2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology

The 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, running from 1 January to 31 December, is a celebration of Scotland’s people, our distinct culture and traditions, our historic landscapes, attractions, icons, as well as our hidden gems and amazing stories.

From World Heritage Sites to ancient monuments, listed buildings to historic battlefields, cultural traditions to our myths, stories and legends, 2017 is the year to explore Scotland’s fascinating past. Discover how this past has shaped the thriving Scotland we know today and its future, with its proud and welcoming spirit.

Enjoy the splendour of some of Scotland’s most famous and dramatic castles, visit your clan’s homeland, experience the breathtaking sounds of a hundred pipers skirling or stare in wonder at the ever-changing natural landscapes that have played a key part in Scotland’s history.

Discover tales of legendary kings and queens, Jacobite battles, stories handed down from one generation to the next, all set against Scotland’s unique panoramic landscapes and enriching culture.



As Scotland’s oldest and newest city, Perth provides the perfect base from which to explore everything that Perthshire has to offer. From spectcacular natural heritage to the world famous crowning place of the King of Scots at Scone Palace.

Visit the award winning Balhousie Castle, home of The Black Watch or make the short trip to Birnam Woods and walk in the woods celebrated in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Hidden gems await discovery around every corner whether it’s one of Scotland’s newest and smallest distilleries at Strathearn or the incredible Library of Innerpeffray we want to welcome you to Perth and help you explore this beautiful area of Scotland.

#HHA 2017 Events

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Walking with the Archaeologist in the Sma’ Glen, Crieff 10:00 am
Walking with the Archaeologist in the Sma’ Glen, Crieff
Oct 11 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Walking with the Archaeologist in the Sma’ Glen, Crieff
Join Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust’s Outreach Officer to discover the wealth of historical sites surviving nestled within one of Perthshire’s most dramatic small glens. From the Roman fort of Fendoch to Ossian’s stone, the[...]
Insight Tours: Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld 10:00 am
Insight Tours: Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld
Oct 12 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Insight Tours: Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld
Join Historic Environment Scotland in Dunkeld Cathedral where you will learn about the conservation of one of Scotland’s greatest ecclesiastical buildings from one of their architects, and climb up the scaffold to see up close[...]
Lecture | Passchendaele 6:30 pm
Lecture | Passchendaele
Oct 12 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Lecture | Passchendaele
Friends of The Black Watch Castle and Museum lecture series Professor Gary Sheffield will take us through the Battle of Passchendaele.  Passchendaele was the major WW1 campaign of 1917.  It was fought initially for control[...]
The Battle of Dunkeld, Dunkeld 1:00 pm
The Battle of Dunkeld, Dunkeld
Oct 13 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The Battle of Dunkeld, Dunkeld
Join Kevin Munro of Historic Environment Scotland on a gentle guided walk to uncover the history of the Battle of Dunkeld. Learn about how the topography, terrain and its unusual urban setting had a role[...]
Fun with Fruit and Fungi 10:30 am
Fun with Fruit and Fungi
Oct 15 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Fun with Fruit and Fungi
Join us for a celebration of seasonal fare including tasters of fungi, hazelnuts, soups and stews representing the kind of foods abundant on the shores of Loch Tay during the autumn months. Bring a container[...]

Discover Your Scottish Ancestry 

A Quick Guide to Perthshire’s Must See Churchyards

Perthshire is home to some of the most striking church’s and churchyards across the UK and are a must see for any history buff. Churches in Scotland have a long and prestigious influence within Scottish culture.

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Body Snatchers: A Gruesome Guide to The Body Business

Just like the rest of the country, there is a detailed history of body snatching in Perth and Kinross. There are numerous accounts of grave robbing across the county. The Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust developed a detailed guide on body snatching within the county

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Mary Queen of Scots Festival 2017

The Mary Queen of Scots Festival 2017 will celebrate the rich cultural and history and heritage of the Kinross area, most notably it’s famed connection to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. The event will commemorate Mary’s life as Kinross poignantly marks the 450 year relationship with the Castle on Loch Leven Island where she was held captive and where spent some of her most troubled years, and the end of her reign in 1567.

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ABF The Solider’s Charity launches 2018 Cateran Yomp with new drone footage that puts you right in the heart of one of Scotland’s great trails

The Cateran Yomp is an annual cross-country event that puts soldiers and civilians side by side on a 24-hour trek across the historic ‘Cateran Trail’ in Perthshire.

Set on the drovers’ roads, forests and mountain tracks of one of Scotland’s best-loved long distance walking routes, the Cateran Yomp invites walkers to complete the 54 mile track in just 24 hours. And they have decided to launch the 2018 event with a specially commissioned video by acclaimed adventure sports videographer Stefan Morrocco.

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Soldiers Of Killiecrankie

This weekend (30th/31st July) sees Perthshire host the Soldiers of Killiecrankie Festival. Once more, musket fire will echo through the surrounding hills as re-enactors from around the UK recreate the Battle of Killiecrankie, giving visitors an authentic experience of the sights, sounds and smells of the past.

The annual Soldiers of Killiecrankie event, includes displays of Hanoverian Williamite (government) Troops, Highlander Jacobites and Jacobite Cavalry. In 2017 we also have a guest appearance of the Scots Greys (who were formed in 1873). There are also a variety of period sensitive stalls, food stalls and activities. There is an excellent living history camp, which you are encouraged to walk through and meet the soldiers and their wives and girlfriends and lean how they lived, over 300 years ago.

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The Carpow Logboat included in 25 Objects That Shaped Scotland’s History

The Carpow Logboat joins 25 objects that shaped Scotland’s history A major project led by the Trust over 10 years, to excavate, recover, conserve and display a 3,000 year old log-boat from the Tay estuary. The results, presented in an award-winning monograph, led to the innovative Loch Tay logboat experiment.

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The City of Perth Salute

The City of Salute takes place the 20th August. International artistes will join local bands in the City of Perth Parade from the South Inch to the North Inch, along Tay Street culminating in an arena performance. This breathtaking display of Military choreography will include a 50 minute show featuring a selection of the centrepiece acts.

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Perth Medieval Fayre

Celebrate Perth’s ancient roots with an exciting day of free events and activities in the city centre.

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Crannogs, Celts and Crafts: Great Summer Events!

The Iron Age team at the Scottish Crannog Centre continues celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with two super upcoming events.
The first is their Iron Age Gourmet Day on July 20th, featuring mouthwatering tasters inspired by discoveries underwater at the 2500 year old site of Oakbank Crannog in Loch Tay. The amazing well-preserved evidence included butter in a wooden dish, cherries with the fruit still attached, intact nuts, grains and seeds, and abundant plant and bone remains that allow the team to create complete menus. Visitors can watch meat and fish cook over open fires or simmer in a pit, and bake their own handmade rolls in clay ovens. Forget paleo; go Iron Age! There will be plenty of other activities as well for those who are not so focused on food, including a sandbox with ‘hidden treasures’.

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Soldiers of Killiecrankie Festival

This 30th and 31st of July 2017 sees Perthshire host the Soldiers of Killiecrankie Festival. Once more, musket fire will echo through the surrounding hills as re-enactors from around the UK recreate the Battle of Killiecrankie,

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