Anything that might make life easier!  That’s what I thought when I first saw that there was an option to pay for my parking using RingGo.

Lets give this a go, it can’t be that difficult! I went to the App Store on my iPhone (you would use Google Play on an Android phone) and downloaded the RingGo app.

The first time you use the app you need to input your number plate, the colour and make of your vehicle and your payment details.

From then on you just need to select the location you are parked in, choose how long you want to park for and confirm your payment code. That’s it! No ticket required!

I must admit that this first time I used it I was a little nervous that I might have made a mistake and would end up with a ticket but it’s like anything else in life once you have tried it and experienced it, it becomes second nature very quickly.

I was actually in Perth to pick up some shopping and meet a friend for lunch and as always I was slightly late for my lunch ‘date’! As it turned out it didn’t matter so much as shortly before my parking was due to run out I got a message on my phone to ask if I wanted to stay longer. What a helpful phone! It was nice to not have to rush the end of the lunch, I could relax and enjoy the time with my friend. In fact I added another hour to my time, finished lunch and did a spot more shopping.

And guess what, I got back my car and…no ticket!!

Find out more about RingGo:

As you can see from this short video you don’t actually need to use the app: