red wine, or try a fruity local favourite from Cairn O’ Mohr – also available from Provender Brown and Perth Farmers’ Market. You can also get lovely soft drinks from these places, too!


You’ll delight your guests if you serve the ultra-popular Pickerings Gin baubles, available to order from Graysons Wine Café, or a locally produced gin from one of our many Perthshire distilleries such as Persie or Strathearn, available to buy from Provender Brown or Exel Wines.

The Pudding

The alternative pud

Fancy an alternative to the usual Christmas pud? Why not try a delicious, handmade panettone from Casella and Polegato, available throughout December, or Provender Brown? Or fantastically flavoured macarons from Chardon?

The classic pud

If you do fancy a classic fruit pudding, though, pop along to Provender Brown who’ll be able to supply delicious Christmas pudding, Christmas cake or Clootie Dumpling.

The vegan pud

If you or someone in your family is vegan, or eats a dairy-free diet, you can get delicious mince pies, ice cream, pouring cream and many types of chocolate from Highland Health Store. Perth’s 269 Vegan Café also sells vegan panettone and will be making their own mince pies soon to eat in or take away!

The Décor and Crackers

Now that the food’s sorted, how about some ideas to make the house look and smell amazing? Festoon your Christmas table with beautiful greenery and wreaths from these Perth florists:


Add some beautifully scented candles and gorgeous table decorations from Whispers of the Past. Precious Sparkle also has many ideal accessories for Christmas time, including standing ornaments, glitter tea lights, candle holders and Christmas-scented candles and reed diffusers.

If you’re feeling creative, you’ll get beautiful stationery to make your place cards or thank you cards from Dunns Art Store. And pop along to The Peacock and The Tortoise for fab ideas for Christmas tablecloths, runners and even fabric crackers you can make yourself!

The Great Clean-up

It has to be done at some point (Boxing Day, perhaps?!) so why not keep the earth happy by being eco-friendly for your cleaning and washing up?

Pop into the Perth Community Farm Shop in Hospital Street or Highland Health Store in St John’s Street now to pick up your laundry liquid, fabric softener and washing-up liquid, and you can refill them to your heart’s content when they run out! Both of these friendly, family-run stores offer refills on these essential items – and more!

Don’t be a Stranger!

We hope we’ve given you lots of ideas and inspiration for your Christmas dinner, and shown you that, when it comes to shopping, there’s no place like local! Follow Perth City Centre on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all the latest local news and events.




We reward a super Mi Rewards shopper!

We reward a super Mi Rewards shopper!

We reward a super Mi Rewards shopper! Mi Rewards is the brand-new loyalty programme that rewards you every time you visit a participating Perth business. You’ll build up Mi Points, which earn you Perth Gift Cards, and you’ll also earn perks, prizes and random acts of kindness. In this spirit of giving, we wanted to reward local resident Debbie Hutchison, who is one of our most active Mi Rewards shoppers. So we sent her a £50 Perth Gift Card to say thank you, and asked her to tell us what she loves about Perth’s independent businesses. When we phoned to catch up with Debbie, she was just buying something in a Perth shop and we had to call her back. Now that’s what we call a great customer! Here’s what Debbie thinks about shopping in Perth, and her favourite places to go. (We’ve put an asterisk * next to the businesses where you can earn Mi Rewards.)
Why do you like shopping in Perth? “I find it convenient. I live in Perth and this morning I just popped down to get a few items. It’s fairly compact; I can park close to the High Street. I’ve just been to five stores and got a couple of bits in each, using my linked credit card! I’ve bought some homewares, stationery and herbal supplements, that sort of thing. Largely the range of shops is pretty good. “I tend to drive into town, and I’ve got a hybrid car these days, so I can use the new electric charger in the Mill Street East car park. I find that’s handy, so I often park there and walk all around the city centre getting bits and bobs. “I find that the shopkeepers in Perth will take time to help you, whereas maybe in Edinburgh or Glasgow it’s so much busier and you can feel like ‘another customer’.”
Do you also like to go to the cinema, theatre and concert hall? “Absolutely. I’m off to Perth Playhouse Cinema* tonight for the Dog Friendly Perthshire screening of 101 Dalmatians. I had been a bit sceptical at first about taking my dog to the cinema, but we went to Lady And The Tramp, and it was hilarious. The dogs reacted to the cats and dogs on the screen with barking and howling, so everyone was really laughing and connecting with each other. “And I’m often at Perth Concert Hall*. I’m a real sucker for social media posts about acts who are coming to Perth. I was sitting at home with a glass of wine and I saw that Marti Pellow was coming to Perth, so I bought the tickets there and then! It’s the fact these acts are coming to Perth, you have to support that. And the gigs like the Big Weekend are brilliant.”
Which shops and businesses do you like, and why? “I like the friendliness of cafés such as Blend Coffee Lounge* – it’s like a home from home. I can take my dog in, and the staff know me now. “I was in Beales today – they had lured me in with an offer – and there’s a lot more there than I anticipated. I’ve got three kids at school and I was thinking, I should come here for teacher gifts and things like that. They had lots of really nicely packaged stuff for under a tenner. I might not have thought to go there for those kinds of things. “I also like Provender Brown. I’ve known the owner, Diane, for quite a few years before she set it up, and she’s the perfect person to run that as she’s passionate about food, cooking and ingredients. That’s a nice store to go to when you’re looking for quality and something different. “I really like Boo Vake*, too. I like the whole design flavour in there. And I like Underneath the Arches for homewares and interesting, quirky things. Silver Linings* has really nice cards and pictures, as well as jewellery; that’s a nice shop. I also like going in for a wee browse to Whispers Of The Past. “I like going into Revival Designer Dress Agency*, because things are a one-off, with some great brands and designer names. I love the thrill of finding something in my size with a great brand name – and it’s unique. If you’re going to a function you know that, if you shop at Phase Eight, there’s a good chance someone else has bought the same dress as you, so Revival is great for that uniqueness.”
Why do you think it’s important to support Perth’s businesses? “I’ve been involved with a local business in a different sphere and I know how important it is that people give you your custom. It is easy to go online and think you’ve got all the answers online, but with the local High Street it’s ‘use it or lose it’!”
What’s your reaction to being rewarded with a £50 Perth Gift Card? “It’s amazing! I’m very appreciative of being rewarded. I was thinking we could go to Blend and get waffles on a Sunday, to save me cooking for the family; that would be a lovely treat! It’s good to be putting it back into a place that I love. It’s also great that I can spend the Perth Gift Card on experiences as well as on shopping, and I can treat others.” Sign up for Mi Rewards today Now you’ve seen all the places Debbie likes to visit, how would you love to start earning rewards and perks while you shop, see a film or concert, go for a swim or even take flying lessons? It’s so easy to join. Just visit the Mi Rewards sign-up page, add your details and link your spending cards – and that’s it. You’ll start earning towards a Perth Gift Card, and get lots of perks along the way!   *You can earn Mi Rewards at these businesses!
Earn Bonus Mi Rewards Points by using Broxden Park and Ride

Earn Bonus Mi Rewards Points by using Broxden Park and Ride

Mi Rewards is the brand-new programme that rewards you through a clever, secure process where you link your debit/credit cards to your Mi Rewards online account. Every time you spend £1 on one of these cards in a participating business, you get one ‘Mi Point’. Once you have enough Mi Points, you’ll be sent a free Perth Gift Card! That’s more money going back into Perth’s businesses, keeping spend local and benefiting the whole city.

Already more than 40 Perth businesses have registered with Mi Rewards, including gift shops such as Boo Vake and Silver Linings Design Studio, eating places such as Tabla and Grayson’s Wine Café, salons such as Charlie Taylor and The Cutting Room and health providers such as The Althos Clinic. You can earn them while having fun at Willowgate Activity Centre, Alba Airsportsor Perth Leisure Pool. And you can earn them paying for a show at Perth Theatre / Perth Concert Hall or a film at Perth Playhouse!

And the great news is that you can now earn 100 bonus Mi Rewards points if you use the Perth Park & Ride service from Broxden to the city centre each weekend from Saturday 17 November to Sunday 30 December 2018!

To claim your bonus Mi Rewards points simply register for Mi Rewards and email a photo of your Return Ticket to bonus@mi-rewards.com


Terms and Conditions

  • Bonus Mi Rewards are available every weekend, until the end of the year.
  • Valid on Return tickets from Broxden P & R to Perth City Centre
  • Email bonus@mi-rewards.com from the mi rewards registered.
  • Must email photo of bus receipt by the 4th January 2019

Perth Park&Ride (Broxden)

The Perth Park&Ride site is located on the Glasgow Road approach to Perth adjacent to the Broxden roundabout, giving easy access from:

  • A90 Dundee
  • M90 Edinburgh & Fife
  • A9 Glasgow & Stirling
  • A85 Crieff
  • A9 Inverness

For full Park & Ride information including bus times and prices please click here

Meet and Greet Prize Draw: Terms and Conditions

Meet and Greet Prize draw

Terms & Conditions


The Prize
  • 10 winning entrants will receive the opportunity for them and three friends to meet James Arthur, Pixie Lott and Stephen Mulhern on Saturday 17th November 2018.


How To Enter
  • Qualifying entrants must comment on the Facebook competition post and for the opportunity of a double entry, register for Mi Rewards at mi-rewards.com
The Rules
  • No purchase necessary to enter the Meet and Greet Competition
  • All entrants must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter.
  • The competition will run from Wednesday 7th of November until midnight on Wednesday 14th November.


The Draw
  • 10 winners will be drawn at random at 10am on Thursday 15th November.
  • Winners will be contacted via Facebook Messenger on the day of the draw.
  • Winners must respond to this message within 24 hours to confirm their attendance. If no response is received within 24 hours of being notified, the winner will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn.
  • Each winner will be permitted to bring 3 guests with them to the meet and greet at the Perth Christmas Light Switch On (17th November). Full details will be provided by email to the competition winners.
  • Competition winners must print out and bring with them their confirmation email.
  • No exchanges, substitutions, or alternatives will be offered and winners must be present at the Meet & Greet. The time and location of the meet and greet will be provided after winners have confirmed their attendance.