4 Things that Students Should Do Before Moving to Perth for University

Perth is home to Scotland’s 14th largest population, but to students, it’s number one when it comes to having fun. While about 50,000 people in size may not seem like much, you don’t want to be caught off guard when you head to Perth for university. If you’re an international student or Scottish native, keep this advice in mind before you head to “The Fair City.”

Save Up

Even with scholarships and financial aid from your university, you’ll still want to experience what Perth has to offer — but that requires careful considerations regarding your student finances. For example, Perth is littered with numerous historical castles, like the Scone Palace and Kirk of St. John the Baptist. You should study for your classes, but you should also save up to experience what Perth has to offer.

Get a RailCard Card

While you could take your own car in Perth for convenience, it would be much cheaper to get a RailCard for people aged 16-25. You get 33% off rail fares as you travel across Britain. Once you settle into your routine at Perth, you’ll want to explore more on your off days. Discounted travel fare is the best way to do that.

Be Prepared for the Weather

It’s often joked that you can experience all four seasons in one day in Scotland. Don’t think it’s a joke. It’s actually true, which can surprise you if you’re an international student. As a general rule, layers are your friends, but still familiarise yourself with common Scottish words for the weather. You’ll most likely hear your classmates cursing the fickle skies.

Grow Your Palate

Perth has many outlets for food lovers. There’s the famous Max & Ben’s Bistro, which has become one of the top eateries in the Strathearn area. We know university life means eating ramen all day, but you should splurge to find the best food Perth has to offer. Depending on how enthusiastically you frequent their establishment, some might look to hire you for business or serving purposes.

University Life is Unique

And you must take full advantage of it. Your uni years will fly by before you realise it, but these tips will make that experience much more memorable. You don’t want to be broke in the city wishing you could do more, don’t want to be stuck in one place, and don’t want to miss the hidden joys Perth has to offer.


Written by Jennifer King

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